5 basic drug-free treatment methods of Tibetan medicine

They are: cupping, moxibustion, compresses, baths, massage. To non-pharmacological methods of treatment are also included in detail described in the "Four Tantras" methods of physical and mental training, such carelessly, Yantra yoga, a meditative transformation of the complex body — speech — thought.Bloodletting.
"Diseases in which cupping is assigned — a common fever rambling fever, fever from infection, tumors and swellings, the disease is "Surya", tinea, diseases of lymph, leprosy, and in their absence — illness of the liver, spleen, mouth, eyes, heads, etc. in Short, bloodletting is assigned for the most part in diseases of heat, occur [on the basis] of blood and bile. But the bloodletting is not allowed in unrequited blood [see below], immature communicable diseases, empty heat, if not taken off intoxication, dangerous contagious heat, exhaustion of bodily strength, although the essence of the disease with Genesis heat. In addition, the bloodletting is not allowed during pregnancy in women after delivery, in diseases of edema caused by metabolic disorders, lowering the fiery heat of the stomach, the digestion of food, in short, in diseases that occur [on the basis] of phlegm and wind, [but even] in the absence of those — in children under 16 years of age and in persons who have reached old age".

The temporal sequence. "Separation is necessary to carry out the bloodletting immediately in cases of turbulence of blood in the inner dense and hollow organs, with extensive heat, communicable diseases, and in their absence — classified as Mature when the disease continuous bleeding from mouth, nose, etc ...".

There are a number of other indications and contraindications, however due to the complexity of the preparation for the phlebotomy and the phlebotomy procedure, to elaborate on this topic in this book is considered inappropriate. I just want to summarize the highlights related to the bloodletting.

First. To conduct bloodletting used special tools, materials, shape, the quality of which was presented with very serious requirements. The secrets of these tools were passed down from master to master.

Second. You must learn clearly to distinguish between diseases in which bloodletting is used, and the diseases in which it is unacceptable. The doctor needs to master the art of diagnosis, have a good knowledge of the nosology. These requirements are important for the third item, knowledge of the temporal sequence of disease development, as the use of bloodletting in immature disease, as a rule, is not allowed.

Fourth. You must properly prepare the patient for phlebotomy. Special methods should bring the immature to maturity disease, with the help of special medicinal compositions to separate in places bleeding bad blood from the good, then, again, the use of drugs, to separate the blood and the wind. As a result of the bleeding from the cut place in the beginning goes a bit blood bubbling, with big bubbles of gases, then goes a little bit black in color the bad blood and then the blood stops. But this is the simplest case.

Fifth. You must have a good knowledge of the techniques of bloodletting, primarily practical. This technique varies depending on which vessel is bleeding. Note that what is called cupping, involves bleeding from veins, arteries, and the removal of lymph from the lymphatic vessels.

Sixth. Need good knowledge of topography points of the body that are bleeding with specific diseases. Just counted 77 main and 13 additional channels of blood, bile and lymph, which are released from the body the patient's blood, bile and lymph. There is also a 112 main and secondary channels and places where bloodletting is inadmissible, it "affected the structure of the channels of the body."

Seventh. You must know the limits, the amount produced by the blood or lymph in each case.

Eighth. The necessary knowledge and skills to care for patients at the end of the procedure.

Ninth. You should be aware that excessive, insufficient and unskilled conducted bloodletting may cause harm. The physician must be extremely careful not to make mistakes, and under the assumption itself must be able to protect the patient from its effects.

Tenth. The doctor needs to know the signs of a favorable impact on patient procedures phlebotomy.

The cauterization.

The theme of burning is considered, as a rule, in seven points: indications for use of moxibustion, contraindications, cones for moxibustion, the place in which the moxibustion, the technique of moxibustion, rehabilitation, the effect of cauterization or the use of cautery.

The indications and contraindications. Moxibustion is recommended if you have "reduce the heat of the stomach, the formation of edema [tumors, gout, swirls of lymph in bones and joints of the limbs, external swelling, pain, vertigo due to diseases of wind, confusion, madness, leading to fainting, back pain, disorders of limb movement because of diseases of the channels of the lymphatic vessels and veins. In the absence of these [diseases] it is very useful in diseases of the classes of wind and cold weather, which often occur after sores [ulcers ], empty heat and other hot diseases, and in diseases of the lymph. However, you should not make a cautery in diseases of hot bile, heat of blood, when [the disease ] inputs of the senses, the channel of being in the perineum in men".

The collection and processing of Edelweiss, fabrication of cones. Moxibustion is performed using special cones of different sizes, made from Edelweiss and a certain amount of nettle. In various diseases the size of the cone to ablate varies from the size of the "top phalanges of the thumb" to size "dry peas". For the manufacture of cones are used depleted inflorescence of Edelweiss and Edelweiss Palibino.

The places that are burning, in Tibetan called "sanmig" (gsang dmigs). They are of two types: "sanmig" in which pain is felt, i.e. linked to the disease, and in addition famous doctor "sanmig".

The first is the place of arthritic twists of lymph in the joints of the bones, the appearance of the tumor, swelling; places where when pressed there is pain, and when removing the pressure felt relieved; around swelling, growths, malignant wounds.

The second is of the places related to the channels of circulation wind, bile, mucus, blood, lymph.

Here is an example. "The first vertebra is "sanmig the wind." When flexion of the neck become visible round tabs; the first such round bone and cautery. [This is the VII cervical vertebra. ] The main indications: due to the ingress of wind into the channel of life [observed ] confusion, madness, severe cardiac arrhythmia, tremors in the body, caused by wind mutism, insomnia, deafness, inability to rotate the neck; [the burning of the vertebra] it is also useful in other disease groups [of diseases] are wind."

The technique of moxibustion. At the beginning of the body of the patient should take the poison. "Poisons — the term used to denote harmful to the body and life of the substances that enter [the body] with food". Then the cone of Edelweiss is placed on the selected doctor place "sanmig" back with a previous preparation of the place. Developed rules for burning a single cone, multiple cones, the rules that determine the duration of burning. Moreover,"if, for example, moxibustion is performed on "sanmig", heat should be felt in front, and Vice versa. No pain at the site of the cauterization after the procedure is a sign that moxibustion has brought great benefits."

Rehabilitation. After burning residual ash clean not scraped off and greased the top with a mixture of butter with salt at night is not recommended to drink cold water and wine, etc.

The benefits of moxibustion. "If moxibustion is performed in accordance with the method, it is beneficial to the current wind and blood, "close the mouth" of the channels, the removal of pain, suppression of the wind, strengthening memory and mind, the generation of heat of the stomach and the body, digestion of food, removal of necrotic tissue in tumors, abscesses, chronic wounds, relieve swelling, pulling of lymph, draining it, etc.".

The compresses.

Distinguish between hot and cold compresses, but the doctors believe that children in some cases need special compresses.

Cold compresses.

Swelling from bruises and fractures, a common and confusing heat, if they are accompanied by pain, applied to the sore spot filled with cold water heater, cold water soaked cloth, cold, out of water boulder or other cold items. Compress relieves pain, eliminates fever.

With continuous bleeding from the nose is recommended to make a bottle of cold water accumulated in the early morning when it's still lit star, or mixed with water sludge from the bottom of the well or spring to between the eyebrows to the hollow in the nape.

Relieves headaches and migraines due to the heat of blood and to oecause due to disorders of the wind fields also apply cold mud.

Gouty when heat is applied a cold poultice of pounded root of Sophora flavescens mixed with equal amount of cow manure.

With extensive heat due to disorders of blood and bile under the arms and on the forehead put a cold water soaked cloth or pulled from the frigid waters of boulder.

Hot compresses.

When the pain from indigestion or due to acute diseases of the abdominal cavity apply a hot compress wrapped in a cloth warmed in a pan or pot of salt.

By lowering the heat of the kidneys and the urinary retention lower back it is recommended to apply hot compress pre-heated on the fire and wrapped in cloth dried stillage.

In postpartum pain in lower intestines, in the buttocks, kidneys, the lumbar region is recommended to apply warm compresses wrapped in the fabric of the earth, tilted the mouse when digging burrows, pre-heating of the ground on fire in a good wine.

With dark red mucus, intoxications and other causes of pain in the stomach disease is recommended to apply hot compresses of boiled in water and then wrapped in cloth leaf bergenia, sorrel and Japanese medlars.

In cold tumors of the stomach due to indigestion recommended to apply hot compresses of heated on the fire and wrapped in cloth of pigeon poop.

In acute diseases of the abdominal organs parasitic origin is recommended to apply hot compresses of heated on the fire and wrapped in cloth of roots and leaves of Angelica dahurica.

If it enters the lymph in the joint sheath is recommended milled pebble or sand mixed with a small amount of salt to boil in beer or water, wrap in cloth and apply a hot compress.

When urinary retention due to the cold on lower abdomen is recommended to put a hot compress from the sediment of melted butter and pigeon droppings.

For pain in the limbs due to diseases of the lymph recommended the imposition of a hot compress made from sheep's dung, boiled in wine.

Compresses are contraindicated in diseases of mucosal edema, when the bile juice stains skin and meat in a dark yellow color, leprosy, poisoning, dropsy, obesity, infectious disease Bal, smallpox, the lesions on the skin, after meals.

The compresses, applied to the liver in children, used in cases of liver enlargement. The child is undressed and placed on his back. A piece of silk dipped in cold water, then place on the baby's stomach on the right, clean it, put on the region of the liver leaves of barringtonia, on top of the lower part of the liver is applied to the mirror, crystal, bowl, water pot, an old Shoe or any cold, round and smooth thing and 10 to 15 times move it to the upper part of the liver, then cleanse the stomach, moisten a piece of silk with water and placed it on the region of the liver, tied with ribbons, as if Packed in a silk stomach. Accordingly, the degree of disease — small, large, dangerous — this poultice should be worn from 3 to 5 days.


Distinguish hot baths from the waters of the natural springs and artificial baths.
Baths are prescribed for gouty, rheumatoid, appeared on the basis of edema of the feet contraction of the limbs due to roughening of the veins and formation of articular tumors and swellings; lameness caused by improper functioning of the white channels; sagging muscles; in the formation of knots in the channels due to the decrease of their heat; the curvature of the channels back; when the disease "medley of meat" and other diseases of the skin and lymph; old wounds; with festering wounds; disease "Surya" dense and hollow organs; intoxication; with tumors and edema due to disorder of the wind; the deterioration of skin pigmentation, the coarsening of the skin; chronic, difficult to treat diseases.

Bath is contraindicated in heat from the plague, muddled heat, extensive heat, pregnancy, high blood pressure, heart disease.

Natural water sources in Buryatia and in the Chita ASSR at the time, llamas was researched and distributed by classes of diseases. Already in the 70-ies traditional doctor G. L. Lenhoboevym and the candidate of philosophical Sciences N. TS. By zhamaldaev together were examined in a large number of natural sources of Buryatia and the Chita region. Sources were surveyed by traditional methods: water was determined by taste, strength (elevated dignity), the soil through which it passes, according to the growing characteristics of the source flora, etc. it turned out that many natural springs have retained their force, but in those places where it was torpedoed and drilled a deep well for mass use waters, these waters have lost much of its healing properties.

In the same area different sources, even in close proximity, could be used for the treatment of diseases of different etiology — they passed through the different soil, enriching different trace elements and, therefore, forces. Mixing of these water features are lost. If you are using bath water natural sources and specially prepared water with the use of different medicinal ingredients must adhere to pretty strict rules, partly varying in each case. Experience in practical balneology is passed is not easy and in this book to describe the rules of the use of medicinal baths would be inappropriate if the wrong use of the consequences can be severe.

Under the massage in Tibetan medicine understand the application of methods of rubbing, kneading and tapping after oils and old skin butter, sesame oil, animal fat and medicinal substances. This is one way the treatment of painful the basics.

Anointing fats.

In the madness, fainting, memory loss and other diseases of the wind, butter a year ago rubbing the first region of the vertebra (this is the VII cervical vertebra), and, starting from him, VI, and VII, and a point between the nipples on his chest. After rubbing and kneading these places wipe the flour from roasted barley. A similar procedure is performed in nigeoplachivaemuyu cases.

Pruritus due to disorders of lymph in the skin is recommended to RUB the horse, nahrawy, donkey fat.

With exhaustion power of the kidneys, after the seed is recommended in the lumbar vertebrae to RUB beaver fat [or fat otter ] and surochiy fat.

When lice and nits are recommended rubbing deer fat.

In old wounds from dog bites recommended rubbing the dog's fat.

To completely withdraw ospinki face, recommend rubbing goat fat mixed with ground red root korobeiniki or macrotomia.

The appearance between the eyelid and eyeball whitish discharge, the consistency resembles a paste, it is recommended in the soles of the feet to RUB hot oil with cumin.

Rubbing medicines.

For boils, abscesses, ulcers in sore spots recommended to RUB prepared in the form of a slurry mixture of yellow sulphur, salt, wine (beer) yeast, soot on the old oil, and to bask in the sun.

When truevistion the pus from the wounds it is recommended to RUB them with the mixture of mouse droppings and gold ore in the breast milk.

In old festering wounds and old stubborn wounds with pus, it is recommended to RUB the mixture of ash from the burnt hollow stems of Astragalus or Oxytropis on the Mare's or donkey's milk.

When gouty pains should be rubbed flour from white or black sesame seeds, cooked in whey under the cheese.

When you see the face of acne, pimples, ulcers depriving recommended rubbing liquid mixtures from the powder of white mustard, calamus, refined salt and dried leaves of Japanese loquat on cow urine.

Colic on the basis of blood diseases, skin diseases, infectious edema, shingles and eczema recommended rubbing medicine from a powder of red sandal, flowers of large-leaved gentian and the roots of Scutellaria baicalensis on snow water.

When lesions on the skin with scabies, recommended ointments medicine of the soot, roots Saussurea loukhovitsky, sorrel, ash roots stelleri dwarf, salt, wine [beer] on ferment rancid oil (oil that gather in the walls of the vessel with sour milk).

In diseases of the "gummy skin" herpes, "licking cow" and other diseases of the skin recommended rubbing the medicine, the skin of a black snake, burnt in the vessel without release of smoke, pork fat.

In diseases of the skin based on scabies recommends rubbing the medicine of Euphorbia and clematis on the yogurt.


Massage is contraindicated in cases of indigestion (from failure to digest the ingested food), with stiffness in the hips due to disorders of the wind, in the absence of appetite, at a poisoning with poisons, made of precious stones, in dropsy, in diseases of mucus and dark red mucus of the stomach, etc.

Total there are five basic drug-free treatment methods of Tibetan medicine.

With regard to additional corrective methods available in Tibetan medicine, the study should devote a special study. We call some of them.

Acupuncture is considered to be the final corrective procedure, covering the entrances of the channels after the removal of disease with medicinal and non-medicinal therapy. The procedure of acupuncture in the early treatment compared with a situation where to find thieves in my house, closing doors, not expelled them.

The methods of yoga. There are many systems of yoga, the individual elements which can serve to preserve and restore health. In General we can say that the practice of yoga includes exercises for control of mind, speech and body to balance the functions of body systems provide the energy activity "lunar" wind Lalani, "solar" wind of Rainy and "wind of wisdom", Avadhuta and mode pulsations "sun", "moon" and "equal" origin.

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