They say that if a man is disrespectful to his woman, then turned away from him luck. Why is this happening?

Women's creative thinking many times stronger than men, so its ability to influence the fate of a very high, both in their own destiny and the fate of her husband.

When a woman is experiencing pleasure and happiness of the relationship, it starts to man, before it opens all the doors and luck begins to follow him around. Because of its happy and satisfied internal state of the power of his creative thinking woman bless her husband's success and attracted to his life auspicious events.

After a woman rushes to the man or the flow of goodness, good luck and prosperity, or the flow of destructive power.

The woman is closely linked to subtle realms, the world of energy, so her thoughts, her inner emotional state, forming the physical plane, quickly implemented. If the wife is not satisfied with family life, the husband is not happy, it will be difficult to realize itself, it is difficult to succeed.

Why did the wise men do not spare money on gifts to their women, why they seek to protect them from any unpleasant work and surround only a pleasant experience? They know that satisfied woman - a source of prosperity and happiness for the whole family.


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