How not to lose weight

So, how do not need:

1. Lose weight, temporarily reducing calories

For example, you are used to eating 3000 calories a day. Increased their tummy on the abdomen, hips and have now decided to get rid of excess Zhirkov, reducing calories to 1,000 units.

Yay! This is a feat! Discharged in a notebook - how many calories every product known to you. And share in the low-calorie foods and high-calorie.

Oh, the horror, yes, of course, cakes, muffins, croissants for breakfast with butter and jam, as you fed your favorite Paris, and immediately and baguettes stuffed with all sorts of (I, of course, say anything about fried potatoes, scrambled eggs complex, strongly fast -fud, etc.) - you will go to the list of prohibited (!!), high-calorie foods. Leaving salads, vegetables and fruits, fish, meat steamed, yogurt, yogurt with 0 percent fat, green tea without sugar (God forbid, even if cane sugar), nuts, seeds (not fried), vegetable soups, etc.

So, all of these studies you carefully recorded and tomorrow start a "new" life. One day, two, eight you live this life and the right balance, cheers, showed that you left the 3 kilos. Sooner rejoice. The body does not sleep, his task - to survive, so he immediately forced to balance their costs with energy supplied to it. He will test the situation and agrees that he and 2,000 calories is enough for life. So, you slow down on the result of minus 3 kg at a time. And here (literally from around the corner) accidentally eaten a piece of cake or a sandwich with butter (certainly not the only one) will return the first 200 gr. and then everything else. The organism is not a fool, and he never missed an opportunity to bring back to normal the reserves.

2. Lose weight with the help of the Thai tablets and other nutritional supplements

No matter bought all these miracle pills at your local pharmacy or in a familiar aunt, who "brings" them from Thailand. Both will be stressful to your body, and what are the consequences of eating dietary supplements is unknown.

If you can not, for whatever reasons, to limit yourself to a long time in the food and thus in calories, or simply do not know how to eat small portions and do not eat fried, high-calorie, and tablets, all hope (and still advises girlfriend!) nothing and never buy in pharmacies or hands !!!

Dietician, endocrinologist, hormonal blood tests, and only then, based on the results of analyzes and professional advice - try to pass the course, observing all the "pros and cons". And nothing else!

3. Lose weight by eating one or two times a day

If you decide to lose weight without the help of doctors and power systems (science-based, but still under observation), eat small meals often. This is the only way the body ala girl travesty.

Break between meals should not be more than 4 hours. A portion should "fit into the palm," as I once advised a doctor-reflekosoterapevt who worked hard through the day in my needles, first felt his pulse and there is something certain, visible, about the lack of energy in this or any other organ. Plus, he insisted on a diet, which was not nothing sweet, fatty, even seemed harmless chicken, and even more so of chicken soup (that's where, it turns out, the proverbial fat accumulates).

And if I hid the fact faults, eating on the eve of a kilogram of honey, it is a fact in some odd way to define and asked me, blushing with shame, "and that such a sweet and so much you, young lady, ate yesterday."

He also insisted to eat only foods that are grown there, where you are born and live. In addition, in the winter for some reason you need to eat vegetables and fruits red and green in the summer. Madhouse! So I went to the supermarket, looking for winter all red, sticking to the sellers, "but the truth - it's from Russia, you do not confuse?".

In general, I recommend you not to miss the next meal, otherwise the body will fall into panic and avenge you a couple of kg, and after you'll cry, saying, well, I did not eat for two days nothing but seeds.

Incidentally, even harmful to feed the dog once a day, and it will grow fat, and you shall flee in panic to the doctor, naively unaware that her hormonal obesity or even some sore.

4. Lose weight, forgetting that there is a fitness club, wraps and other useful activities

Even if you eat right and, like a madman, count calories, and already tired of all his house, and they think that you wind shakes, even if it is not in the apartment - do not believe. Not for long, and you just think that you now have a model of the desired harmony.

I think that do not report anything new, insisting that during these grueling counting calories and eating only salad, lettuce salad, and again, you will lose weight, as they say in advertising beauty clinics - "forever." Maybe you and will, if no metabolic problems, and yet (in the sense of obesity) bad heredity and you, as a minimum, cheat run, walk or bike every day several kilometers around the park or office. And if you do not cheat and have a bad heredity, go jogging for a subscription to a sports club and will love to pedal or run along the path, or "stand on skis."

All these gizmos in the room called cardio equipment and are designed to burn your calories, but under one condition: the pedal and run to a minimum of 30-40 minutes. That's how much time is required, so that the body began to finally burn your calories notorious.

As for the algae and mud wraps, which the arsenal of beauty salons naschityvatsya tens, this is very useful, but as long as you recline in algae or dirt on a regular basis and the rate, at least 2 times a week.

5. Lose weight for beach season quickly

Sorry, but here I do not want to repeat myself and to start submitting your attention to the preceding paragraphs. But one! If your upcoming beach vacation is not "vegetable", ie you do not like after breakfast, where all all-inclusive, go to the beach with a book or with a fan to keep off the pesky campers, and instead of couches in the sun you prefer to swim in the name multimeter buttocks or volleyball with football at the very least for the sake of other parts of the body, then, rest assured that all your predplyazhnye grueling weeks of malnutrition will not go in vain and you will only strengthen their slender position.

However, breakfast is still not worth eating scrambled eggs mixed with pancakes and croissants. It is better to limit your cheese, yogurt with muesli, oatmeal and fruit. Swimming and playing sports load will make the body more slender, and the muscles will find the right form, exactly. The main thing is to swim more than once on arrival and once more in the end. This should be done on a regular basis! By the way, in this mode of life and a piece of the pie does not upset you, like a glass of wine at dinner in combination with freshly caught and cooked in the same way dorado fish, for example. And do not give up on travel-hiking tours that you seem wildly boring. Long walks - a great thing in the fight against fat!

6. Lose weight as lose weight some model girls and other celebrities

Beautiful, slender and even skinny - we see them on the podium with screens or during the show. Constantly listening to an interview with them about how little they eat and how they like it, and in another not. Girls always exactly in the way that they need designers. I, like everyone else, wonder how they have the strength, when the work from morning till night, flights, lack of basic mode, and they are happy and evil at the same time.

Imagine what price it is given. Eternal diets, crazy load, and then, often as a consequence of this way of life, bulimia and anorexia, and other rastrojstva psyche. And then she (model) has no use to anybody - sick and miserable. The horror!

I read in some tabloids about some famous women (do not want to name names) after each "bad" meal they go to the toilet to get rid of eaten. And why are you eating it, you ask? And to have fun. Something like "you have to pay for the pleasure." That's such a terrible way. And more than once a month, and regularly. So get out of control and power, this process becomes a habit first, and then the disease, and then ... You yourself have heard a hundred times about such stories and about their consequences. And do not repeat them, please, never!

7. Lose weight, leaving in the diet dinner wine or beer

Friend told me that the rest of Italy two weeks, she dropped 5 kg, while during the day and eating scones and pasta, and other pleasures of Mediterranean cuisine, and for dinner, just in case drank only wine or beer without some snacks but if only a little cheese.

Oh, I was glad, and proceeded to take decisive action. True, I had time to eat breakfast, but lunch is somehow not evolved, so the first three days of this wine I drank diet a couple of glasses of wine and fell asleep like a log, while being absolutely starving. Three days later, the scales showed minus 2. I'm hungry, crying with happiness. On the fourth day, I decided to add a couple of glasses of wine a small trout steak, steamed, even after a couple of days to fish added grilled vegetables. Then I already fish and vegetables were not enough, so even with my mind there was something strange.

I was at lunch, which was not, began to dream of the evening, when the board Pinot Grigio and fish, and vegetables, and dessert and then added, honest, low-calorie - carrot cake. Vkusnota. On the scales deliberately did not get up, so wanted to please themselves the result.

A week later, I found in the same place the same lost weight. Well, I think, okay, this is the body adapts, a week later became kilogram plus 2.

Another friend told me that she also drank a couple of glasses of wine in the evening, but after regularly sent another walk in the park.

I park in the district has not found, and each was eager to go for a walk after dinner. And then I found out that wine and beer - a high-calorie foods! That's because anything and ended my wine diet!

8. Lose weight because your weight is not like your boyfriend

Oh, what a nightmare, but you will notice your favorite crease on his belly, then suddenly pay attention to the hips, which accidentally discovers or casually talk about colleagues who during a business lunch eating for two, but thin as a model person. You begin to torment thought what to cook for dinner, and it was to good to you.

I assure you, not a simple task. Men who, together with her friends, ready to eat salads, steaks and abandon the beer, and other edible-calorie pleasure, almost never happens. And picking a dish with spinach easily leads them in anger or slight bewilderment. "Well, like, say, is when you davishsya their spinach? Me and steak in a company seems huge black tomato. "

What to do? Try not to pay his attention to what is in your plate and not a trend all night about what you are once again on a diet, "you yourself, my dear, like this." At worst, put in your plate is the same as the plate is your guy. Distract him talking and sipped beer so that he did not notice that this drink in a glass for all the same poison. And do not tell him every ten minutes that today you lost weight on a shelf, but what will happen tomorrow ... that you will soon see !!!

9. Lose weight by diet, which consists of a monotonous menu

At breakfast, buckwheat, buckwheat for lunch, dinner buckwheat. Or the same scenario, but another product, boiled chicken, for example.

I remember a hundred years ago, my mother told me so thin one, but a very complete Greek singer. Lost he lost, but he ate and how all this happened to anyone not known for certain. I have not been told stories about how she lost 10 pounds in a month, eating oatmeal while still alive ...

Monotonous food leads to lack of vitamins and minerals, again, because oatmeal is known to not contain everything that is necessary for our body. As with any other product. Secondly, you just fall into depression and you will dream of chocolate on a banana tree, baked meat in the desert, and only wish that your life will - eat a small piece of chicken is not without buckwheat, oatmeal not. It is so!

10. Lose weight, eating a diet on "Poverty┬╗

With these "poor" diets and did the situation is ambiguous. Even dramatic! These poor malnourished, who sit on the small, that you yourself or your doctor has prescribed, do not have enough of everything.

Namely - the essential nutrients: essential fatty acids, vitamins, trace elements and mineral salts. With this diet you just feel tired, sleepy, you will always sleepy. But that's not all. Develop depression, or you'll constantly feel hungry, or increased appetite, as defense mechanisms weaken. It all depends on the body's reaction to his treatment. And to the psychiatrist can reach that, it is quite possible you will find the beginnings of anorexia or bulimia.

And this is a disease, and dangerous diseases! As the doctors say, "such swings can cause cardiovascular disease, even if cholesterol is normal, and you do not drink and do not smoke! Quote dokoro nutritionist:

Any calorie deficit can actually reduce the cost of the body's metabolism by more than 50%. But each return to normal, even for a short period, followed by a sudden reduction of weight. The larger the gap between diet and normal diet, the faster the increase in weight.

Here you have all the diet!


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