INDIAN STAR SIGNS AND WHO YOU in the representation of the Aztecs

The Indians of Central America also had a map of the sky, but the signs of the zodiac, they heard nothing.

But its symbolic representation of them, of course, was with them. All the signs of the zodiac were named Indian animals.

The fact that almost all Indian tribes and civilizations were convinced that every person has a certain kinship with a certain kind of animal. What it - depended on the date of birth.

Here are the characteristics of individuals who are associated with a particular constellation of the indigenous inhabitants of the New World:


January 20 - February 18

People born under the sign of Otters usually bizarre and prone to abnormal behavior. Therefore, they are so difficult to understand. On the other hand, if you take these people in creativity, it is possible to achieve very good results.

Otter looks at the world in an unusual way, but her brilliant imagination and intellect. It gives her an advantage over others.

Otter can be very attentive and caring friend.

If a child is brought up in a decent Otter environment, then it will grow responsive, courageous and honest man. But if the "score", ie Otter suppress creativity, then he will make unscrupulous constantly nervous and alienated from society a sociopath.


February 19 - March 20

Wolf - deeply emotional and addictive personality. Most wolf appreciates the love and he is also able to love truly.

However, the Wolves can combine and the need for love, and the desire to be independent. If a person born under this sign can not quickly find love and marry her, then he can live a life in solitude.

Wolf - a passionate, generous and affectionate lover. But if you reject it, it can become too obsessive and vengeful.


March 21 - April 19

A natural leader, Falcon always find the ideal solution in difficult situations. In accordance with the Indians, this animal will never waste time and knows how to strike while the iron is hot. Therefore, from Sokolov must now obtained the ideal business.

Falcon is able to take the initiative, though well succeed only in team sports. That's because the people who were born under this sign are usually extraordinarily complacent and proud. Very often they are called arrogant.

Falcon - a wonderful lover, capable of maintaining passion in a relationship for years. On the other hand, many girls will irritate his rudeness, impatience, intolerance of the weak.


April 20 - May 20

"Take responsibility, adapting to the situation, get over yourself and save all" - the motto of the Beaver.

Beavers - ideal employees: they do everything with maximum efficiency and results. Of these, not even getting just regular performers, and good leaders: it has a beaver and savvy, and ability to think strategically, and endurance.

Problems in life Beavers usually begin when they are overly addicted to something and can not stop even when it is obvious that their efforts do not bring any result. Unfortunately, the Beavers are also more likely to live "on autopilot" - as in old age complain that "it never saw in my life».

Beavers loyal, helpful, and they can always rely on. But living with that person, be prepared for the fact that he can "wear out" you with its correctness.


May 21 - June 20

This animal for Indians has always been a symbol of the word "muse". Deer inspires other people with his liveliness and wit. And he literally can always make jokes customized.

Deer can amuse anyone. Usually people that sign famously sung. And almost all of Deer - unrivaled sides. Deer - always a welcome and frequent guest at dinner parties. He is always aware of what happens to people from his circle of friends, always knows the approach to each. Even if all the members of a company once quarreled with each other, deer will make friends with each of them separately. And sometimes - and to try to reconcile all.

However, if the deer is brought up in a poor family, he will make moody, lazy and selfish two-faced.


June 21 - July 21

Woodpeckers in the Indian tradition - the most educated and discreet animals. It is believed that the people of this sign - unrivaled listeners absolute empathy, which is always on your side. And they are always there when you need support.

All this makes Woodpeckers excellent parents, wonderful friends and partners. They are modest, resourceful, highly organized.

If Woodpecker grow in an atmosphere of love, there will be a caring, faithful and very romantic. If he was lucky less, then it can get angry and jealous owner. Which also still always evil.


July 22 - August 21

Salmon Life - constant adventure. All due to the fact that people born under this sign, an extraordinary amount of energy. Salmon is always motivated and charged healthy optimism.

Work with Salmon as a team - a lot of fun. He's smart, savvy, able to work quickly and perfectly poured into any team. And it can infect other people with enthusiasm. So do not be surprised if all colleagues Salmon teach skiing or walking in the mountains.

Growing up in a supportive environment Salmon is emotionally stable, calm, sensual. If it is to grow in a poor family, grow selfish, vulgar, intolerant of others.


August 22 - September 21

A pragmatic and methodical Bear has always believed that the order is necessary for the "firm hand." Practicality and uranoveshennost Bear makes it an excellent business partner. These people always say the voice of reason and logic.

However, the Bears are usually modest and a little shy. But if they grow up in an atmosphere of love, then quickly become symbols of generosity and guardianship.

From Bears - due to their patience and restraint - they make excellent mentors and teachers. But if properly educate the Bear, it will grow petty-recluse skeptic.


September 22 - October 22

Ravens usually have a lot of enthusiasm, so they - born entrepreneurs and startups. And people born under this sign, like priests or exorcists: they are easy to be fascinated, they can easily mislead brains.

Ravens - people ideas and opinions. They make excellent policy. Sharp mind into a crow combined with idealistic views and innate abilities to diplomacy.

If you do not give Raven opportunity to realize themselves in this environment, it can grow excessively romantic and quiet. But in dealing with them easily: The Ravens are able to tell the truth, do not be rude, do not tolerate flattery and very patient.

If Crow had a difficult childhood, he will grow excessively demanding of themselves and others, inconsistent, vengeful and vindictive.


October 23 - November 22

Under this sign from the Indians we were born almost all shamans. Snake - the expert in matters of the spirit. Therefore, one so often obtained spiritual leaders.

Snake like to be honored and respected, so among the people of this sign are so many doctors. Lack Snakes - almost complete unwillingness to deal with material issues. Of Snakes rarely get a good banker.

Generally, the outside world with all its regulations are usually very afraid of the snake. Therefore, these people often seem secretive - "themselves in mind».

In matters of love Snake can be passionate, inspiring, which inspires her lover. Unfortunately, these people are often depressed, violent and abnormal mood swings.


November 23 - December 21

Owl - it's almost always windy and cruel man. The owl is so well able to survive the winter, the heat from the human relations it is not necessary.

The Indians believed that people born under the sign of the Owl, sad and prone to increased risk. All this foolish and thirst for adventure is made of non-Soviet hunters, protectors, soldiers, firefighters, environmentalists and social activists. On the other hand, the Owls are known for their flexibility and, therefore, they can succeed in almost any profession.

Mannered and happy Owls - sensitive, enthusiastic, able to truly listen to the interlocutor. Although if they survive the trauma, they often become depressed or aggressive and warlike.


December 22 - January 19

If you want to implement some ambitious project, take contact Goose. He is assertive, ambitious and always somewhere racing partner. Gus knows how to set goals and achieve them.

And he is determined to succeed at all costs. People of this sign permanently with someone compete and compete. Even with friends.

Of Geese make excellent business people and athletes. They also know how to be attentive and caring fathers, friends. Gus succeeds in everything that whatever he undertook.

If the people of this sign grow in love, it turns passionate, sociable and caring members of society. And if they survive a serious injury, it is necessary to take into account that they are more likely than other people, there are obsessions, addictive behavior. Geese are more likely to commit suicide.


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