4 Signs that this is your not the first life on Earth

Signs that your human soul is much older than your body

Steven Bankarz, author of the website Spirit Science and Metaphysics, not only believes that reincarnation is possible from the point of view of science, but also calls the four attributes that you live is not the first in his life as a human on Earth.

Reincarnation - it is a spiritual concept. It is the belief that our soul after death of the body can re-migrate to other body. Some people reportedly returned to the earthly world, in order to facilitate their karma, some - in order to help develop others.

There are quite a lot of scientific evidence for the existence of reincarnation. But how do you know you have lived on Earth before or not? And whether you're a man? Intuitively, many people think that the way it is.

Here are four signs that your human soul is much older than your body.

1. You are very good to "read" people
From a young age you noticed for yourself, you will take one look at a man to understand something about his life. As soon as you chat with someone a couple of minutes, you have to understand how they live, they are happy or not, and what their nightmares torment.

It seems that within you there is a software that allows you to quickly download information about other souls. It's because people are actually each other very similar: it is enough to know a few dozen individuals archetypes.

If your soul for thousands of years, and you have interacted with humans for centuries in a row, you probably already pretty good with these archetypes. To see a good man or not, you do not need to check it to a lie detector. You do not need long to think about whether to trust your new companion. This kind of information you're getting instantly. Oh, what with what, and with such questions your intuition copes amazingly well.

2. You enjoy solitude
You are able to enjoy the solitude and time that can be devoted only to himself. It's not because you're a sociopath, and love to be alone. That's because you've somehow know better than anyone that the time spent in observing the stars, much more interesting time spent in the mall.

You are not a hermit. Just you do not need to communicate with people just to please his "I". You do not need the approval of their peers or public recognition. As you come into this world is not the first time, you do not need experiments to understand what life is comfortable for you. You still comfortable either alone or with others. And you always know when the first option is more interesting, and when - the second.

3. You do not like the arrangement of the world
School, work, family gatherings ... You stick out at these events, taking part in all activities, but understand that it's not arranged in the best way. You often think about the fact that people do not wise.

You would think that the world is wrong and unreasonable manner. Sometimes you think you are - a lion, in a society of sheep forced to behave like sheep. In life, you often have to pretend that you're interested in, in fact it is not. Sometimes you think you do not live your life, and just play the role of someone else.

You are no longer interested in other things such as lucid dreaming, animal rights, spirituality. And you do not like to talk about sports, the weather and things like that.

4. Do you provide extraordinary impact on people
People can come to you for advice, even if you are under the age of 10-20 years. They know that you're perceptive and wise beyond his years.

It seems that your special philosophical outlook on life. It seems that you feel life is much better than the rest. If you live on this planet is not the first time, you know the true value of things like patience, confidence, honesty and self-awareness. Those things, an awareness that others may spend 10 years, you can understand for the year.

That's because your soul has already passed it before. You find it easier than others to cope with life's troubles.

You are not a burden on questions of Fame, social status, the construction of the house. The main thing for you - to grow and develop spiritually.


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