The Rain People

The most famous savant in the world - of course, the protagonist of the film "Rain Man." Not everyone knows that the character Dustin Hoffman was a real prototype - who died in 2009, American Kim Peek, who was called "kimpyuter" and "megasavant." He was born with severe brain: craniocerebral hernia the size of a baseball on his head, damage to the cerebellum and the absence of the corpus callosum, which connects the right and left hemisphere (this latter circumstance, some experts explain his fantastic memory). Doctors advised the boy's father to send their children to a special institution and forget about it for ever: he will never be able to walk and be completely unteachable. Father did not listen to advice.
Kim went really hard. He could not himself buttoned and had IQ below normal. But at the same time learned to read in over a year and read for their 58-year life of 12 thousand books (the average person osilivaet three thousand) and remembered every almost verbatim. In seven years, the boy knew by heart the Bible. He remembered all ever heard melodies. Kim read two pages at once: one - the left eye, the other - right, and spend it for 3 seconds (according to other sources - 8). In his mind kept facts from 15 different fields of knowledge: geography, history, sports, space exploration. Stored there and calendar and map of America with the navigator (he could explain how to get from any point A to any point B). In Kim did not attend school: in usually do not take, and special did not yet exist, so that the boy learned at home, under the guidance of his father.
After the release of the movie "Rain Man" became a father with his son to tour around the country, he demonstrated his phenomenal abilities in public. Prior to that, Mr. Peak categorically refused such offers, one of which came from the writer Barry Morrow. After receiving the heave-ho, who wrote the screenplay for Rain Man. Morrow even gave Kim a statuette "Oscar", received for this picture.
Thanks to performances that took place in the wake of the success of the film, Kim became more confident and less shy. And yet - received a certificate of secondary education (before officials from the education refused to recognize the value of his home schooling). What is most striking, its ability to develop, in the seven years before his death, for example, learned to play the piano.
Peak died from the age of 58 from a heart attack.

Leslie Lemke. HISTORY exploits and MIRACLE

He was born in 1952 with multiple birth defects: the doctors were forced to remove the child's eyes. The mother refused to Leslie, and a boy with severe cerebral palsy at six months old adopted nurse May Lemke, who had five of his children. It was quite a feat. For a long time the boy had to feed and forced to learn to swallow food. He learned to stand only for 12 years, walk - in 15 foster mother, who was then already under 70, tied him to her, and together they made a small step for the steps.
One night Mei woke to the sound of the First Tchaikovsky concerto. The piano played her 16-year-old adopted son, does not receive any musical education. Before that, he heard the concert on television and now repeated it without a single mistake. From that moment Lesley started playing constantly. Hear the melody, it is played it. The musical style has not been important.
Soon Lemke took part in several television shows about them with foster mom made a film "A woman who wished for a miracle» (The Woman Who Willed a Miracle). Since 1980 he gives concerts and tours around the world. Unfortunately, the state of health deteriorated Lemke. He began Alzheimer's disease. He died in 1993.

Alonzo Clemons. ZOO OF CLAY

As a child, Alonso suffered a serious head injury. After that, its development has gone the other way. Alonzo thinks, communicates and processes information differently. He can not feed himself, not able to tie shoelaces itself. But he is an artist. Alonzo says: "God gave me a gift."
After the disaster the boy began to sculpt in his head constantly born images of future sculptures - often animal figurines.
Seeing the beast once on television, in minutes he can make it accurate three-dimensional image with all proportions and the smallest details - down to the muscle fibers. The desire to carve something was so intrusive that if the hand is not subjected to clay, he constructed a sculpture from a different material at hand.

20 years, he worked in obscurity, but after saw the release of "Rain Man" phenomenon savantizma attracted the attention of the public. Clemons was invited on television, viewers have expressed interest in his work. Sculptures he sells via the Internet.

The artist lives in the small town of Boulder, Colorado, along with several assistants, working in the studio, often visits schools where happy with something like master classes. Alonso is engaged in weightlifting and taking part in competitions. He is very sociable, charming and cheerful, a frequent guest on local farms and ranches, where people come in search of new "sitters" for their creations.


Most of his time 42-year-old Gilles holds in Urville, located near the Côte d'Azur. This - the largest city in Europe with a population of 11,820,257 people. Not heard of it? It is not surprising: after all, it exists only in the imagination of Gilles. And on paper.
In five years, Gilles, never having studied painting, drawing amazing three-dimensional objects, and 12 began to build his own city. Title fantastic location received from the French research station in Antarctica. The boy needed a airport for toy airplanes, and he built it from the designer LEGO. It was the first building of the future Urvillya. Gilles soon realized that the paint will be much easier, and will not fit in the city of designer apartment

Over the years Urvill became more real. There is a story of its discovery, have 250, worked to the smallest detail drawings, there is finally a book about Urville written Treanom.
In reality, Gilles lives in an apartment with a woman named Catherine. This amazing couple: both - autism, both artists. They met on the Internet. Catherine wrote Gilles that she would like to live in Urville - namely, in the palace Tegarten built in 1882. In a sense, she moved there.

The artist has a series of works devoted to Urvillyu. Gilles and Catherine support each other ("Gilles - my best therapist," - she says), no difficulties with housekeeping, shopping. Gilles parents help them to communicate with other people, because it gives both the most difficult: they can not understand what is behind the words, who you can trust, who does not, and Catherine is very frightened of sarcasm and irony.
Gilles mother says that her son for a long time did not speak at all, then began to repeat the words of others shied away from peers, suffered hypersensitivity against certain sounds (thunder, bursting balloons, snap a whip in the circus), was obsessed with airplanes, telephone numbers, mountains and especially - unusual buildings. "I knew he was not like the others, since, as he was one and a half - said Chantal Triana. - But my husband always liked unusual people. So it was easier to see the strengths of his son and help him to make the most use and enjoyment out of them. "
Son has changed their lives. His mother used to work in a school, and his father - in the company of IBM. Now Chantal - psychologist, Paul headed the association "Autism: Europe» (Autism: Europe). Their daughter Anne-Marie works with autistic children.


 - In 1979, 10-year-old Orlando, playing baseball, received a strong blow with a ball on the left side of the head. The boy fell, but soon got up and continue the game. Parents about the injury did not say anything. Some time after that it suffers from headaches, and when they retreated, Orlando found in his new capacity, he remembered in great detail every day, starting with the baseball game and could tell what day of the week had any number of any year.

Orlando Serrela case is remarkable in that can serve as a key to human genius and otgadka sverhordinarnogo abilities. Does this mean that each of us has such talent that simply doze in the vast majority of people, and if - as is the case with Serrelom - certain brain will be stimulated - develop fully? His brain was studied at Columbia University (New York), comparing with the brain of ordinary people and trying to determine how the injury has affected the development of unusual abilities.

Stephen Wiltshire. MAN - Camera

As a child, Stephen could not speak, he recognized autism and was sent to a school for children with developmental disabilities. There revealed his passion for drawing. First he imprinted on paper only animals, then - the red double-decker buses, after - buildings and city attractions.
While Stephen was a kid, he communicated with others through drawings. Gradually, with the help of teachers, he learned to speak. The first word he said in nine years, and it was the word - "paper". His drawings have won on children's show jumping, and soon the boy became interested in the local press. Journalists intrigued by the way the child can draw such - quite adult - web. His first job he sold at the age of 10 years.

Today, 40-year-old Briton Stephen Wiltshire is called a man-in camera. He can draw a detailed and extremely accurate cityscape, looking at him only once. Often, he flies around the city by helicopter. So, in 2005, the artist depicted on the 10-meter canvas Tokyo skyline - after a week flew by helicopter over the Japanese capital. After that, he flew over Rome, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Madrid, Dubai, Jerusalem, New York (who calls his spiritual home), Sydney, and of course, London.
The result of each of these trips were huge canvases. Panoramas are striking abundance of details and precision: for example, he painted the exact number of columns in the Roman Pantheon. But sometimes Wiltshire draws and fictional scenes - such as a fire in the Roman Cathedral of St. Paul.

His works are interested in both scientists and art historians. Stephen takes part in television shows, filmed in documentary films. His drawings are published. She has already published several albums unusual artist: "Drawings" (1987), "Cities" (1989), "Floating City" (1991), "The American Dream Stephen Wiltshire (1993). In 1998 he graduated from art school in London. For his contribution to art Uilshtir received in 2006 the Order of the British Empire. In the same year in London has opened a permanent exhibition of his works. His paintings are successfully sold at auctions worldwide. 76-meter panorama of New York work Wiltshire meets arriving in New York's Kennedy Airport.
In 1993, Stephen also showed outstanding musical talent. I wonder what happened to it during a trip to Moscow. At the tour were still Petersburg, Venice and Amsterdam. When he stopped in the street to paint, always a crowd around. Drawings made after the book "The Floating City", which became a bestseller. On a trip accompanied by the artist Oliver Sacks, renowned neurologist and psychologist, with whom Stephen had met in New York. He has devoted many articles Wiltshire, and the result of the trip was the book "Anthropologist on Mars."
As for the music, this discovery was completely random. Travelers in the evenings playing music in the room. Once Stephen stood on a chair and performed an impressive piece from the opera "Carmen", which was recently heard on television - and remembered the first time.
Returning home, he began taking music lessons. It turned out that the artist has a rare, perfect pitch. It is interesting that in this case despite the autism Steven is able to feel the music, to interpret what the composer wanted to say - and this is quite discouraged psychologists who have studied his talents. No less noteworthy was the fact that it combines the unique abilities in two areas. Linda Pring, cognitive neuropsychologist from Goldsmith's College in London, spent the whole summer, trying to identify the relationship between the two talents of Stephen.
Ellen Borden. Music library, SONAR AND WATCH
Ellen has not two unique abilities, and three, which is very very rare.
First, Leslie Lemke and Derek Paravicini, Ellen endowed with blindness, autism and outstanding musical talent. It accurately reproduces the melody after hearing it once, but her mind is a huge photo library. Somehow journalists decided to debunk the myth of Helen, asking her to play some unknown tunes. Their attempt failed. Miss Bordeaux knows everything.
Second, in spite of the blindness, it goes perfectly everywhere without bumping into things. During the movement of a woman makes a kind of squeak and it seems that it is oriented in space as do bats.
Third, in Ellen has exactly the biological clock. As a child she was very afraid phones, and my mother tried to teach my daughter to this gadget by dialing the number to which the mechanical voice tells the correct time. Very quickly, the girl learned to tell time itself - to the nearest minute. However, she had never seen the clock and has no idea what - time.

DANIEL TEMMET. Numbers and words

29-year-old Daniel Temmet nicknamed Breynmen (The Brain Man) has incredible mathematical and linguistic abilities. Fame came to him one day when he dictated from memory pi to 22,514 th decimal place. It happened, of course, on March 14, the International Day of pi, and the performance of Daniel was part of the fundraising for the National Community Against Epilepsy.
Figures Daniel sees in his own way. Each number up to 10,000 has for him its shape, color, he knows what it is to the touch. This is called - synesthesia. He can see the results of mathematical calculations, to feel whether a number is prime ... Somehow Daniel drew the very pi: colorful landscape filled with a variety of shapes and colors.
Temmet speaks 11 languages. In 2007, a television station asked him to task for a week to learn any language. Seven days later, he was interviewed on television Icelandic Icelandic. Why he chose it - a mystery.
In four years, the boy, who had already put dignoz autism, epilepsy began. They have provoked the development of his extraordinary abilities. Externally, Daniel is no different from other people, but says that every time makes himself willed to talk to someone and to behave in society. Gives himself short of the team "will offer guests a drink," "look in her eyes," "do not stand in the way of someone who wants to go." His every move - that is given automatically to other people - the result of a conscious decision.
As a friend told him that trying to establish with someone contact eye-to-eye, he sometimes looks too closely - and it's scary. "It's like walking a tightrope - Daniel agreed, - if too much focus, then piled up. But you still need to try ».
The main difference from other Temmeta eminent savants is that it can tell us about how he is doing certain things - and thus provides invaluable material scientists who study the phenomenon savantizma.



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