How to lose weight

How do I lose weight a long time ago, more precisely in 2003, right on January 1, somewhere in the late afternoon, I once again decided to lose weight. It was cold, hangover and all hard. I remember trying to tie shoelaces 10 minutes, until I realized that wore shoes without laces. That was the last straw. I'm sober, something ate tightly, pushed his plate away, banged his fist on the table and decided to lose weight.

The desire to lose weight was objectively the best for the young and successful manager of 26 years old, weighing more than 150 kilograms, divorced. By the time the therapist steep insurance clinics already wrote a lot of drugs for hypertension, a specialist in the joints - of the joints, optometrist constantly increasing some figures in recipes that without glasses it was impossible to make out and added more and more obscure terms. Article my budget "beauty and health" was constantly increasing, mainly due to "health".
Approximately so I looked at the decision point:

In mid-January, I joined the Planet Fitness, which Pravda Street. This club has captivated me, swimming pool, gym, lots of young and successful women dressed in sports. Although most certainly not least, the corporate discount. I only remember that on his first visit was not able to climb the most simulators, but has shown good results in the displacement of water from the pool. I remember the form in which I have in the "sports achievements" have something like "5 times pulled, one of them successfully." I remember round eyes all men in the locker room. I think when I look at their fitness club attendance has improved significantly.

Just bought scales, weigh (electronic scales, showing a maximum of 150 messed up, they reported overload and asked for a second go), and joy with the matter said lightly beer. At that time my evening beer consumption rate was about 3 liters. Although I bought 7 jars, but the matter is not the case ...

By that time I already knew that in any difficult task need or motivation or a special person with a gun was set (perfect motivation). When somewhere in the spring clock already started hesitantly, but showing some figures, I argued with my brother and a few people came to hand that losing weight. I argue, of course, on a solid (for me) money.

With joy, even in the congress of Egypt:

The most amazing thing - even glued there girl. I do not know how I did it - I would not give myself ...

And the process has begun ... In the spring I have admired figures such as 143 kilograms. But beneath it was impossible. Eat like more beer I drank less. Somehow I did not think about the relationship of food, alcohol and excess weight. After all, I go to the fitness, is not it? When, in June, to weigh in the balance, I found the old familiar figure of 143 - wanted to throw ... go to fitness.

But attempts to work out, I never left! Even once I went to a canoe trek. I remember how I had to pull the canoe, and then dosobirat:


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