Sea otters — very cute and adorable animals

Most of us do not even know how many we owe these fascinating creatures.

Vital важные

Sea otters or sea otters, are the cornerstone of the food chain, which allows us to save our environment.

Without them, the animals that feed on otters, would be an alarming rate to feed in the kelp forests of the Pacific ocean. Without kelp, in turn, the ocean and the air would quickly be filled with all the extra carbon dioxide, which the algae absorb. Thus, we can breathe only because the sea otter is hungry. Let us be grateful to them.


Sea otter – the happy owners of thick fur among all members of the animal Kingdom. More specifically, they have from 250 thousand to one million hairs per 6.5 cm2.

This coat is their only protection from the cold, because unlike other marine animals, otters have a thick fat layer.

The curse славы

But once again this beautiful fur has caused their trouble.

Historically, otters have become a Prime target of hunters for furs. Unlimited hunting in the 1900s has reduced their number from over a million to just a few thousand. Thanks to careful efforts to keep the population of these animals, today their number reaches approximately 106 thousand around the world. But this figure is not large.

Motherhood and полигамия

For sea otters is not typical to form families, and one male may have several mates. However, females are ardently protective of cubs, and care not only about self but also about abandoned babies.

Otters are quite самодостаточны


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