How to forget the sadistic dentist. Sharing experiences.

"Since childhood, I drilled teeth dentists and spoiled almost all the teeth permanently. Since the seal fall out all the time to dentists people have to go to death - this idea. Kakzalos would not come off. Six years ago, when I once again ache, and even loosened teeth like I always went kstomatologu, knowing what level of torture cellars of the Gestapo I have to. Sadist in a white robe touched my teeth pintsetikom and said that they were gone forever, and they must be removed, and it was on all the front teeth. I then trust dentists, but I faced a very important public trip to London, where no teeth was nothing to do and I said I'll go through the week, retired from unbearable toothache. The teeth are staggered so that it seemed they could to get it and throw a hand in their two fingers. And then literally an hour after I met a stranger named Artemi. He learned of my distress, smiled and said: why you suffer, go to market, buy zabrus and for all forget about dentists. Zabrus brought me an hour. Chew it first it was painful, but after a while the pain went away and never came back. Since then chew delicious zabrus every day as a gum. Teeth their dentists me crippled in his life and remained so - drilled holes are not overgrown, but I just forgot about the teeth. Six years of sorrow I do not know. Sometimes it is very sad when you realize how brazenly and brutally deceived us and how outraged all of us cursed scientists, will make you forget all that he had made for us God Almighty and palming off to this place wrecking satanic sorcerer medicine Paracelsus. Thank God that there is a way forward and upward - from the grim theater of the absurd in a joyful life with godly zabrus dentists instead. "- German Sterligov


Throughout the world, dental services are assessed very expensive .... however, as other services lohotronschikov!
I want to share my experience, as in most cases, do without the dental services, using the laws of nature!

In the medicine cabinet in the partisan drugs essentials necessarily include clay!
It can be a long time to write an ode to the clay ... Its wonderful properties are very diverse and secret ... On the external application of clay in cosmetology centers heard. About the treatment of diseases (cancer, etc.) clay compresses also heard many ...
But on the clay as a dental preparation unit heard!
The principle of the impact the same clay - clay is a natural antiseptic and a powerful adsorbent

. There are many varieties of clay. They are all, to some extent medical - here everyone himself a sage. But for the reception inside the clay it is very important, among other things, the taste of clay! Once tried one kind of blue clay ... and I had a retching! I for myself have found that the most delicious clay - white. Therefore, if you do not have an alternative, buy in pharmacies white cosmetic clay (unscented!)

In my experience, it was a lot of situations where I knew delivered by dentists. There was one case where a woman's gums napuhla to the size of half a walnut; woman prepare for surgery. But she decided to still check for yourself my recommendations. And four days later she had forgotten about the toothache, drank hot tea at her gums and there was no sign of the tumor.

Whatever happened to your teeth - periodontal disease, tooth decay, enamel sensitivity, swelling, etc. method of treatment is the same (I'm sure that there are nuances, but I present only my experience):

1) Clay is the best natural and balanced source of essential minerals. In particular, the addition of calcium. Are so fond of scam hawkers dietary supplements! Eat in the morning for 30 minutes before eating a teaspoon of clay - and forget about all kinds of "calcium"! Checked! Even if you have severe tooth sensitivity, using clay mesyatsok you can comfortably drink hot vinegar! It is - in our opinion

2) If you experience any problems with your teeth it is necessary to apply the clay for a long time. Naturally, the best time for this - night. Just before going to sleep on the affected area sypite tea (in extreme situations - dining room), a spoonful of clay. Up in the morning you eat it already. A week of such effects can be removed ANY complication!

3) add some salt Bolotov recommends the oral cavity for the recovery of flora and fauna that inhabits our teeth
I Tried - sensible advice. Therefore, it makes sense to the clay before applying to the tooth, mixed with a pinch of salt. Effectively! But if the teeth are painfully react to it, it is possible to refrain from salt a couple of days, until the teeth get stronger.

4) It is unexpectedly discovered the beneficial effects of "dead" (electrolytic) of water on the teeth. Dead Water, as usual, everything disinfects. And toothache subsides very quickly.

Thus, the clay salt dead water
Applying in life these simple tips, you will leave a huge army of unemployed dentists!


This post is dedicated to homemade toothpaste. That they then certainly there will be no fluorine or other harmful additives. Lovely toothpaste can be prepared independently. Here are recipes for homemade toothpaste and tooth powder.

✿ Banana toothpaste.
Take equal parts of powder of dried banana peels, fine sea salt, olive oil and pine extract.

✿ eucalyptus toothpaste.
Mix fine table salt, baking soda, olive oil and eucalyptus leaf powder.

✿ Tooth powder.
In a clean, dry powder clay to add table salt or sea salt and ground red pepper. This powder improves blood circulation of the oral mucosa, increases salivation, nourishes and strengthens the gums and teeth.
The powder is applied with a soft brush or your finger on the teeth. And since he has a great cleansing effect, the teeth they can be cleaned with no more than 1 minute.

✿ whitening toothpaste can be cooked at home. Thus, it is necessary to mix a small amount of conventional toothpaste with baking soda, table salt and hydrogen peroxide. Get excellent home whitening toothpaste - a harmless and effective, proven folk remedy. Again - do not abuse this constant cleaning paste

. As ✿ whitening agent hydrogen peroxide may be used. By the way, on the basis of hydrogen peroxide created gels used in teeth whitening hardware.

✿ whitening procedure is simple: after brushing teeth should be an ordinary toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide rinse, spit, and then thoroughly rinse your mouth with warm water. Or it is possible with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide, rub your teeth and rinse your mouth.

✿ galenovo (made on the basis of herbs) powder.
To make it, you will need: Powder tormentil - 2 parts, Ahearn powder - 2 parts and powder of birch bark - 1 piece. All the necessary ingredients can be found in herbal pharmacies. Mix the ingredients in the proportions, dilute a little warm water until a thick creamy consistency and use the prepared mixture as toothpaste. Within an hour after brushing a paste can not be eaten.

✿ For those who understand the chemistry, suitable wood ash. It contains potassium hydroxide - a compound which is an excellent absorbent and bleaching agent. The toothbrush should be dipped in wood ash and brush your teeth. Can wood ashes mixed with toothpaste or powder.

✿ More recipes:

1. cumin powder 1 -2 table. spoons; baking soda - 1 teaspoon; salt - 1 teaspoon; vegetable oil - 1 tablespoon; lemon juice - 1 tbsp. spoon.
Mix all ingredients thoroughly and brush your teeth.

2. Mix 1 teaspoon of sea salt with finely ground honey until creamy state and add 2 drops of essential oil of cloves (cloves can be replaced on tea tree oil, camphor, pine, lavender, mint). clean the
teeth with this mixture.

3. And this mixture to massage the gums:
2 teaspoons sea salt finely ground 3 teaspoons ground black pepper 1 teaspoon turmeric
Add the melted butter until creamy state.
Dip a finger in the resulting composition and promassiruyte gums in a circular motion clockwise.


How often do you brush your teeth? Rather, once or twice a day. And how often have you thought about what substances are in toothpaste that you use every day, month after month?

Virtually all modern major manufacturers of toothpaste, with the support of "scholars" claim that the content of hazardous components there is "within normal limits". Daily "throwing a" 2-4 mg of toothpaste, we have a wide range of harmful substances that the body does not have time to output. Because of this, all substances, whether we like it or not, are accumulated in our body.
WHAT CONTAIN toothpaste?

The vast majority of toothpastes contain fluoride!
Fluorine - neurotoxin. It accumulates in the tissues and bones years. Causes of neuro-disorders similar to Alzheimer's harms the digestive system and joints, weaken the immune system (especially young people).
Symptoms of fluoride poisoning are similar to the common cold - chronic fatigue, muscle weakness, inability to regain strength after resting.

Now very often advertised shampoo without sodium lauryl sulfate. But in the toothpaste this substance is used in a large amount to improve the foaming!
This substance is extremely active, rapidly penetrates through the skin and mucous membrane and accumulates in the internal organs: liver, kidneys, heart, brain! Sodium lauryl sulfate dries the mucosa of the mouth, gums increases sensitivity to food acids, is the strongest abrasive - this leads to the thinning of the enamel!
Recent studies have shown that sodium lauryl sulphate has a negative impact on the reproductive function in men.
Incidentally, in the industry of sodium lauryl sulfate used for washing floors in the garage is used as means for washing machines, etc.

Another bait advertising - ANTIBAKTIRIALNYE supplements. The most common use of such additives triclosan, which kills microorganisms in the oral cavity. Of course, "under the hot hand" fall like harmful bacteria and it is a peaceful and healthy microflora.

THIS MATTER is especially dangerous for children, because children often swallow toothpaste!

DO "toothpaste" independently from natural ingredients! It's very simple))

To clean teeth, you can use powdered blue or white clay. It is completely natural, does not contain harmful substances, efficiently cleans the teeth from plaque and prevents the formation of tartar. Apply a small amount of clay on a wet toothbrush and brush as usual.

You can make herbal powder. Take in equal proportions: thyme, chamomile, bay, clove, black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric and carefully and finely Peremel all ingredients. To clean the teeth, apply a small amount of powder on a damp toothbrush.

When inflammation of the gums can brush your teeth with powder made from the leaves of sage, he has a strong antimicrobial effect and a very pleasant flavor. Sage powder and applied to a wet brush.


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