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Editor's Note: We are pleased to continue to acquaint you with the best physicians scientists, who themselves are cured and helped many people in this

. We hope that this knowledge will help you to avoid serious illness and be healthy and happy. "China Study" by Professor Campbell has proved that there is a way to prevent the development of cancer and other deadly diseases. All you need - a little will and determination to stop eating foods that contribute to the development of dangerous diseases

! How to beat the cancer, leaving the risk for cancer, how to protect children from this and other serious illnesses? These questions are asked by many imagine. I ask them yourself and Professor Campbell. Many doctors have chosen to study the work of organs and body as a whole, to understand what is useful and what is harmful to humans. This scientist went a different way. He led the most extensive study of the causes of disease and death.

It was the most comprehensive study in the human diet, lifestyle and disease, it has ever been conducted. This project, known as "China Study", was received more than 8,000 statistically significant evidence of the relationship of features and power, and disease.

The data obtained clearly trace the connection between cancer, cardiovascular and many other diseases and nutrition.

The professor does not guarantee that found universal remedy for all diseases. But statistics will not argue. His arguments in favor of plant foods are very convincing. The original book is quite voluminous, here we briefly share the main idea. The rest - at your discretion. In today's world it is easier to find a Coke than

an Apple. We are surrounded by a network of fast food outlets - some people earn a lot of money on its sale. However, it is a natural plant food must be 100% of your diet to reduce the risk of cancer to a minimum. Why? To answer this question, we learn that such a three-stage cancer.

In its development of cancer goes through three stages: initiation, progression and Promotion. This process is reminiscent of the cultivation of the lawn. Initiation can be compared to planting seeds, promotion - with the start of the grass growth and progression - a period when grass growth is getting out of control. The chemicals that trigger the creation of cells predisposed to cancer are called carcinogens. These cells are predisposed to cancer, we are ready to grow and multiply. This stage lasts for several years. But originated cancer cells begin to grow and reproduce, if it will not be necessary conditions.

The second stage - promotion. It is reversible: it all depends on whether the cancer cells are provided on

early stage of the necessary conditions for growth. At this stage it is very important that the person eats. Cancer develops when there is more nutritional stimulants (this is - all products of animal origin) than antistimulyatorov (plant food). When power is dominated by vegetable food, the development of the disease slows or stops.

The third phase - progression - occurs when the group begins to grow mature cancer cells

. WHY CHILDREN Philippine sick?

Professor Campbell was involved in studying the propagation of liver cancer among Filipino children - usually an adult disease. The disease is triggered by high consumption of aflatoxin, which is contained in plesnevidnoy rot formed on peanuts and cereals. It was believed that the culprit - the poor nutritional status of children without the proper amount of animal protein. But in the course of this project, the doctor convinced: children whose diet was rich in protein, are more likely to liver cancer! These were the children of the more affluent families. These following studies have Indian explain this fact. Indian scientists studied two groups of rats. One group of them was allowed to cancer-causing aflatoxin, wherein the diet of experimental animals contained 20% protein, which is comparable to a conventional level of consumption among men in Western countries. Another group they were given the same amount of aflatoxin, and the protein content in the diet of rats was only 5%. Absolutely all the animals, whose food consisted of 20% from protein, sick with liver cancer, none of the animals consumed a 5% protein, became a victim of this disease. It was a wholly evidence that food neutralizes carcinogens, even very powerful, and helps reduce the risk of cancer. Low protein diet prevented development of cancer, regardless of how much was used animal carcinogen. If the cancer has already arisen, the low protein diet greatly inhibits its further development. Note that this effect only provide animal protein ... So, casein, of which 87% is cow's milk protein, accelerated the development of tumors at all stages of the disease. Vegetable proteins also did not cause cancer even if consumed in large quantities!


"China Study" - a large-scale study of mortality from 12 different types of cancer in more than 2,400 counties in China, seized 880 million (96%) of local residents. It is carried out by 650,000 workers. The atlas of cancer provided information on the level of 400 kinds of diseases mortality. two groups of diseases have been identified: those that are most often found in economically developed areas (diseases of the rich), and those that commonly occur in the poorer agricultural areas (diseases of the poor)

. Disease of the rich
(Excesses in the diet)
• cancer (colon, lung, breast, brain in infants, stomach, liver and leukemia), diabetes, coronary heart disease.

Diseases of the poor (lack of food and poor sanitation)
• Pneumonia, intestinal obstruction, peptic ulcer, diseases of the digestive tract, pulmonary tuberculosis, parasitic diseases, rheumatism of the heart.

Scientists have discovered that one of the most important precursors of western diseases - the level of cholesterol in the blood. When reducing the cholesterol level in the blood with 4, 4 and 2, 3 mmol / l reduced the frequency of occurrence of liver cancer, rectum, colon, lung, breast, leukemia, brain cancer, stomach and esophagus (throat).
< br> Prove a direct link between animal food consumption and an increase in blood cholesterol levels. This power plant foods reduce cholesterol in the blood. It turned out that even a small amount of animal food (protein rich families in China consume far less than in the West) increased risk of cancer. Scientists have proven: whole plant foods are good for health, and animal food - no

. Professor Campbell himself, by his own admission, at the beginning of his professional career nasmehalsyanad vegetarians, but after research radically changed his lifestyle. He stopped eating meat and refused almost all animal products, including dairy. Despite his age, he is in better physical shape than 25 years. His family also went on a diet, thanks largely to his wife Karen, who managed to create a brand new menu, all dishes which look attractive, tasty and healthy.

Disease of the rich

You probably know people who suffer from cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis. These diseases are almost unknown in traditional cultures, which feed mainly on whole plant foods, as in the poor areas of China. However, they do not come, when the representatives of traditional cultures become wealthier and begin to eat more meat, dairy and refined plant foods (such as crackers, cookies, white sugar or soft drinks).

No special diet and cancer special diet against cardiovascular diseases. The same diet that helps prevent cancer, has a similar positive effect and in respect of other diseases. Never before have scientists so deeply did not understand how nutrition affects cancer at the cellular level. Fully proven that animal protein consumption increases levels of the hormone IGF-1 - cancer risk factor, and diet with a high content of casein (cow's milk) improves the penetration of carcinogens into cells

. How to eat

The recommendations can be formulated in a few points: eat whole unrefined plant foods (vegetables, fruits, herbs, buckwheat, sprouted grains), minimizing the consumption of refined foods, animal protein, more salt and fat additives


Principle number 1

Power is a cumulative effect of countless substances contained in the food. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Principle number 2

Vitamin supplements - not a panacea for health, and often harm

. Principle number 3

Almost all of the nutrients are much better represented in the plant than in the animal food.


principle Genes alone do not cause disease. They begin to function only after activation, or expression, and nutrition plays a key role in determining which genes will be shown - the "good" or

"bad". №5

principle With the power can largely control the adverse effects of harmful chemicals.


principle The same nutrition that prevents disease in its early stages (before diagnosis) can also stop its development or to heal at a later stage (after diagnosis).

Principle number 7

Power, which is useful in the case of a chronic disease, and help in the prevention of many other diseases.

Principle number 8

good nutrition promotes health in different planes of existence. They are all interrelated.

The need to minimize,

A rather be retired:

• Refined carbohydrates.

• Pasta (except made from whole wheat flour), white bread, crackers, sugar and

most of cookies, cakes and pastries.

• Add food refined vegetable oils.

• Corn oil, peanut oil, olive oil.

• Fish (salmon, tuna, cod).

AVOID • The meat (steaks, hamburgers, bacon).

• Poultry (chicken, turkey).

• Dairy products (cheese, milk, yogurt).

• Eggs and products with a high content of eggs (eg, mayonnaise).

Can you do that?

For most people, a complete rejection of animal products, including meat, poultry, fish, cheese, milk and eggs, it seems impossible.

If you are with interest the results of the studies described, but know that you can not bring himself to give up meat, no amount of persuasion to convince you not to.

You just have to try. Follow the diet all month.

You convinced:

1. Vegetable food includes a variety of great products. You can not have everything you want (desire to eat meat may persist longer than a month), but you will have plenty of delicious food.

2. Many require several months to complete restructuring. But almost everyone understands that it's easier than it looked.

3. You'll feel better. Even after just a month, most start to feel more energetic and generally throw of the excess weight.

4. Most importantly, you will understand that it is possible, if you want

. Who benefits hushed RESULTS?

Unfortunately, the professor faced with enormous resistance to publicize the results of their research. Even a special organization for the fight against cancer are reluctant to discuss the evidence that food can affect this disease. Attitude to food as a key health factor - a threat to the medical and pharmaceutical business, which are based on chemical drugs and surgical techniques. Communities of professionals in nutrition or do not know about this evidence, or are unwilling to publish them. There are powerful, influential and highly profitable industry that will suffer great losses, if people start to switch to plant-based diet.

In 1980, Professor Campbell became a member of the committee, which was to assess the quality of information in the field of nutrition. He was the only one not brought to this committee shortstop - industry representatives. He has worked on a report on diet, nutrition and cancer to the NAS, which was published in June 1982 This was the first report of its kind on the relationship nutrition and cancer, so he got a lot of publicity and caused the greatest interest in the history of NAS. But influential organizations (American Institute of meat products, the Council of Agriculture, Science and Technology, the National Association of breeders, the National Council for the livestock and meat products issues) did not want to lose their profits and have done everything possible to prevent the spread of this information.

Remember that for the money you spend on food, fight powerful and influential companies. From malnutrition kills more people than accidents and any other factors related to lifestyle or environment.

Today, there are no pills or procedures that would effectively prevent or treat chronic diseases, but it is proved that the most promising means of prevention and treatment - a change of diet and lifestyle

. The choice is yours!

FROM THE EDITOR: We understand it may be difficult to Russian-speaking readers. After all around

and on TV say, including doctors and scientists supposedly, on TV, which we did without meat, but still need dairy products from the store, liquor almost buckets, and of vaccinations do more without hesitation.

Throw the academic debate - is useless: you will be assured that white - it's black - just look soberly at the facts: in Russia and other countries who hold such views - are growing in appalling proportions cardio-cular disease, cancer and other serious diseases, and , though in much smaller proportions, yet even those who do not have bad habits.


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