Your teeth and the causes of Your diseases

Metaphysical causes dental problems. You have problems with your teeth? Consider the metaphysical (subtle, mental, emotional, psychosomatic, subconscious, underlying) causes of dental problems.

Dr. N. Volkov writes: "it is Proven that about 85% of all illnesses have psychological causes. It can be assumed that the other 15% of diseases are connected with the psyche, but to establish this relationship is still in the future... the causes of disease of feelings and emotions is one of the main places, and physical factors – hypothermia, infection – apply again as a trigger..."


Dr. A. meneghetti in his book "Psychosomatics" writes: "Illness is a language, the speech of the subject... To understand the disease, you must open the project that the subject creates in your unconscious -- Then the necessary second step, to do which the patient himself: he should change. If the person is psychologically change, disease, being abnormal course of life, will disappear..."

Here is what they write about this world-famous experts in the field and authors of books on the subject.


Lise Bourbeau in her book "Your body says "Love yourself!"" writes about the possible metaphysical causes dental problems:

Emotional block:

Because the teeth serve to chew your food, they are associated with the way a person chews new ideas or circumstances to better assimilate them. Teeth usually suffer from indecisive people who do not know how to analyze situations. Teeth are needed for biting, so dental problems can mean that the person feels helpless and not able in real life to bite someone, to stand up for themselves. Below I quote an excerpt from the results of years of research of French surgeon-dentist Ms. Michelle KAF-dryer:

EIGHT RIGHT maxillary TEETH associated with a person's desire to exercise, Express yourself in the outside world; if there is a problem with one of these teeth, it means that man is hard to find their place in the outside world.

EIGHT TEETH of the LEFT UPPER JAW associated with the inner world of man, with his desire to Express your feelings, emotions and desires; the problem is with one of these teeth suggests that the person finds it difficult to reveal their identity, to be himself.

EIGHT of the RIGHT LOWER JAW TEETH are connected with the ability to clarify, to specify; the problem is with one of these teeth suggests that the person finds it difficult to give their life a definite direction.

EIGHT of the LEFT LOWER JAW TEETH are connected with the manifestation of sensitivity; a problem with one of these teeth suggests that the person is not in harmony with his family on an emotional level. Such signs should include the rough location of the respective teeth.

Mental block:

Because the right part of your body directly reflects your relationship with father, problems with teeth, located at the right, indicate that in these respects there is still some kind of conflict. This means that you should change your attitude to the father, to show greater tolerance. If a toothache on the left side you have to establish a relationship with her mother.

In addition, FOUR UPPER INCISOR (front teeth) are the place you want to occupy close to your parents, and the FOUR LOWER INCISOR — the place that took your parents. Any problem with the teeth suggests that you ought to move to action, specify their desires. Learn to objectively perceive life situations. Let other people help you with that, if you see such a need. Instead of having a grudge against someone, you better mind your own desires. Restore the contact with your power and allow yourself to protect yourself.

If you suffer from tooth WEAR — that is if they will wear off the enamel, it means that you allow your family to use you. As a rule, often allows himself to use one who actively criticized internally, but does not manifest itself outwardly. Such a person always wants to change others. If you don't want your loved ones continued to use you, try to feel them real, unconditional love.

Dr. Oleg G. Torsunov in his book, "the Relationship of disease with the character" writes about the possible metaphysical causes dental problems:

Skeletal system and teeth draw power from faith, hardness and chistoploten in desires, will, speech, emotions, thoughts and deeds of man.

Faith strengthens the immune system of the skeletal system, it also gives the enthusiasm and joy in work that leads to increased strength of the skeletal system and teeth.

The disbelief lowers the immune system. And also the power of the skeletal system and teeth.

-Unbelief causes suppression of the immune system and cause infectious processes in the bone system and teeth.

Strength of character gives vitality and elasticity to the skeletal system and teeth.

-Weakness of character leads to reduced durability and increased softness of the bones and teeth.

-The rigidity causes an increase in brittleness of bones and teeth.

Cleanliness in the character leads to a reduction of inflammatory processes in the bone tissue.

-Carelessness increases inflammatory processes in the bone tissue.

-Meetingnote causes increased sensitivity of bone tissue and teeth.

There are external and internal cleanliness. External cleanliness means cleanliness of the body. Inner cleanliness is purity of actions. That is another form of purity depends on the purity of mind and purity of mind. Sometimes dirty, defiled mind and a pure mind. A pure mind is always pure elevated thoughts. You can check the net for us, the mind or not. What we think of such a mind. If the mind is dirty, there is a high probability of development of inflammatory processes in the bone tissue and the oral cavity.

If the thought and will of man are not solid, not lasting, the teeth are not too strong, they quickly begin to crumble and fall out. And thoughts are overly rigid, categorical, then the teeth will also suffer from the left. The quality of perseverance, firmness, confidence. Neustoichivosti, indecision, insecurity, defilement, immorality, injustice, rigidity, aggressiveness in mind give suffering teeth on this side.

If a person lost the tooth — this means that he did not act as expected. Excessively violent activity leads to the fact that a person loses teeth. You see that all natural and there are no coincidences. published

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