9 signs that you need to lose weight

You are quite satisfied with their rounded shapes and are not going to succumb to the universal hysteria called "weight loss"? Find out, in some cases, excess weight may threaten your health! There are many methods to calculate the presence or absence of excess weight. But even the most seemingly checked – body mass index – some nutritionists believe do not end up correct. Recall: body mass index (BMI) is calculated by the formula: weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared. For example: 62 kg/1,682 cm = 21,9; the BMI of 21.9. Note that the norm is a BMI of 18.5 to 25. However, this formula does not take into account either the age characteristics, nor heredity, nor the Constitution. How to understand that your weight excessive, and you have to go on a diet? The best indication of the condition of your health, because the extra weight often leads to diseases.


Learn about the 9 signs that say that you need to lose weight!Sign 1. You feel uncomfortable to move If excess weight prevents you from doing the most ordinary everyday things, for example, to tie his shoes or go to the bus, this is already a sign that you need to lose weight. Try to do some exercises: deep bend down, taking the hands of Paul, or make inclinations in the parties. If the fat on the flanks and belly not allow you to do these exercises, it's time to go on a diet.

Characteristic 2. Do you snore in your sleep the Fat that you "work up" in the neck and throat, can significantly narrow your airway and cause shallow breathing or breath holding during sleep. This snoring can be gotten rid of only with the loss of extra pounds.

Sign 3. You get tired quickly Doing the same things, you get tired much faster than others. Often, even in the morning you feel tired and overwhelmed.

4. symptom You are constantly hungry Like recently had a bite, and again want to eat? It is not only unpleasant, but also an alarming sign. The fact that the extra weight may cause the onset of diabetes, one sign of which is increased appetite.

Sign 5. You have high blood pressure You are sensitive to weather changes, stress or an additional burden, these factors every time cause high blood pressure? Excess weight is one of the main instigators of hypertension, to get rid of sometimes you can, just dropping the pounds.

Sign 6. Your waistline is greater than 100 cm If the fat is mainly concentrated in the waist area, and its volume exceeds 90-100 cm, it is a signal that it's time for you to be examined by a doctor. This symptom often indicates a problem with the level of sugar and cholesterol, but also can indicate hypertension.

Symptom 7. In your family there were cases of cancer of the Excess weight leads to higher estrogen levels in the blood, and this, in turn, can become the impetus for the development of breast cancer. If in the family, you had cases of cancer, the risk increases many times.

Sign 8. Problems with the joints you often ache or aching joints? Perhaps all ointments and medicines do not help for the simple reason that excess weight puts extra pressure on them and provoke diseases of the joints.

The symptom 9. Your weight is increasing from year to year Until the body grows and develops, there is nothing strange. However, if you are over 18 years of age and from year to year you added a few pounds, be wary. Your task – to stop weight gain while he's in the normal range, and to make sure he has not changed over the years.published


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