Natural remedies for healthy teeth

RECIPES tooth powder with your hands. Read the composition of modern toothpastes. Many of the components included in their composition are harmful to health. Choose toothpaste with a meaningful composition, or there is an alternative to make natural tooth powder and paste yourself.



Herbs for tooth powders: chamomile, horsetail, peppermint leaf (and all other mint plants), calendula flowers, leaf currant, nettle, flowers of yarrow, calamus root, St. John's wort, oak bark, Golden root, yarrow, hop cones, berries. To take different herbs, grind in a coffee grinder until a fine powder, sift. Good complement milled needles of cedar, pine, fir. Examine the properties of herbs and to imagine how much and what to add.




Take one part (can be in other proportions, if desired):
1. white clay
2. powder of herbs
3. sieved birch ash
Mixed components, the powder is ready. Store in a dry place in the jar. Storage life at least a year.

To use: on moist tooth brush to apply the powder and brush teeth, gums. Repeat if necessary. A jar, of course, better to each their own. Also, after every time you brush you have to wash your toothbrush, because there are particles of the powder.


Tooth powder sage

Tooth powder from the leaves of sage or horsetail and sea salt — grind 2 teaspoons fresh leaves in a mortar, put them in a small ovenproof dishes along with a spoon of salt.
Warm the oven. Put the dish. The leaves need to dry to crunched. Take out, grind into powder, put it in a sealed container.


Birch powder

Folk remedy of birch leaves for teeth whitening: take fresh birch leaves, chop them up very fine. Pour boiling water, when a little podostynet drain and this water, separate brush to brush your teeth.


Tooth powder sea salt

Mix 1 teaspoon of sea salt finely ground with honey until creamy state and add 2 drops of essential oil of cloves (you can substitute cloves for tea tree oil, camphor, pine, lavender, mint).


Wood ash

It is best to take the birch. It should be only wood, free of impurities..




If the teeth darken from powders, brush them with honey and then with vegetable oil.
Very useful to chew on the honey comb. Chewing a honey comb, you will not only use it inside, but treat teeth and gums. Another good way is to chew propolis. It is and antiseptic, and sealing of cracks, and General medicine. The propolis contains almost the entire periodic table. Propolis — a good prevention of respiratory diseases. You can chew a little, then one piece is enough for a very long time. Chew propolis and stay healthy!



There was a legend that, by touching teeth to derived from cedar turpentine, a person is healed from the diseases of teeth and gums, getting rid of toothache. the gum is very useful massage oil solution of cedar resin.



Russian health resort of the XIX-early XX century M. Paid best way to clean your teeth believed wheat bran and warned against use for this purpose products containing acid and soap.



White clay, sea salt, soda and various tinctures and herbal extracts. The powders containing these substances are recommended for people who have abundantly deposited Tartar and plaque.

Cleaning teeth is as follows. First the mouth is rinsed with water at room temperature to wash off the accumulation of mucus and food debris. A glass of water is recommended to add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda or table salt, to facilitate the dissolution of mucus. Then moisten a toothbrush with water, shake and dip in the tooth powder so that the tips of the bristles across the surface of the brush landed on a small amount of powder.

To correct for some unpleasant taste to the dentist powder add essential oil of peppermint. Tooth powder should be evenly and finely ground.



Eat fruits and vegetables that naturally whiten your teeth.
Apples — a great tool for brushing your teeth. Fruit acids contained in apples whiten teeth. When we bite apples with your teeth removes the plaque, giving a yellow tinge to the teeth.
Celery contains coarse fiber. When we razzhevyvat celery stalks, the mouth produces a large amount of saliva and plaque rinse



Excellent means of prevention and treatment of dental caries of children's teeth, due to the content of fluid substances. Eliminates spotting and mottling of tooth enamel due to the presence of decolorizing components. Whitens teeth with silicon substances. Due to the content of sulfur and galvanic substances enable bacteria to develop in the edges of the teeth. Useful in inflammatory processes and the cutting of new teeth, by the presence of trimethylamine. Helps get rid of Smoking. published


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