It is easy to confuse with love

Practicing psychologist Alla Dalit that still easiest to confuse with love

It is the primary manifestation of love, with which we are faced. We desperately need it in the first years of life, so its significance is extremely high for us. We appreciate her mind, especially in its absence. Especially those who got her a little, and he has not learned to fend for himself. through the care we get the message "You need it." At the same time, no matter care about us, or we will take care. Yes, we fall in love with a man who cared about, because we also feel necessary. Fires mechanism of projection. Given that love is a feeling difficult, in fact is a great verb than a noun, caring, being the action, easily mistaken for love.

Pity is possible subject to the availability of sensitivity and the ability to show empathy. This is an important component of love. They used to say "sorry it means love." Mother spared the child, it is smaller, weaker. A man should be able to spare a woman for the same reason. Becoming psychologically more than a mother, a woman pities the man as a child. And that leads to the devaluation of its strength. Therefore, we can say that a man's love should contain a greater proportion of pity than the love of a woman to a man. When we feel sorry if we go back to childhood, where there was love.

This is the most common trap. The easiest way to confuse it with love admiration. Especially women are often confused when a man admired. Because admiration - this recognition forces, capabilities and so on. But! Admiration shines with bright colors, eclipsed by the shortcomings of the partner is better than the veil of invisibility. Glitter eventually erased, but it will be under the real gold or rusty iron, rarely possible to predict in advance. Well, only if you have not trained the parents, or ... if you have a little admiration. And as in previous feelings trap works both ways. We lose our mind when we admire and are confident that in love with a man who admired themselves.

Reading poems dedicated to me and listening to the songs, I could easily decide that the authors are in love with my ears. If I was not a psychologist. But I know that there is a type of person who lives a fantasy, not reality. And all these magic words - only her flight. Art is the highest expression of human creativity. Talent will meet infrequently, and his presence at another man cause we have different explanations. Usually love, if we are the subject of his work. Laura was confident in the love of Petrarch, Dulcinea in Don Quixote's love and td.Zavisimost.

When without you can not live, and second, it is difficult not to confuse. Usefulness to one of the important components of love. The desire to belong and to possess very strong. We were in the strongest confluence with our parents, and they were the physical part. For many people will be very surprised to learn that you can not love another in a merger, and at a distance for example. These include jealousy, the desire to possess. "Jealous, then love ...ยป

So, I have described to you "love" borderline, narcissistic and schizoid. Guess where whose :)


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