The Rain People

Many people saw the stunning released in 1988 the film "Rain Man", are, to put it mildly, surprised. And not just because it is a touching drama tells the story of two brothers is not similar, but because the film will affect the rare phenomenon of humanity - savant syndrome.

Savants are one of the most amazing people in the world. Probably each of us wanted to have excess capacity, having heard about the adventures Betmena, Spider-Man, and the like. But the savants who in their field certainly can be called a "super heroes", "super people" often does not welcome his fate. What's the matter? We turn to science. As Wikipedia,

Savantism (from the French. Savant - «scientist") - a rare condition in which a person with developmental disabilities (including autism spectrum) have the "island of genius" - outstanding abilities in one or more areas of knowledge, contrasting with the general limitations of the individual. The phenomenon may be due to genetic or acquired
Acquired "island of genius"? Impossible! However, people who have become geniuses due to impact, bumps or other negative shocks, there are really close to us, "mortals". As the wise Russian proverb "it would not be a blessing in disguise." Indeed, the most common (even slightly retarded) person can suddenly become unikomom, vundermenom.

Geniuses have always been, but the genius Jason Padgett began immediately. One day, pretty tipsy, he got into a fight, after which the whole world around him appeared in the form of formulas. Yes, even some! Even the best and most cutting-edge computer would require a lot of time on their construction. But you still need a computer program, and for this you need lots and lots of very smart and experienced people in the business. Jason, no one thought "program", in fact - from his childhood, he was considered a bit abnormal. He barely graduated from high school, drank and liked to clown around. But the coma made him a genius of physics. Padgett, 43, one of the few people in the world, capable of hand draw fractals - self-similar geometric shapes with a huge number of repeating units.

Jason swears that happy and grateful to the faithful beat a guy from the bar so that even dedicated his beloved mathematics and this wonderful occasion of a book called "Beat the genius».

Do you like baseball? If yes, then you have every chance of becoming a human calendar. 10-year-old boy from the ghetto, Orlando Serell received this gift. He was just playing with friends when someone gave the ball straight to him. And Orlando, bravely tormented year from headaches, which did not speak the native, nor the doctors, in 1979 became a genius, able to call any day of the week for the date, say the number of days between dates, or perform any other operation connected with the calendar calculus . A kind of "Maya", is not it?

Lachlan Connors in sports and never could sing. It cost him only to sing, all quickly closed around his ears and shouting "Shut up!", Ran far away. But in an instant, everything changed. Lucky Star savantism lit up his ears, simultaneously removing the bear there.

Gradually Lachlan mastered not only the guitar and piano, but also the rare musical instruments such as the ukulele and harmonica (of 13). But first underwent a difficult period of epileptic seizures and hallucinations. But you can be sure no girl can resist the cute child prodigy!

It is not easy to be a black man, especially when even your parents abandoned you. But the worst thing, if before they drop you. As a baby, Alonzo Clemens learned all the "charm" of the adult world. After the fall in the bathroom, he suffered a serious head injury, was in the shelter and the IQ it is still no more than 40. But the figures say is true - you should never despair. God gave him the "golden" hands.

Mr. Clemens imprints even the smallest details of living creatures, only to realize his image in sculpture. Even if the material will soap. The price of his work is now in the hundreds of thousands of dollars!

I can imagine the numbers in the form of visual images. They have a color, texture, shape. Numerical sequences appear in my mind as the scenery. As the picture. In my head, as if the universe arises from her fourth izmereniem.Kogda I multiplies two numbers, you see them in the form of two images. Then, the image begins to change and develop, and suddenly there is a third. This is the answer. I figure, almost without thinking about it, just imagining the mind pictures.
This phrase Daniela Temmeta. At school, he won prizes in mathematics, but his extraordinary abilities were discovered only 25 years old. Specialists diagnosed Temmeta highly functional autistic savant syndrome, which allowed him to literally juggle with numbers.

For example, it is properly called a 22-digit 514 number Pi for 5 hours and 9 minutes. He also speaks 10 languages, including Icelandic, Daniel learned that on the dispute within a week. In addition, he invented his own (!).

Daniel - gay. He lives with a photographer.

Well, back to the "Rain Man." The main role in the film played a wonderful (I would say a genius), actor Dustin Hoffman, and he played great. How he managed to get into such a complex role - the role of a crazy genius? Hoffman was able to get help from a famous savant. His name - Kim Peek, and he has a phenomenal memory, has been dubbed the "Kim-puter».

When Pico was nine months old, the doctors came to the conclusion - the child is mentally retarded. As it turned out later - his brain instead of the two hemispheres has one single.

Only in 4 years he learned to walk ... and remember the event so far! As, however, and 98% percent of all read and heard (the seen) information.

Sarah Miller - the American programmer, president of «Nova Systems». Able to find a "bug" or an error in the program or system, only glancing at the code. At the same time all business meetings she needed a personal psychologist who translates everything from universal language peculiar, bizarre binary language of Sarah.

Steven Viltshir - English architect, participated in the experiment of the Air Force. Went up in a helicopter over London for a few minutes, followed by two reporters, then, back in the studio, he drew an accurate map of the area in four square miles, which details depicted about 200 buildings. Since childhood, he was autistic, and up to nine years could not speak.

In fact, quite a few savants. Someone thinks that anyone can suddenly become a savant, the researchers also refute the theory of expectations, resulting in a number of scientific arguments. One way or another, but the savants are such people (and people they?), Which can not alone make even the simplest of things: tying your shoes, go down the stairs, brew tea, etc. But they bring their knowledge of great benefit the world, for that is definitely worthy of respect.


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