6 simple steps to losing weight

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Want to lose weight but don't know where to start? Start with the following simple steps: they will not perform miracles, which in this case does not happen, whatever may be promised, but put you on the right path.

"Magic pill" for weight loss do not exist. No coffees or Superfoods not work miracles with your body — in the best case, will have a temporary effect, after which you will again gain weight. The only way to become more slender once and for all is proper nutrition and sufficient physical activity. Sounds simple — but not easy. To help you this way, we have prepared a list of the first steps that — if not collapse! — will lead you to a slim and healthy body!

Step 1: keep a food diary If you want to improve your health and get rid of excess weight, it is important for you to keep track of everything you nourish your body. And it's not only about the total number of calories. Record and analyze all the "fuel" that you heat your body. The only way you will be able to understand what you need to change in your diet. The food diary also mark the nuances. For example, can record how you were hungry before a particular meal, and how fed felt after. Mark, what foods help you feel fitter, and what on the contrary — did drowsy. Thanks to these recordings after a while you will be able to compose a diet that will be ideal for you.

Step 2: Remove more carbs from vegetables and fruits

Replace carbohydrates from processed foods that you used to consume, vegetables and fruits. Fresh products a lot more useful nutrients, and therefore the carbohydrates are derived from them, are much healthier than the carbohydrates contained in the bread or pasta, not to mention weaknesses. By the way, a rule that works for all natural food products: the darker they are, the more nutrients. Thus, the Kale salad than iceberg lettuce, and red meat more nutrients than chicken. When your goal is weight loss and maintenance of health, it is advisable to choose those products that contain more useful components.

Step 3: Eat more natural protein If you lose weight, you should EAT food, not drink it. There are means to chew, and chewing starts the process of digestion, and is one of the indicators, giving your body know that it is fed. Why not choose protein bars that glotaut in one sitting, and not protein shakes, and more nutrient-rich protein sources such as chicken, veal, Turkey or even pork. Even after training it is advisable to take it with food, not drinks. In addition, the chewing helps you to better tune in to the signals his own body, which in result leads to better health and optimal weight.

Step 4: don't be afraid of healthy fats high-quality

High quality fats — one of the most healthful foods in the world, and they should be an integral part of your diet for health weight loss. Fats help you absorb nutrients from other foods and feel full. They need to include in all your meals: a little olive oil or avocado in your salads, some peanut butter on a banana, etc.

Step 5: drink more water and less alcohol On the road to losing weight and improving health is extremely important to ensure that your body is getting enough hydration. In General, this means that you need to drink enough water, but it is also necessary to maintain the balance of electrolytes for the water, add a little sea salt, honey or lemon juice. Also do not forget that you should drink water BETWEEN meals, not instead of them, and that the use of water in conjunction with food can interfere with the gastric juice. Instead, chew your food — then you can drink. By the way, when you lose weight, think of alcohol as a drink but as food. A meal that affects how your body processes other foods. Sometimes just the thought of this may affect your decision to drink or not to drink.

Step 6: listen to your body No one but your own body knows better what he needs to eat in order to lose weight. That is why it is so important to listen to its signals, and to recognise them properly. Be careful what food best nourishes you, and what on the contrary — causes more hunger, which you feel the tides of energy, and some Vice versa. The only way you will be able to understand how to eat right for you for better health and slimness.


Source: fitfixed.com


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