Once she weighed 105 kilos ... The history of weight loss, which I would like to share!

Tatyana Rybakova - not an ordinary girl. If I met her some 5 years ago, for what would have known! The school girl Tanya suffered from severe obesity. 105 kilograms during the growth of 165 centimeters, and is 14 years old! Major did not like the girl classmates, she suffered from loneliness and feelings of inferiority. Then, as a teenager, Tatiana took a clear decision to lose weight at any cost. And she did! The girl who got rid of the 55 extra kilos, shares his amazing story. It is very instructive for anyone who wants to lose weight, but can not decide ...

She began her difficult way of losing weight with the terrible mistakes that are so characteristic of beginners. Tatyana began to starve, strictly limit yourself to food and went constantly hungry. Lasting effect it did not bring - from hunger frustrated girl, she did not have enough energy to work and visits to the evening department of the university. Once she realized that from the soup with celery and tomatoes it badly sick, stay at home and could not get out of bed for 3 days. Tanya came to an important conclusion: health is still more important than the rapid weight loss via starvation.

She began to learn about losing weight more - read the book not only about nutrition and sport, but also in psychology. Until now, Tatiana Rybakova, a well-known blogger and nutritionist, is convinced that all change starts with the head. If you believe in something, it will happen!

The girl had good reasons to lose weight. It's not even that Tanya wanted men like others. Full Woman often insulted, humiliated, called names, and she wanted to do all this to stop. In addition, extra weight provoked shortness of breath, Tatiana was very hard to walk up the stairs, she could not live life to the young man.

The secret of the power of Tatyana Rybakova - that is all. That is, this meal plan - rather than a diet, and a balanced, healthy diet, which is useful for humans and is designed for use over a lifetime. After losing weight by 55 kilograms she stopped at around 50, today is her weight. Sometimes known blogger and nutritionist Tatiana Rybakova even allows himself to sweets and pastries, but only until noon. More protein, less carbs, healthy athletic exercises - that's the key to success and quality weight loss.

Proper diet involves avoiding harmful foods rich in "empty" calories and harmful fats. Tatiana believes that any harm can be found useful, but no less tasty substitute. Replace chocolate prunes and sour cream can not everyone, but it's worth it! Now, she looks stunning ...

«Lose weight easy and there acts a reasonable law of conservation of energy. Spend more energy than you eat - grow thin; spend less - gain weight. I choose sports, walking, my favorite bike, stairs instead of the elevator. I was very impressed by the fact that life is related to the nervous system and way of thinking. When I'm being active, moving a lot, eat healthy foods, I feel happy! Happier than when poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyle ... » em>

Tatyana Rybakova shares his experiences, because she managed to do what many people passively dream. Anyone can look great, the main thing - to want! We present a few valuable tips from the courageous and very beautiful girl.

You have to believe in the result. With this all starts. When you cease to treat their undertaking to lose weight with a skeptical, everything changes - the weight starts to leave. Initially very helpful examples of people who have turned out. I always show my old photos of customers: so they begin to believe that, too, will be able to find harmony.

We need to set goals and to understand yourself. That's why you want to lose weight? Question quite simple, but not all at once turns to answer it ... if you know what you need to achieve a certain goal - you know yourself. And this is one of the important components of the result!

section of the main purpose of the following stages: it is easier to achieve the desired and not give up. your Notice the small victories, reward yourself for them! Remember that in life there are many other pleasures besides food. And they are all available to you!

Do not put your intentions on then! Get a grip and start to act. Very often we have to delay the start time of the diet, the time of purchase a gym membership, postpone what should do for themselves. Put yourself in the first place in his life and miracles begin to happen.

Proper nutrition - it is profitable. sausage production is very expensive when compared with healthy food - cheese, lean meat, dairy products and eggs. Instead, snack something harmful and expensive, to choose what is good for you and will help to maintain health.

Sample menu for the day to plan Tatyana Rybakova:

B: cereals and proteins (1 egg, oatmeal - 150-200 g), green tea (200 ml); lunch: a banana or an apple, dried fruits, nuts (a small handful); Lunch: vegetable salad (150 g), boiled chicken (100 g), buckwheat (150 g); high tea: fish (100 grams), vegetable garnish (150 g), green tea (200 ml); Dinner : steamed vegetables (100 g) or an apple; fish, steamed (150 g); Late snack: yogurt, low-fat fermented baked milk, yogurt (150 g).

Tatyana Rybakova not only changed her diet to a more healthy, she refused to dinner after 18 pm. The complex with sports is a gift a toned body and a new life! Now Tanya is not concerned about what would laugh at her surrounding, feels comfortable and is trying to help other people with the problems that afflict the very last.

Losing weight is important not only for a successful social life. Health and well-being - that is what makes many people get rid of the extra kilos. When she turned, and you can! Share this with your friends inspirational weight loss story.

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