Why, from a scientific standpoint, the best falls in love with people who love to read?

If you are still looking for a soul mate, which can complement you, to fill the void in your heart, pay attention to the "endangered species." Here's why ...

Have you ever finished reading the book? I mean, I finish to the end? From cover to cover.

A deep breath, a book in your hands, you are looking at the cover or flipping past pages.

You appreciate thoughtful and dreamy. You would think that a part of you just lost. And only you have experienced something profound and intimate. (Maybe even erotic?) Happened to you and a few fleeting impressive metamorphosis.

It's like falling in love with strangers who will never see you sad and sad from what it was all over, but at the same time you feel a certain satisfaction. This is the experience that connection and the wealth that comes to you after mastering another soul. You are fed, but not for long.

This kind of reading, which is according to the magazine «TIME», Annie Murphy Paul calls "deep reading", a practice that will soon disappear, as most people in the world today more than casual browsing, and read less.

Today, readers can be attributed to an endangered species, their number decreases with each online tabloid.

The worst thing in this "extinction," is that people who love to read, better and smarter than ordinary people, and perhaps the only ones in whom is to fall in love in this shallow hell on earth.

According to both the 2006 and 2009 studies published by Raymond Marom, a psychologist at York University in Canada, and Keith Oatley, professor of cognitive psychology at the University of Toronto, the people who read fiction more than the others are capable of feelings and "theory of mind" that allows them to distinguish between opinions , the views and interests of others on their own.

They can support the ideas of others, while not rejecting them, but, at the same time, without abandoning their own. Although it is believed that it is able to each of us it requires different levels of social experience, to get the desired result, and probably this is the reason that your last partner would be so selfish.

Have you seen her ex ever with a book in your hands? Have you talked to him about the books? If the answer is no, then you have time to think about changing the type of his men.

The fact that people who love to read - better than the rest, it is not surprising at all. After living someone else's life in the abstract, they realized how it is - to leave his body and see the world with different eyes.

They have access to hundreds of souls and their common wisdom. They see things that you will never understand, and live the death of people you will never know.

They learned what it means to be a woman, and what it means to be a man. They know how it is - to see that someone is suffering. They are wise beyond their years.

Study 2010 Mars argues that the idea results that prove that the more stories children read, the more their "theory of mind." Thus, while each of us believes that their child the best, really the wisest who can best adapt to the new situation, strangers and most understands the child who reads a lot.

Because it is reading books shapes you as a person, and adds its own changes in your character. Every victory, every lesson and every crucial moment of the protagonist you experience as your own.

All the pain and the bitter truth you are experiencing, along with his character. You travel together with the author, you feel pain, grief and anguish that he has experienced during the writing of its history. Do you live thousands of lives and of each extract a certain lesson.

If you are still looking for a soul mate, which can complement you, to fill the void in your heart, pay attention to the "endangered species." You will find them in the cafeterias, parks and subway cars. You'll see them with backpacks, bags or suitcases. They are inquisitive and extremely sensual, and you will understand it just a couple of minutes of communication with them.

They will not be talking to you ... They will talk to you
They will write you a letter and text in verse. They wordy, but in moderation. They do not just answer the questions and say something, and contrasted the deep thought and theory. They will delight you with its vocabulary and thoughts.

According to a study Anne E. Cunningham, of the University of California, Berkeley, "What does it mean to read the mind," read a lesson on the "vocabulary" that is not pripadaet school.

Cunningham says that "much of the growth in the vocabulary of the child takes place indirectly through the impact of language, rather than through direct teaching».

Do yourself a favor and go on a date with someone who really knows how to use his tongue.

They do not just get you ... They know you
You only need to fall in love with someone who can see your soul. This should be someone who has touched your soul, someone who you let in your inner world. This one does not just have to know you, but fully understand you.

According to David Comer Kidd, a psychologist at the New School for Social Research, "What great writers do is to turn yourself in writers. In fiction, the incompleteness of the characters makes your mind to understand the thoughts of others ».

This is proved again and again, as soon as more and more people are beginning to take up reading. Their ability to be reunited with characters they have not met, helping them much easier to understand the people around them.

They are able to empathize. They are not always able to agree with you, but they will try to see things from your point of view.

They are not only smart ... They have also wise and
Over-expression of the mind is in some way exhausting, but what is of interest because it is wisdom. There is something irresistible. The need for witty banter and conversation is more important than you think, and fall in love with a man who loves to read, will not only talk, but also his level.

According to Cunningham, fans read smarter because of its high level of vocabulary and the ability of its memory. Their cognitive function is higher than that of people who do not read, and they are able to better and more efficiently communicate.

Find someone who reads this as get acquainted with a thousand souls. These people have experience reading the book, and wisdom, empathizing with their heroes. It is getting to know a professor, researcher and romantic.

If you fall in love with someone who loves to read, you can spend thousands of lives.


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