15 best foods to boost Your metabolism

Let's look truth in the eye, mentally remembering how much emotion, energy and effort You may, of course, has left to become fit and healthy. Remember how many times You had to deal with the huge range of diets.

Perhaps You have already proposed to count calories and just eat that before? Was? Or You may remember something similar (tablets, pills, berries)?... Well, you see finally, all of this sounds too good to be true.

Familiar to all and one of the fashion magazines COSMOPOLITAN in his article correctly described the whole process of how to easily seduce You with these ridiculous ways to lose weight, just presenting to You fraudulently, the recommendations of another star.



I would like today to uncover the truth about the right and healthy weight loss. Just give me a few minutes and You will know the best products enhancing metabolism and helping You to cope with the extra weight much faster.

And actually, they work!

You just have to change your eating habits and add a few important products, such as Your metabolism can improve and You can burn several hundred additional calories a day, such as 200-300. Do You Like It? ...

And combined this eating plan with several physical exercise You can simply become a star in the next few weeks.

Before we get to these amazing products accelerating our metabolism, let's find out a little more about our metabolism and what it is ...


What is metabolism? Most likely, You have not once had to read a lot of websites and blogs on this subject and how to increase Your metabolism. However, let's see...

According to the medical center "Mohammed",

Metabolism is a certain chemical transformations that occur in our body since the nutrients and the time when the final products of all transformations and transformation are excreted into the external environment.

Speaking strictly in scientific terms, metabolic rate (metabolism) is the set of chemical reactions that occur in living organisms to maintain life.

Processes United by the concept of metabolism, allows any organism to develop and multiply to keep all their structures and respond to environmental influences.


In simple words, this is the process that turns everything You drink and eat into energy.

Even when we are alone, we need energy for breathing, cell renewal and pumping blood to our bodies.

And it's about 70% of the calories that we burn every day!

Of course, body size, gender, genetics and age primarily affect the rate of metabolism, as well as Your level of physical activity. However, there are some foods that are able to heat our calories like fire.

Let's get down to business...


Enhancing products metabolism If You adhere to a balanced meal plan and regularly do some work or even simple movement, but still not losing weight as fast as You would like, try to speed up your metabolism by including the following foods (and drinks) in your diet.


1. Water

You probably already do not just read and know that water is very important in the proper weight loss. We can say that this is the strongest ingredient of any healthy menu. By the way, remember the formula for water chemistry? ...

Good old H2O is not only able to fill You when there is a false sense of hunger, but also helps You burn calories.

The national Institute of health, USA in one study showed that consumption of only 0.5 liters of water can boost metabolism by 24% — 30%, 1.5 hours approximately.

So You can try to drink this amount of water before each meal, half an hour before meals. Some argue that for some people this allows you to lose 44% more weight during the 12-week period than those people who do not.

In addition to speeding up Your metabolic rate, the water increases the feeling of satiety, so do not overdo it.


2. Green tea

Green tea is one of my favorite drinks. When it came to weight loss, he helped me 100%. This is one of the best drinks to speed up Your metabolism.

For example, a website about tea says that among the many types of tea, green tea for weight loss most effective. It improves metabolism, accelerates the metabolic processes and removes toxins and wastes from the body. Thus, the weight is reduced in a natural way without harming health and even with advantage.

It is also known that the process of weight loss on the green tea, is not only due to the improved metabolism. Green tea removes excess fluid from the body due to the mild diuretic action.

Of course, I'll be honest, tea is able to burn most of the calories, but the extra 50 — 60 calories quite easily. And in combination with other foods increase the metabolism will accelerate this process even more.

Green tea contains catechins. This is the strongest antioxidants of vegetable origin, which contribute not only to increased metabolism, but also important in the prevention of many diseases of vessels, heart and others.

Green tea is an important beverage to improve overall health and weight loss!


3. Coffee

Every fan of caffeine from coffee will now be jumping for joy. It seems this is just what we need. Because caffeine contributes to raising metabolism.

This is the drink to accelerate Your metabolism quickly in the morning.

And this is confirmed... a Study from the American journal of clinical nutrition showed that the caffeine contained in coffee increases the metabolism not only of those who are overweight, but those who have this disease do not suffer.

Of course coffee is sometimes good. However, do not overdo it. Is a lot of controversy about how much coffee a day you can drink, but exact confirmation has not been found.

I have personally established norm — 2-3 cups of coffee a week. Someone might drink a little more coffee. But I think you should think about the fact that more than one Cup a day is harmful.

And remember, if we're talking about coffee, how useful the product is not on this list of healthy foods to include some filled with sugar and additives coffee drinks. They can not only slow down Your process of healthy weight loss, but also significantly affect Your health.


4. Spicy foods

You can say one thing — eat more hot spices!

The best of the best is the chili, jalapeno and Cayenne. These sharp monsters can significantly enhance Your metabolism.

And the thing is colorless element capsaicine, who bears the entire burden of responsibility for the best benefits of spicy peppers including the metabolism.

Writes medical portal Eurolab, when You eat hot peppers or take capsaicin as a dietary Supplement, it can help to improve digestion, increasing the secretion of the stomach the gastric juice and struggling with bacteria that can cause infection.

Although these spicy peppers give a slight increase in metabolism (8%), do not forget that they can also increase feelings of satiety and to deliver You from overeating.

Try to add some spices to Your cereal, steamed vegetables, or make filled with antioxidants drink for weight loss with their participation.

If You are still not quite familiar with the health benefits of spicy foods, pay attention to article 6 and Lots of Facts about Why Spicy Food is good for You


5. Broccoli

About the benefits of broccoli, you can say a lot. You can take this opportunity to see an article about all the unique properties of broccoli. I'm sure You don't know much about this cruciferous vegetable.

Broccoli is chock-full of nutrients and boasts countless advantages for Your health. Even if You do not pay for many of its beneficial properties, I strongly recommend adding broccoli to Your food plan regularly.

It has been proved that the antioxidants in broccoli is able to fight free radicals, defeating many of inflammation in the body. Thus, it helps our immune system to strengthen the metabolism effortlessly.

Of course, some of the other cruciferous similar to the cabbage, such as cauliflower, and also help to raise Your metabolism.



6. Coconut oil

Remember not so long ago we have proven You that coconut oil is one of the best oils of vegetable origin. It contains many healthy fats that can raise our metabolism to a whole new level.

So, if You want to increase your metabolism, choose coconut oil. As we have seen, coconut oil does not emit carcinogens on the time of heating that will contribute to Your proper weight loss.

One study proved its effectiveness. So the participants (31 people), consumed for 16 weeks with coconut oil instead of olive, burnt fat around the belly more than it could be.

If You are seriously engaged in the issue of weight loss, You must consider this option of oil in cooking in the kitchen.


7. Avocado

Coconut oil not only improves metabolism, but also adds more healthy fats to our meal plan. However, avocado and deserves a place in Your list of foods for weight loss.

This creamy fruit is a rich source of L-carnitine, an amino acid found in the liver. It promotes better fat metabolism and fat burning.

I don't know about You, but for me avocado is a common ingredient in my salads, and especially green smoothies.

If You are not quite familiar with this product, I suggest You give him a chance. And be sure to see the article about all its health properties — Useful or Avocado? ... Or 20 Reasons To Fall In Love With Avocado!


8. Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts also contain large amounts of healthy fats, which are very useful for our heart. In addition, they are an excellent source of selenium. One nut contains up to 137% of the recommended daily intake.

You now know what we're talking about. It's a real godsend for every healthy diet.

Selenium, in turn, supports our thyroid gland responsible for regulating metabolism.

However, one should not overreact. It is worth remembering that too much selenium can be dangerous. Just eat 2 — 3 Brazil nuts a day for good weight loss.


9. Walnuts

These nuts are also very useful. They contain approximately 7 grams of protein per 30 g of nuts, making them an excellent choice for improving metabolism.

Walnuts are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which turned out to affect Your metabolism positively.

Enjoy walnuts, sprinkled on salads or oatmeal in the morning.


10. Chia seeds

These tiny seeds will give You maximum nutrition with minimum calorie intake. They not only benefit the digestive system and the heart, but is ready to increase metabolic rate significantly.

As well as walnuts, Chia seeds are filled with omega-3 fatty acids. They contain both soluble and insoluble fiber, which stabilize the blood sugar and will raise Your metabolism faster.

How to write f-journal due to its ability to absorb large quantities of water, Chia seeds give you a feeling of fullness, preventing overeating, easily digested and normalizes the work of gastrointestinal tract.

Dietary fiber and fiber, they are rich, improve bowel motility, remove toxins from the body, so the seed of the Spanish sage can be a great helper for those who want to lose weight or maintain weight.


11. Ginger

I can confidently say that before us appeared the "super"!

Dr. Oz says that ginger increases body temperature and metabolic rate by as much as 20% after we eat.

Ginger also helps in digestion and may even increase feelings of satiety.


12. Oatmeal

It seems to me that many begins with a morning dish of oatmeal. Or am I mistaken? ... Write in the comments under the article, what do You prefer for Breakfast.

If You start your morning so You are not wrong. Oatmeal the morning will help to regulate the blood sugar levels and raise Your metabolism.

Only when choosing a cereal look around. Read the label. Not all cereals are created equal. There are some ready-made porridge with dried fruit, but at the same time contain sugar that all your attempts to lose weight healthily, reduce.

Other cereals such as buckwheat, millet, brown rice, rye will also help You to increase metabolism.


13. Lentils

It turns out that not only is the meat great source of protein. Yes, and lentils in many ways may be superior, such as fiber. She's also a super source of iron. And it, in turn, increases the level of hemoglobin and plays an important role in the metabolism of the body.

One Cup of cooked lentils contains 37% of Your daily requirement for iron. Lentils, also applies to products rich in fiber that are beneficial to the health of our heart.

This grain also acts as a natural appetite suppress.

You can also add some other legumes to their diet, because they carry tons of useful elements.


14. Lemons

As I mentioned in my article about 13 the benefits of lemon juice for Your health is a great way to speed up the metabolism. They also enhance immunity, reduce bloating and have a lot of other values for health and slim figure.

Not everyone can have a lemon due to the fact that it is very acidic. But add 1 — 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in a glass of warm water early morning will help You to squeeze from this fruit maximum benefit. Be sure to view article

You can also squeeze its juice in your salads or make a fresh vegetable juice for weight loss.


15. Greens

Vegetables such as spinach, Kale, turnips and other greens are Superfoods, full of nutrients to failure. They contain low calories so it is perfect for those who are still only dreaming about losing weight.

Dark greens also contain a lot of iron which, as we have said, is vital to the proper level of metabolism.

Greens are usually rich in magnesium (particularly spinach and chard). It is a mineral, the lack of which can bring us to death. It also promotes better metabolism and healthy weight loss.


A few words in conclusion ... You Now have the best products enhancing metabolism.

However, even if I recommend You include some or all of these 15 healthy foods in food this does not mean that You just have to eat them and a miracle will happen.

They give You more options for healthy weight loss in the shortest time with properly-balanced diet plan and some physical activity. Of course in a healthy weight loss should take into account sleep, amount of stress. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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