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One day, in one year I gained extra 12 kg, and did not even notice how it happened. The addition of 1 kg per month, almost imperceptibly. I woke up only when I realized that all my clothes shrank at least 2 sizes. What I started doing? Of course, tried all he could to help me quickly get in shape: diet teas and diet pills, physical exercises, special breathing exercises, etc. It did make a difference, but for a short time. Further, the weight came back plus 2-3 kg. And I started to examine weight loss in more detail.
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 As a result, I realized that weight loss is affected by two factors:
  •  Physiological cause
  •  Psychological reason
Want to start arguments with psychological reasons, because, in my opinion, they are Central to the formation of your fat.Fat — your protectorWhat protects you is your fat?1. Fat can protect you from the hurt that filled your soul. Have you noticed that once you for someone to be offended, as you begin to absorb more of the fast carbs (muffins, cakes, candies)? Instead of having to quickly work out a grudge, you "capsulate" deep down, enveloping it with fat, like a blanket – even her dear, warm and comfortable.2. Fat can protect you from the splash of emotions. For example, someone is very annoying or you are in anger, but for some reason are unable to Express it, to vent their emotions. And then you start to eat because your jaw require that you are constantly something chewed (anger accumulates in the mouth area the voltage, and using chewing movements you take it off). Instead of say some "idiot" that he was "an idiot", you prefer to remain silent, to pretend that all is well, that you did not notice, did not hear, did not understand or that do not concern you, although this is the most "idiot" just roller you walked by. And you are not to push himself in the mouth gag, put out the food, thereby killing two birds – and "gag" tasty ate, and "good girl" left.3. Fat can protect you from meetings or duties that you don't want to do. For example, you all say what you want to get married, but a ring of fat with cosmic speed. Often failures in their personal lives women are blamed on the fact that they have excess weight, hiding behind your fullness from having to build a family.
Agree that the desire of women nravitsya men – it's okay! And women something to do – take care of the person, doing hair, makeup, dress up etc. in Other words, make every effort. Many women with excess weight, save yourself from unnecessary movements. Why do something when you can tell yourself nothing will happen, because "I'm fat, you still won't like it". And so the circle is closed – the woman believes that she does not attract anyone, because it is thick and therefore does nothing to attract, and, consequently, no one involved. And if anyone thinks privlecheny, so once he bounces off of fear because they do not understand that with such an insecure woman to do.4. Fat can protect you from achieving career goals or even the goals, of the self-realization in society. In the minds of many people social success and harmony are interconnected. You sit on the hateful work. All tired, all tired, but you don't go anywhere, because as much afraid to go with her great body in this terrible little world – everything will be on you to watch and appreciate. Why do you need their assessment, you have already decided to myself – to take a job, slim and beautiful, ie — not you. Therefore it is better to sit, suffer and seizing their suffering at the same time thinking that life is unfair.5. Fat can protect you from fears. For example, in your life there were some traumatic events that strongly influenced your psyche. In order to protect you from the recurrence of such events, your body builds barricades of fat. Once you have fallen in love with a man, and he "pomatrosil and threw". It was very painful. After that, many women decide that men cannot be trusted, and stop any attempt of rapprochement. Better look at the object from afar, losing in thoughts different stories about the fairy-tale Prince on a white horse, indulging in the sweet reverie on the kitchen couch, a bit of sugar with a large chocolate bar.6. Fat can protect you from boredom. In addition to food in your life there is no pleasure, food is your only entertainment, so you eat, to somehow to please yourself. Yes, you can have a dog (cat, parrot, etc.), to go to the pool on the weekends or yoga, but if it makes you happy?What is boredom? Usually, it's the lack of goals and low level of free energy (goals, maybe it is, but there is no effort to achieve them). And therefore, your energy is barely enough to work and to come home. What kind of fun and entertainment, there is no force on them. Therefore, the portion of fast carbs – the best way to make energy, and at the same time to entertain themselves.7. Fat can protect you from loneliness. You have no friends, no favorite things, Hobbies you walked side. You don't go to theaters, do not sing at karaoke, do not participate in public conferences. Your most important route to work and home. You have nowhere to put their energy (not to worry, no one with whom to discuss issues that concern you) so you all throw your hand in the digestion of food.8. Fat can protect you from something very IMPORTANT in your life. What you really want to have but have not. To neutralize the enemy, it is necessary to know in person.If you want to start your path to harmony, your task is to conduct a lot of psychological work. This can be done independently or with the help of psychologists. In my opinion, the psychological aspect of the problem of excess weight is to trust the professionals, so how to transform any limiting beliefs, fears, negative programming is quite difficult.After all, what is weight? Usually, this food addiction. And if you have food addiction, you should know that it is correctable in the same way as any other psychological dependence.If you have a strong will and want to cope with the problem of excess weight, in this case, do the following:

 1. Make a list of what you do not like your appearance. And then answer the following questions:
  • Why I don't like it?
  • With whom I compare myself?
  • List all specific cases, when your excess weight is caused your misfortune.
 2. Make a list of what will change in your life, if you will acquire the harmony. And then after each recorded phrase, put "no" and continue the sentence describing the problem you will face if these changes are going to happen.For example: I will draw the attention of men, but I'm afraid of them, because they can hurt me.I can wear beautiful clothes, but I have no money to change your wardrobe.I will be able to find a better paying job, but it will require me to be more responsible, and I'm not ready. When you answer all the questions you will see that your excess weight you reason need. He is either protecting you, or saves or replaces something When you see it, you will be able to make a decision – to leave everything as is, or to go to the land of Harmony. When you are a little slightly open the curtain of your "secrets" will begin to realize what is really going on in your life, and what is the role of weight, then the problem of "I'm fat" becomes the task "what steps can I do now to become slim". Because when the problem translates into the task, everything falls into place – a task there is always a solution!The physiology of excess weight Physiological habits also play a big role in the accumulation of excess weight. They are called "habit eating behavior". For example, you don't eat because you are hungry actually, but because they simply do not know how to listen to themselves, their true needs, not aware when you really want to eat and when you eat just because it was time for lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, etc. in addition, your eating behavior can impact a mom's or dad's guidance when parents taught you not to leave anything on the plate. And you still remember these instructions to his family, but because swallow, but try "not to leave anything to the enemy". Now think about where your parents live and what you live. Agree, you are from different generations, you have at least 20, 30, and someone and more. Now there is no need for the future, the shops are full of food! There are special programs correct "eating behavior" when you don't torture themselves with diets and exercise, eat healthy food, experiencing pleasure and joy, not anger. You can often observe people who observe different diets, limiting themselves to the favorite food that they are emotionally repressed, depressed at best, and at worst aggressive and angry.Catch and kill! So, to sum up summary of the foregoing. No matter how you treat your excess weight, you need some reason, it performs some important function. In most techniques weight loss the focus is on physiology. In fact, the psychology on this issue is, in my opinion, the primary! Something was broken in your inner balance and You started something actively seizing.Often excess weight is associated with dissatisfaction (of any kind) with stress, the inability to independently withdraw yourselves from negative States, lack of love to yourself, a chronic victim role, etc. a lot of Factors, and most of them are amenable to psychological correction. You do not need diet pills and hard diets, hours of exhausting workout in the gym – all this causes in your body is another additional stress. And your body begins the struggle with you, include resistance, which will be expressed in the form of angry outbursts or breakdowns (suffered, endured, and then so drunk!). In order for your weight dropped and then never returned to the big numbers in your head needs some kind of a click, an Epiphany (call it what you like), after which the weight begins to disappear himself. Because you begin to manage your body, your energy, emotions, thoughts and actions. It is you dictate the rules of the game, its fat – to be or not to be!

Author Olga Grigorieva.



P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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