Yoga: best methods to get rid of excess weight

The most direct method to lose weight is not to eat, the right way and proven how 100% reliable. Christ, Buddha and other great ascetics fasted for 40 days, and apparently, with great results. Man can do much, much to fast for 40 days — that's for sure. So, if you have the power to strike 7-40 days, further reading this article is simply useless, and you don't need to look for other methods. Just starve, not at random, but first acquainted with this technique.

For long starvation, you should have a healthy heart and blood vessels, the body is more or less free of toxins (otherwise you can get poisoned by their own waste products), very flexible schedule (and better — vacation, because a couple of days without eating you will not wish to communicate with people, to work), and most importantly — an iron will. We can say that to lose weight fasting can only very healthy, in the broad sense, people. In our days such units.

The above may seem unpleasant, but getting rid of the visible excess weight the first step is the weakening of the ego from the sweet are favorable pictures of themselves. "A good person should be much" - with this attitude to their acquired by the good (fat) — not to lose weight. If your ego recognizes that being fat is bad, because it is not nice, not helpful and not that losing weight is necessary, and in General, "it's time to lose weight!" — then, consider, 50% of success already in his pocket, and we move on.

Yoga: ways to lose weight Ways noticeable weight loss yoga can be divided into several types. Select the one that suits you in temperament, or you will fail, breakdown, return to the old, and possibly weight gain as a result (like "rollback") — it is not fatal, but unpleasant. (It is worth noting that to lose a few kg and yoga, and other methods generally not difficult, it's a weight loss 20 kg and more — about the radical weight loss).

1. "Purified and Shine". Choice for those who like enemas, urine therapy, and TV shows G. Malakhov. If you can't scare even a 2-liter mug douches — then this is your option, but if you don't know what it is, perhaps, not yours. In short, all you need to do 2 yogic cleansing, but not so nasty. And all the result will be there (more on the stomach and on the sides and on the back).

Cleansing for weight loss in yoga for two, and both are not pleasant: this is Sankha Prakshalana (gastric lavage, salt water), and Kunjal-Kriya (Ganesh Kriya) is simply vomiting.

There are nuances. Can you do half "Gesture shell", where you have to drink 1-6 cups EVERY morning during the week or more, or to make 1-2 times full of Sankha-prakshalana where you have to drink 12-20 cups of salt water. Full does not always work, and half not always pleasant to do every day, but it is necessary. This Kriya (a Shatkarma) cleans digestive system from the fecal strongholds (sorry) that can reach an incredible volume of 15 kg (so say the doctors) and significantly inflate the stomach — rapid weight loss! Run other, more subtle processes, normalizing metabolism — as a result, you lose weight for too long, without dieting and a surge of willpower. Which required.

It is therefore very much preferred this option. Weight loss yogic cleansing perfectly controlled (lost a lot of weight — no longer vomiting practice) and in General beneficial to the organism, is another "bonus".

Both practices it is recommended to master with a specialist. Kunjal-Kriya (vomiting) much easier, because all you need to drink 0.5-1 litre of salted (optional) water and induce vomiting, it should be done every day during the month. Some (for example Hindus) first emetic drink herbal infusions — they help to clear the stomach, but a very nasty taste. Kunjal Kriya so much kindles the digestive fire, leading to total purification of the body.

At the same time, this practice is not good for hypertension, eye diseases and heart disease (which significantly narrows the list of potential "clients").

"Bonus" of this technique is that sometimes it simultaneously raises the Kundalini (if you need it then fine, but if not — let's say you are pregnant — it is not appropriate). Before making Sankha-Prakshalana and / or Kunjal (they can be combined), read everything I can find on the Internet (and Dr. oz) about the cleaning, it's worth it. Incorrect execution or incorrect output (the power in the first days after the clean up) is fraught with problems, so we must do everything "for science".

This method is good because: 1) it goes well with work, school, socializing with people does not make you a "renegade" — for comparison, starvation is dangerous to drive a car,

2) gives a head start in the practice of any yoga, you will considerably increase in flexibility, and in strength and in endurance, and in the subtle sensations (not that with the first cleaning you began to "see" chakra, but it besides leads),

3) does not require physical effort or long-term follow complex diets, the development of a large volume of theory. Cleaned and get the result. Just like the enema.

Someone may object that, say, Shankha-Prakshalana and Kunjal do not cause drastic weight loss. Not quite. The fact that they START this process if you had noticeable excess, is not healthy for you weight, you will lose weight during the procedure, and CONTINUE to lose weight further, the farther the more to your healthy weight, because it starts the process of cleansing the body. Very often, the fatty tissue just kapsulirovat toxins that accumulate unhealthy diets, and should not "lose weight", and "to be cleaned". And the cleansing process begins in the digestive system, what anyone was talking about chakras, mantras and Bhakti, it will be important later. "The gesture of shell" runs the cleaning is much more radical than any "Enterosgel" is a powerful beginning of the process.

2. "Flop sweat and no meat".

The combination of intense exercise with sensible eating is 100% the right way to lose weight and aggressively replaced fat with muscle. The whole question of — you have the iron will power: and if it's not steel, then after a workout "to fall" you "till you drop" you will eat because your appetite will be played truly brutal. So for weight loss does not work running, dancing, shaping, and other things — after which comes the munchies, and then either-or, or biting beats you or wins you your weight. Yoga in this respect is no worse or better shaping and other things, as safe for the body (with safety!), and influences in addition to external structures (muscles, ligaments, tendons, etc.) on the internal internal organs and endocrine glands (not to mention the chakras, nadis and other "mystical" for some people things! and they also affect health).

So, for a radical fat-burning in the mainstream yoga you can use any hard yoga workouts: Ashtanga Vinyasa, Йога23, Power yoga, as well as just intensive practice Hathi 1-2 times a day, without weekends and holidays. I especially recommend to lean on a complex of Surya Namaskar because it is not enough that a dynamic and burns a lot of calories, so even at the level of impact on internal organs and glands accelerates metabolism and digestion — "three in one" (it also cleans the skin, beneficial for women's health, and so forth, just not listed, you just have to do).

IMPORTANT: intensive practice "physical" rough "sports" yoga must be performed in compliance with all safety requirements for EACH and all of the asanas, otherwise you will quickly destroy his knees, lower back and General health. Engage only with the teacher! It is best to visit group classes in the yoga center, because this will give you a moral support group, ideally a big one! ("gingerbread") — and the moral "whip" in the form of a very slender and very flexible people on the neighbouring mats.

3. "Ayurveda is our everything".

You have become a "Pandit", that is an expert in Ayurveda. Listen to all the lectures of Dr. O. G. Torsunov about the mode of day and feed, and you get an idea about the upcoming test. To eat you have in the sanatorium, even trenchant — only suitable for an hour in the day, as well as your Dosha (Constitution) and health (Western medicine) products. If the prospect of consistently eating buckwheat with milk, to abstain from meat, fish, poultry, and other slaughter (tamasic!) food for at least the next six months, you are not afraid — in a good way. At the time, I personally dropped from 85 to about 60 kg in 6 months and maintained this weight for a long time.

If you are interested in cleansing the body just diet is for you. Get ready to reject offers compassionate relatives to feed you with "tasty" (dumplings with mayonnaise!) and colleagues — "go to party" (to drink) in a bar. Ayurveda should be followed from beginning to end, without concessions, and then the result will be wonderful. It is likely that after a couple of months will be much easier, and at first very difficult the diet will be just and natural "your power", and then have no effort applying do not have to!

So thousands of people are switching to vegetarianism, veganism, the raw food diet and, of course, radically lose weight permanently, forever. Without fasting and sweat on the Mat. In combination with moderate Hatha yoga (as in my case it was), this method is great, that is exactly the same as without yoga, because yoga in the red (and any other physical activity) adds a sense of hunger, however, and accelerates the process of purification.

Tip: to achieve the earliest and best results, begin all the same with Shankha-Prakshalana.

That's all three methods, whichever you prefer. In conclusion, I would like once again to note that any diet and cleaning must meet the requirements of "vstraivaemye" in your life. If your lifestyle is such that you NEED to consume alcohol, meat, "sasemas" or establishing relationships with colleagues 1 and 3 methods, at least, to change of environment and place of work (and perhaps family — O. G. Torsunov example), will not work. Cleansing of the body and Ayurvedic diet not compatible with toxic products, and only the "yogic exercises" to sweat. This is the easiest way to start.

And then the cleaning will take control of you and off we go. Cleansing no limit! Starting with the intestines, we'll be able to clean and their habits, and the environment, and even habitual thoughts (mental environment), in fact — all in the complex. You need it or don't need, you discover in the process, usually there is no way back, because "better get used to it".

In addition, tehnicheski moment. The above are 3 formal ways, but in practice you may find that suits you, not any one of the following methods and their combination, combination, combination — and this is also possible. Don't let the pounds go away! Set yourself a clear goal — for example, to lose 10 pounds in 3 months and go for it, they choose HARMFUL methods of detoxification and yoga practices that are clear and available at this time.

Be sure to check health, having a full package of doctors and having passed all reasonable tests, BEFORE AND AFTER weight loss, before applying any practices to control the impact of your chosen method of weight loss (or combinations thereof) on health. "A scientific approach" has not been canceled, an experiment on yourself it is better to put correctly!

Sure you can be one by the end of the "test period" — let it be 3 or 6 months, it doesn't matter — you, if not lose weight, 100% master the basics of Ayurveda, podnatorel in yogic cleansing (and this knowledge is the wealth for life), and advanced in yoga! And this — a lot! So after 3 months maybe, if you won't even lose any weight, but it will become "another person" — a yogi, a Yogini. And yoga are thick: view pictures of yoga Gurus of past ages, and many modern. The weight and your inner sense of self, "spirit", and of course, into the bargain — excellent health. But losing weight, including yoga, can bring good luck on the Path of self-knowledge! published

Author: Alex Sokolovsky


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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