How much kilograms you can lose weight in 1 month

In ancient times full women were considered a symbol of beauty, wealth, attractiveness. Time goes by, the fashion for voluminous body long gone. Along with this came a new fashion for slender and slender figure with a minimal amount of subcutaneous fat.

Human nature is such that many want to achieve a certain result in a short time. When it comes to burning excess fat, do not rush on a number of factors, which we now will discuss. Also, consider order how you can lose weight in a month and what do we need to do.

To gain weight very easily, especially people who are genetically predisposed to this process, but to get rid of extra pounds is not so easy.

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Many who are interested in the topic of weight loss, heard that the optimal weight loss and does not impact negatively on human health, and lasts for one month. Of course, it all depends on the individual settings of a specific person. For example, if you want to lose 4 pounds, weight loss process will last 4 – 5 weeks, as the best indicator of burning excess weight is 1 kilogram per week and if a person needs to lose 20 kilograms, then it will require a few months. During weight loss you must adhere to certain rules that the process was as natural and no negative impact on health.

Most people will probably resent such figures, because, of course, so if you need to lose 20 pounds, it turns out, you need to spend 4 – 5 months. Many do not believe, because the Internet painted all kinds of diets, methods by which a person loses 15 pounds in a month, 5 pounds in two days and so on. People may perceive such statements with hostility.

Of course, we all want quick results, no magic pills, not to spend a lot of time and effort. However, the truth is that it is impossible to achieve results without any effort. Let's take a closer look at this subject and the process of weight loss.




The ability of the human body convert fatty tissue into energy has its limitations. The problem is that adipocytes are very "lazy" in terms of splitting, that is, they are very difficult to transform into an energy source. This process is very long and energy intensive. Subcutaneous fat is quickly burned only due to the fact that you wanted to. First, in order to begin to lose weight, you need to start the process. This should reduce the calorie content of your diet, make a diet, and begin to actively engage in physical loads, it is desirable to use aerobic exercise.

The fact that fat is burned in the mitochondria, which are abundant in skeletal muscles, and saved excess fat in so-called FAT DEPOTS. To go such a long way from the depot to the muscle cells and there to make splitting fat consisting of fatty acids, that is, to start the lipolysis, it is necessary to spend a lot of effort. The process, as I said, very time consuming, voluminous and long, so to lose weight quickly in a natural way does not work. The only thing it can slightly accelerate.

If a person will create a huge calorie deficit will significantly limit yourself to food, will create preconditions for burning fat — even with this approach fail to achieve a result and lose 1 kilogram of fat per day. I say more, fail to burn 500 grams of fat mass. Limitations lie in the fact that our body is able to burn only 70 – 300 grams per day. As practice shows, the optimal value lies somewhere in between and is approximately 100 – 160 grams per day, respectively, using a comprehensive approach, the athlete will burn about 500 – 900 grams of fat PER WEEK. By the way, under the comprehensive approach is understood correctly composed diet, performing physical activity and normal recovery. Only meeting all of the above aspects will give a positive shift in the direction of splitting of adipocytes to fatty acids, then convert them into energy.

Many may argue, saying: "so I heard, like, a friend dropped over 3 kilos in a week". Yes, indeed it is possible, especially if the person trains, leads an active life, yet half the weight, which he lost in a week does not consist of fat.

When you sit down on any diet, beginning an active workout, you start the process of burning glycogen accumulated in your muscle tissue. Of course, the polysaccharide formed by the accumulated balance of glucose in the muscles is not so much about 300 – 400 grams, but 1 molecule of glycogen binds 4 molecules of water. Accordingly, as a result of training and diet you burned 300 grams of glycogen, together with 900 grams of water, i.e. the total lost mass is 1200 grams. When you consider the lost fat in a result you will be able to lose around 2 kilograms (1200 grams of water, glycogen and 1200 grams of fat).

What happens next, that is due to what at first you lose weight? If you start to eat right, monitor your health include exercise, your body displays a variety of "junk" that has accumulated due to irregular and unhealthy eating habits. These toxins also have your weight. In addition, the result of weight loss will be burned and muscle tissue, so for the first or second week of weight loss you will be able to lose about 3-3,5 kilos, of which only 800 grams of fat. Of course, the more people — the more water, the accumulation of various toxins and the like, so this figure may vary depending on the individual parameters of each. In future weeks the athlete will be able to lose about 1 kilogram per 7 days.

In the case that a person will not lose weight correctly along with all the waste products, toxins, fat, water will burn more and muscle tissue, but in larger quantities, which is not good for you.

Let me explain why. The fact that in the case of wrong diet, use of too hard diet significant diet the process of burning muscle fibers. As we already know, there is a splitting of fat cells. The less muscle, the slower the process of weight loss. In addition, improperly balanced diet, or long fasting people at risk at the end of the diet gain even more weight than before. This happens for one reason. After a strict diet, the person turned out to lose weight, however, eating habits have remained the same. That is, after the diet, the person starts to eat as well as before the diet, causing the weight returns, however, in place of muscles becomes fat. In this deteriorating appearance, as the fat is not as dense as muscle, so its size is two to three times more. That is, a person's weight may be the same, but the body will look different, depending on the percentages of muscle and fat.

If the amount of the lost weight exceeds the norm, then you should reconsider your diet, workout plan, make some amendments in your diary to purposefully burn fat and not muscle.

Many say that due to the weight loss, significantly decreasing the volume of the body. The lost weight is not so significant, however, the changes in appearance quite significant. Because of what is happening. The fact that the density of fat is small, whereby the volume of fat more than muscle.




The results can be different from the deterioration of appearance, to big health problems. For example, due to strict diets, which are very often practiced by girls, can SAG the skin and worsen the appearance.

This happens for several reasons. First, due to lack of essential vitamins and nutrients, the skin can lose its elasticity, can form large folds on the body. Also, too much calorie restriction can cause the body to burn not only fat but also muscles in large quantities. As a result, after the diet, a person can gain even more fat than before the diet. Therefore, do not adhere to the diet where it is recommended to eat only one product and to abandon the rest of the food that is required by your body.

With regard to health deterioration, the consequences can be very much. You need to understand that losing weight is a direct interference in the metabolic processes in the body. If it is irresponsible to approach this issue, you can disrupt the metabolism of and results in a failure of all organs. Drowsiness, headaches, lack of appetite — and these are just a few of the reasons that can result quick weight loss.

Conclusion. In the first 1 – 2 weeks you can lose about 3 – 3.5 kg. In the rest of the week the optimal amount of weight loss is approximately 500 – 1000 grams (+ — 300 grams).published 


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