8 ways to speed up Your metabolism

Start your morning with these habits, and your metabolism will receive a significant boost throughout the day. The key is to add them one at a time until you get them to keep completely natural and not to overload my morning all nine at the same time.

1. Drink warm lemon water after you Wake up When you Wake up, the first thing is to drink a Cup of warm water with lemon. This mixture cleanses the digestive system and your metabolism runs at full capacity.The water should be warm to better absorb. You can also add a little honey to sweeten sour lemon, and add digestive enzymes and antioxidants to the mix. 2. Set your alarm for 30 minutes, ramiseto can be a difficult step, especially if you already feel like before you have to Wake up. An early rise will accelerate your metabolism, synchronizing your day with the biorhythms of your body that will allow him to eliminate waste in the correct time.This will help you to remove toxins and stay in tune with the cycles of your body going into a natural circadian rhythm, according to which the toxins get into urine and feces at dawn. If you sleep late, the longer these toxins remain in your body and can be absorbed into the intestinal wall. 3. Jumping on the trampoline for 5 minutethat great in order to intensify the current of lymph fluid and heal the thyroid gland. The lymphatic system and the thyroid gland have a large impact on the rate of metabolism in your body. Therefore, their health is a key factor, and the trampoline works wonders in this area.If you like jump, then you can stay on the trampoline for longer than planned, and bring their health even greater benefits. 5 minutes a day is the minimal amount of exercise to execute which under force to everyone. A morning workout will help you shake off sleep and get energized for the day.How to work with a trampoline: you can buy a quality trampoline for less than $ 50, and keep it in the corner of the room where it will be easily accessible. If he is in the right place, it will be difficult not to jump on it for a few minutes a day. 4. Lift weights for 20 minutesaway muscles is a sure way to increase your metabolism, but lifting weights is better in the morning. This is one of the five habits that you should instill in yourself, and if you are going to choose only one of the five, you should choose this one.Lifting weights triggers your body in a fat burning mode, and if you don't load it exercise in the morning, instead it will go to fat storage. You will have more chances to stay active and energetic throughout the day if you dedicate the morning exercises.If it is not possible to carry out strength training guide high intensity training with intervals. This training will keep your metabolism high for several hours after charging.How to approach exercise: If you don't know how to go to the gym every morning, invest in a set of expanders and use them. This option eliminates any excuses related to weather, and will help to develop all major muscle groups without leaving home. 5. To eat 2 eggs a day. Method of preparation nevarenai is a great way to stimulate metabolism, and no matter how they are cooked, because you still get the necessary nutrients and stimulation of metabolism that occurs when they are used.The protein contained in eggs is what's most important to your metabolism. It will help you not only feel good during the greater part of the morning, but will stimulate the "burning" of calories throughout the rest of the day.If you want to complement your Breakfast and make it a full meal, try to add to the eggs other products of metabolism. Cook them in coconut oil, add fresh pears and peaches or a bowl of oatmeal sprinkled with raspberries or blueberries. How to include eggs in the diet: Expand your repertoire of recipes from eggs, to daily look forward to new dishes and not to look forward to eggs, which does not change every morning. 6. Drink a Cup of green chaseley tea contains antioxidants that improve overall health.You will need to continue to drink green tea during the day, if you want to get the most benefit from it. One Cup may not be enough to produce the effect of speeding up metabolism, and studies show that a day requires at least five cups.How to drink tea in the market Today there are many varieties of green tea, which allows to diversify the diet. There are green teas that are mixed with various berries and herbs to create benefits such as detoxification and extra energy. 7. Bring food to eat Potgieter – this is the time when you need to create a positive attitude for the rest of the day, and you need to ensure that during the day nothing was blocking your metabolism. You will want to have, and you will reach the first available option, but it is not likely to be useful. Therefore, the feeling of hunger should be prepared in advance.Change the food that you take with you, depending on your state of health in this day and a sense of what you will want later. Thus, food becomes the more you like, and then you will be easier to make a habit of it. Proper selection of products will help to maintain a strong metabolism and avoid junk food.You need to prepare something that really will attract you during the day. It's amazing how a good snack can change your well-being throughout the morning: first, are you looking forward to as will eat it, and then feel satisfaction from the fact that tasty snack. 8. Fill your bottle for videopokerenlinea the correct amount of water is a key factor if you need to maintain proper rate of metabolism. If you started your morning with a Cup of warm water with lemon, you have already started the process of restoring the supply of water in the body after a night.How much water you need to drink: Your weight must be multiplied by 0,035. This will be the amount of water your body needs every day. To make the task even easier, buy a bottle with a volume that is a multiple of the required amount of water. So, if you need to drink a liter and a half, buy a half-liter bottle and fill it 3 times during the day. And don't forget to drink water with lemon after the dream. источник:water-for-life.ru

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