The more progressive medicine, the longer the list of diseases

It seems that the medical mafia is the major producer of diseases, but not health! In order for us to keep buying their drugs and services, doctors continually infect us with all kinds of stuff and constantly be forced to pay…

A paradoxical situation: the more progressive medicine, the longer the list of diseases. Representatives from the pharmaceutical businesses claim that the new syndromes doctors have invented for them abound. Diagnoses according to the modern nomenclature of the diseases can be more than 23000, ie the diagnosis for the every day life of the average person. If summed, the result will be that each of us on average should have at 20 different diseases. And, however, new syndromes, pathology, disease experts come up with regularly. And the main thing in this process – the creation of a new disease or a lowering of the disease.

Thirty million seven hundred thirty eight thousand nine hundred fifteen

The most "fashionable" invented nebesni communicable diseases because bacteria and viruses so much (and they are so common in people) that almost everyone of them can be attributed to some specific properties.

A recent example of an invented disease is considered to be, for example, "atypical pneumonia". The spread of the coronavirus that causes "atypical pneumonia", died away, and not causing an epidemic of even small dimensions. However, the UN and the EU with the filing of the who "expressed concern" and has generously funded scientists and clinicians engaged in the development of a vaccine from this "disease". The money doctors was successfully mastered and the noise around the "problems" subsided.

Then, to replace it, there was "bird flu." And doctors, who said that the vaccine "is about to be invented", again got a good financial investment. And public health not worried – worried about a possible outflow of people from medicine, i.e., ultimately, a shortage of money medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, far-fetched, are not so much the disease as their health effects. And given only one recipe – to pay for treatment and you will be saved!

That is, there is the economic interest of the pharmaceutical companies and doctors who receive income from the sale of vaccines and drugs against such "threats"! Therefore, independent experts, and scientists from around the world wondering: is not create these problems artificially, with the aim of obtaining superdorogo? In fact, at the announcement of the who global threats, the state budgets of all countries to generously provide money to those who promise to give a chance for salvation. And "saviors" is the same as the who and the producers of "life-saving" drugs.

A list of non-existent diseases is quite large.

For example, cellulite. As the name implies, is a disease in which inflammation. In fact, no disease, no inflammation, and there is obesity. No liposuction to be done, and to balance food and exercise. There is no such disease as goiter. Invented it to increase the market for producers of probiotics. Osteochondrosis – is also fictional pathology. This age norm. It is almost everyone who are over 50.

Osteopenia (lack of a serious decrease in bone density to be classified as osteoporosis) were not previously considered as a disease, but is now considered. The condition of "prediabetes" or "prehypertensive" are also examples that are new and lower thresholds for treatment. A few years ago, doctors began to repeat that a third of the world's population suffers from depression, chronic fatigue syndrome and mental illness. Where did these numbers? This is a great mystery, but people believe them and become hard to treat these "diseases".

Often new diseases doctors turn symptoms. This made-up disease can be considered and arterial hypertension (AH). After all, the name of this disease is not in any serious book on medicine, because this disease does not exist. No AG in the international classification of diseases (ICD) because it's a made-up disease. In fact, AG was and still is only a symptom of hypertension (GB), pointing to the insufficiency of blood flow in the body and overload the heart muscle. However, in 1993, she in cardiology from the symptom has become the disease. Hypertonia is not a disease, and the cause hypertension. Hypertension is quite stable and persistent increased tone of the muscle tissue microvessels. Hypertonicity reduces the lumen of blood vessels, which leads to deterioration of blood circulation in all vital organs.

But instead of treating the true causes of this new "disease", in which the body without pills he will maintain a normal blood pressure (BP) was offered daily (artificial and unnatural) lower blood pressure pills that generate permanent ischemia (bleeding) of the brain and myocardium. A "fight" with AH already spent billions, as "curing pressure" the tablets are available daily for the rest of your life, since this disease is supposedly incurable and no other way of salvation from it is not. As a result, the victims of this struggle (that of the struggle, not the disease) were hundreds of thousands of patients. After a little extra lowering of pressure, "blood pressure medication" immediately makes cerebral blood flow is so weak that a sudden ischemic stroke.

In fact, the hospital should be directed at eliminating the causes of hypertension hypertension all of microvessels (i.e. the normalization of blood circulation), but not in an artificial decrease in blood pressure, leading to deterioration of brain blood circulation, and even stroke.

You can often hear the claim that cholesterol is harmful to health and need to reduce its level, but in fact it supports the structure of cells and the production of hormones necessary for normal daily life. But, nevertheless, manifestations of CHD: angina (pain in the heart), arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm), myocardial infarction, according to doctors, is the consequence of clogging of the coronary (supplying the heart) arteries by atherosclerotic plaques occurs allegedly because of an excess of "bad" cholesterol.

But this version partly applies only to some older people who have atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries may become a major obstacle in the way of blood to the heart muscle. While deaths from heart attacks in relatively young people pathologists see no visible causes of myocardial infarction in the form of very large plaques or blood clots. That is, the atherosclerosis, in fact, is not always the cause of angina, arrhythmia and myocardial infarction.

In fact, the main reason "paterollers" IBS as "causeless" hypertension is hypertension of the small arteries and arterioles, in which cholesterol is never delayed…

As you can see here, the main cause of illness invented.

And speculation, for example, around the issue of HIV/AIDS – the biggest fraud in the medical market. After all, the state of a weakened immune system, ie immune deficiency, it is already known to physicians since ancient times. And this problem is now global not because of a mythical virus, and due to the fact that modern society is in the process of its activities has created a huge number of factors that affect the immune inhibitory effect.

There are social causes immunodeficiency poverty, malnutrition, drug addiction, various diseases and much more. There are environmental reasons: ultrasonic and high-frequency emission from a new electronic equipment, radiation, an excess of arsenic in water and soil, the presence of other toxic substances, exposure to high doses of antibiotics, etc.

But there is no AIDS virus, which "fights" medicine!

In fact, the human immunodeficiency virus was never isolated! Know about it and its "discoverers" Luc Montagnier (France) and Robert Gallo (USA). A few years later after HIV was discovered, Robert Gallo was forced to admit that open, in fact, was not. Gallo admitted that he has no evidence not only that HIV causes AIDS, but that HIV is a virus. This "discovery" was a manipulation of facts, for not the first Gallo. As a result, in 1992 R. Gallo was declared guilty of scientific misconduct Commission fair of research of the National Institute of health (USA). (Although, according to the British venereologist James Power, AIDS virus obtained by the developers of biological weapons using genetic engineering).

But the fact that for more than 20 years can not create a vaccine from an alleged virus, says only one virus, from which it can be done, does not exist! This is a direct proof of the falsity of the theory imposed on the world! And, accordingly, to get it in the usual sense of the word "infected" – it is impossible. And among addicts, he is obliged drugs which themselves are toxic to immune cells. And no, HIV is not to blame.

Even stricter is hiding the fact that the retrovirus HIV does not exist!

So, Kari Mullis, American biochemist, Nobel prize laureate in chemistry of 1993 States that "if there is evidence that HIV causes AIDS, there should be scientific documents which demonstrate this fact. But such documents do not exist. The hypothesis of HIV-AIDS is a hell of a mistake." The same is asserted by Charles Thomas, Professor of biochemistry, Harvard University – "Dogma "HIV causes AIDS" is the greatest and most destructive from the point of view of moral fraud ever committed in the Western world..." But, nevertheless, public consciousness of the people introduced false and terrible information about HIV/AIDS.

The author of a book on AIDS, Dr. John Lauritsen (USA) says the following: "Many scientists know the truth about AIDS. But there is a huge financial interest, are billions of transactions, thriving business that is associated with AIDS. Therefore, scientists are silent, extracting profits for themselves and contributing to this business…»

So, according to official data from the who and various scientific institutions in the fight against AIDS annually spends about 10 billion dollars. and the amount of sales of drugs to treat HIV-positive patients is not less than $ 150 billion. And this is only approximate data.

That is, AIDS is simply a feeder for pharmacists, summarizes the virologist from the University of California Peter Duesberg, stressing that the sale of drugs, "anti-AIDS" are constantly growing.

But for the sake of maintaining and increasing recurring income, modern medicine is ignored and one of the main precepts of Hippocrates – "Eliminate the cause will go disease!"Because if you leave the disease, leaving the patient-consumer, "health services" drugs and related medical products. So everything is done to ensure that with little effort (after all, to diagnose or treat an invented disease is easier than really exists) to make significant profits. Further, to solve the problem is to create a fake-disease drugs and to impose them on people.

Obvious examples of such strategies are to promote in the American market, multiple drugs for women experiencing menopause and attempts to convince everyone that up to 43% of women in the US suffer sexual dysfunction, and most men with impotence. As a result, the number of selling drugs and their users began to rise sharply.

Here is another example – a pharmaceutical company Burroughs Wellcome, produces the AIDS drug AZT, known as "Retrovir". HIV was discovered in 1984, and in 1986 the company claims that a cure is found, and in 1987 it sold.

It's very simple – AZT was developed in the 70-ies for cancer. But it turned out that the highly toxic AZT kills people faster than the cancer, and he has not got. And now it was decided to find out who kills faster – AZT or AIDS, and at the same time to "recapture" the funds invested in development.

This Professor of immunology at the University of Bern (Switzerland) Alfred Hassig, occupying the position of Director of the Swiss branch of the International red cross, said: "AZT on countless occasions is the inevitable and slow death of the somatic cells of the patient. I see this as abuse of official medical position to enter patients into a state of dying, they prophesied an early death."

The company holds in strict confidence the fact that the drug, being very poisonous, has no therapeutic action – he has no antiretroviral activity! And in General, all the means against AIDS are poisons that destroy the immune system.

The same company produces diagnostic kits and the money to teach physicians how to apply these kits and drugs, and in what quantity. (However, these tests have no relation to HIV because the test never detects the virus, but will only certify the presence of antibodies in blood samples. And these antibodies the immune system produces to protect against any pathogens, so – called antigens).

Moreover, the manufacturers insist that these medications, patients should take daily and for life. But these drugs cause serious harm to all body cells, including white blood cells. So they're not struggling with immunodeficiency, but rather, on the contrary, exacerbate it, thereby contributing to the spread of the AIDS epidemic.

About the deadly side effects of drugs prescribed to patients with AIDS were also reported at the 14th International AIDS conference in Barcelona in July 2002. But, nevertheless, influenced by the manufacturers of these "drugs" were banned for other methods of treatment and examine the individual abilities of the body in fighting immune deficiencies! And all this they made for support for its multibillion-dollar profits.

It is also clear that AIDS and "fight" with him and applauded manufacturers of condoms.

Another concerned the category – manufacturers of disposable syringes. If the immune system is destroyed by virus, then the trouble syringes as the means of transmission of the virus. This idea is inspired unobtrusively to all people (especially addicts) – kolis clean needles and avoid AIDS. Doctors, moreover, do not always take into account that many drugs can give adverse reactions in the remote period after treatment, they will once again be treated as a new disease…

So researchers from the universities of Toronto and Harvard came to the conclusion about the existence of the phenomenon, which is called the "cascade of prescribing", which occurs when the doctors mistakenly interpretiruya side effect of the drug, as a manifestation of a disease. For the treatment of this new "disease" is assigned to other medication, which in turn can cause a negative reaction of the patient, etc. and using increasingly aggressive means, and in high doses, chemotherapy gives the body a strong "bombs" (violations of human genome, its ecosystem, the global antibiotic resistance, the emergence of a number of fatal diseases, etc.). And it threatens to further undermine human health.

As a result, new, previously unknown, are back, and like has already been long defeated diseases. And the more a person fights with them, the more they appear. While there is a steady decline and the effectiveness of drug therapy in her Hippocratic model, which managed to lead people away from natural methods of prevention and treatment. Indeed, in this medicine eliminates the principle of interaction of the organism with the external environment: the patient is alienated from nature itself, the doctor and himself, the doctor, and the patient.

This medicine has long exhausted its already limited opportunities due to the absence of her genuine scientific basis and focus on health. After all, to diagnose and treat the disease as a localized disease, as illogical as to look in the puddle because of the rain. Therefore, this medicine have long suffered bankruptcy, convincing evidence of which is its inability, hitherto, to solve the problem of treatment even colds and flu, not to mention more serious diseases.

Secondary immunodeficiency, Allergy solid, steady growth of the medicinal diseases caused by this model of medicine based on drug therapy. Because chemical medicines do not bring healing. Recovery is the active work of the body. And the main difference of this traditional medicine from the Hippocratic is that the first 70% is engaged in disease prevention, i.e., health (because the disease is much cheaper and easier to prevent than to cure), and 30% diseases.

Modern conventional medicine deals mainly with invented diseases and their symptoms.

Malingering is a major problem in modern health care as a negative consequence of this approach to health restoration or treatment is depression genetic natural mechanisms of restoration. As a result, the solution of some problems in the body leads to the development of new…




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