10 scientific studies of the phenomenon of ghosts

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According to sociologists from Fund "Public opinion" (FOM), about 46 percent of Russians believe in the existence of various evil spirits and at the same time, 14 percent of respondents say that personally encountered something otherworldly. The survey showed that women severnee men: half of all representatives of the weaker sex believe in any kind of supernatural (as for the strong half of Russians, an affirmative answer was given by only 42 percent of respondents). Many of these people believe in ghosts and ghosts.

Figures, of course, amazing, but next time some of you will hear weird and scary sounds in the apartment, do not rush to call "Ghostbusters", it is better to consult science. Before you get scared, remember: every shadow, every "manifestation of a poltergeist" and a voice from an unknown can rationally explain from the point of view of science. With these explanations we see today.

10. Electrical stimulation of the brain

Many people around the world celebrate that once saw disembodied faces and the fog, like man. Almost all these people say they saw the outline of only one eye, but with the direct sight, the Ghost disappeared. Many of these people believe that he saw a demon, some believe that seen your own astral body, and some suggest that these subtle glance, the forms are time travelers, which appeared and disappeared in a second. However, some scientists are in this respect more shocking theory.

When Swiss scientists have carried out the method of electrical brain stimulation in a patient suffering from epilepsy, that began to happen very interesting things. She stated that behind her someone sits and repeats her each of her movements. When the girl stood up, a disembodied figure, too, stood up. When the patient leaned forward and touched his knees, the mystical essence anywhere near her and allegedly helped to maintain the balance. When doctors told the patient to take and read what is written on the card in front of her, the girl pointed out that the shadow is trying to snatch the card from her hands.

However, scientists explain this phenomenon is very simple. The fact that the doctor performed electrical stimulation of the temporal-parietal area, where is located the part of brain responsible for human consciousness. By manipulating areas of the brain, which helps us to distinguish ourselves from other people, the doctor broke the brain's ability to understand his own body, which led to the creation of a mental double of the person. The researchers hope that this phenomenon is key to understanding why so many people as suffering from schizophrenia, and quite healthy, starting to see a different shade or even to believe that they saw the aliens.

9. The ideomotor effect

The popularity of spiritualism was particularly high in the 1840s and 1850s. Because spiritualism "allowed" people to communicate with deceased relatives and friends. One of the most popular ways of communicating with the world of the dead was a Ouija Ouija Board. Interestingly, the Board covered with the alphabet, numbers and simple words like "Yes" or "no", and now popular. A seance using a Ouija Board is usually as follows: gathered at one table a group of people puts their hands on a special planchette-the pointer, and then each sets of interest to his or her question. If the room is close to the people is the Ghost, he begins to move the planchette-the pointer from letter to letter, and thus to answer the question.

Another very terrible method "of interaction with the spirits" was a perfectly ordinary table. During the session, people were also seated around the table (usually used table round shape) and put his hands on the tabletop. To everyone's surprise, the table began to move independently, bending down on one, then the other leg, to rise above the floor and "fly through the room."

Probably shouldn't say that Ouija sessions were often hunted by the usual crooks, who tried to "shake off" the astonished audience more coins, but all the features of the seance described above, was the usual cheating people? Figure it out decided not to anyone but a very famous physicist Michael Faraday. Through a series of experiments Faraday discovered that the tables often move due to the ideomotor effect. This effect occurs when the power of our imagination makes our muscles to move unconsciously. People were so convinced in the expectation that the table will still move around the room, unconsciously moved it themselves.

A similar scenario happened, for example, in 1853, when four doctors decided to conduct an experimental séance at the call of the spirits. To participate, invited third-party applicants. One half of the people in the group told a secret that can physically move only to the right, while the other group of scientists said that the table can move only to the left. As a result, the table in the session did not budge at all! However, when researchers announced to all that the table can move in one direction, it will take effect the ideomotor effect. The same principle works, and Ouija Ouija Board. The only thing that moves all of these things during the seance, is our own muscles, and not someone else's departed in the world other great-grandmother who hid the stash for a rainy day.

8. Infrasound

After Vic Tandy saw a grey Ghost near whiteboarding, he thought that his lab had settled ghosts. However, the next day, Tandy made an amazing discovery. In preparation for an Amateur competition in fencing, Tandy placed his blade on the stand and after some time found that the blade is somehow vibrating. Almost immediately the scientist understood. He realized that the force that causes the blade to vibrate, was the same force that had settled in his lab. Vic Tandy was dealing with infrasound.

The human ear can hear sounds with a frequency up to 20,000 Hz and is unable to hear sounds below 20 Hz. Everything that is outside these parameters, called infrasound and, despite the fact that these sounds we cannot hear, we can feel and see vibrations. Dr. Richard Wiseman from the University of Hertforshire (UK) says we can feel these waves, especially our stomach. And these feelings can be either "positive" (a person suddenly appears anxiety) and "negative" (true fear). And when the appropriate environment (imagine a dark and gloomy room) in humans when exposed to infrasound may appear real panic.

Infrasound can be generated by storms, wind, other weather factors and even the ordinary around us in our daily life things. But back to the Vic Tandy, who witnessed the vibrations of his blade. Thinking that could be a source of infrasound, Tandy recalled recently installed in his laboratory hood and decided to make sure that the generated inside of her, the sound creates a vibration frequency of about 19 Hz. Since the resonant frequency of our eyes is about 20 Hz, infrasound, affecting the eyes Tandy, created the image that is actually there. When Vic turned off the extractor... all the ghosts have disappeared and gone.

Also note that according to Dr. Wiseman, these vibrations can be a source of paranormal activity in haunted homes. In a study of two underground rooms he found evidence of the presence of the infrasonic waves, which were created above them are city roads. According to Wiseman, this fact may explain all the ghostly figures, who often see in these underground rooms, and the eerie sounds of steps that you hear. This is the result of vibration.

7. Irresponsibility

What is common between shamans and Valeria Lukyanova (for those who don't know, I advise you to look on the Internet. Healthy cheerfulness and laughter guaranteed!)? They all love channeling! In General, channeling is one of the oldest ways to talk to spirits worlds. If you don't know, what is channeling, then it's simple: is the process of obtaining information from intelligent Beings who are in a more subtle reality of existence and age-old spirits of this mortal world. Shamans of ancient times believed in the fact that between the world of the living and the world of the dead is a special channel. In the West, for example, have such a character as famous medium John Edward, who thinks he can communicate with people, departed to the other world, and Madame named JZ knight who claims everyone that was able to customize the channel with a spirit named Ramtha, who lived 35,000 years ago in Atlantis. Without a doubt, channeling very attracted by different degrees of scammers, but there are people who actually believe what these charlatans!

The answer to everything is the unconscious or "altered state of consciousness", when people say and do things that they don't even know. When the medium "clears your mind", he tries to find a friendly spirit guide. This spirit guide supposedly included in the body of the medium and reveals to him secret knowledge about the world and Universe as a whole. When the psychic clears his mind, in his head begin to show different ideas and images, and the psychic believes that all these thoughts are coming from another entity, spirit. But actually these thoughts are formed exclusively his mind. You will be surprised, but our brain is able to come up with a variety of crazy things, even without conscious participation in this ourselves. You're probably faced with unexpected inspiration? You probably dreamed some completely incomprehensible nightmares or you were dreaming at the time? All this is not a result of the installation of the channel with Higher beings is the result of constant and continuous operation of your brain.

6. Temperature

Imagine that you are exploring a dark abandoned mansion in the middle of the night, when suddenly the air around you gets colder. However, if you make a few steps left or right, the temperature returns to its previous state. Such a phenomenon parapsychologists are called cold spots. According to Ghost hunters, cold spots can be signs of paranormal activity. When the Ghost decides to show itself, and to scare nearby people to death, it needs energy. So it sucks heat from surrounding objects (including people), and so there are so-called cold spots.

However, scientists in this respect there is another, easier (though more boring) explanation. When skeptics investigate "haunted houses", it often becomes clear that the cold air penetrates the room through the window or chimney. However, even if the room has no chimney, no Windows, and the presence of cold spots has quite a rational explanation. The fact that each object has its own temperature. Some objects may be warmer or colder than others. In order to stabilize the temperature of the room, the objects begin to lose its temperature in the process, which is called convection. So the temperature may then fall, then rise. Similarly, when the dry air enters the room with moist air, dry air sinks to the floor, and wet, on the contrary, rises to the ceiling. This air movement will be felt in our skin as cold (the human body is warmer), and this process is a consequence of the so-called manifestations of cold spots. Next time, when you feel the presence of a Ghost and his ledenes essence, I advise you to turn the heater on.

5. The problem with the camera

Ghost hunters often testify about encounters with ghosts in the form of soaring over the earth globe. Some believe that these blobs of light are the spirits of the dead, but not gone completely in another world. Invisible to the eye, orbs can appear in pictures. And this is the whole trick. Brian Dunning, the man who is not a believer in any kind of mysticism, says that a speck of dust or a common insect, placed very close and caught in the camera lens, will be shown in the photos this way, blurred, incomprehensible and mystical. In turn, due to the flash of the camera is spot on the photograph is why most people will be ready to take it for the manifestation of a Ghost. Quite a logical and rational explanation, isn't it?

Interestingly, even the majority who believe in a different kind of ghosts are skeptical about the photos, which here and there appear glowing orbs. Parapsychologist Pamela Heath, for example, despite the fact that believe in the existence of this imagery of this phenomenon, notes that several of its investigated cases of glowing balls on the end were the subject of a question caught in the lens of different grains of sand, hair, dirty lens, reflections in the lens or at all by the movement of the photographer at the time of shooting. Many of the sites where the supporters of the paranormal, stop taking such photos, because many of them were either fake, or a common misconception in relation to what they depict.

4. Carbon monoxide poisoning

In 1921, ophthalmologist William Wilmer published a very creepy article in the "American journal of ophthalmology". It told the story of a family "H" and her house full of ghosts. The article reported that housing people is flooded with different kind of frightening creaking, the sounds of slamming doors, footsteps in an empty room and moving furniture. One of the children felt that someone is sitting, the second child of the family was attacked by some mysterious figure. Night to the lady of the house came some woman and man who just stood by her bed. Later, the hostess said that unsolicited visits were repeated. Paranormal activity in the house have intensified over time so that all family members are desperate and fell into a deep depression. Then it was noticed that all the plants in the house started for no reason at all to die. And it is possible to find out the true story of a haunted house. The fact is that from the house the fireplace smoke left in the pipe, as expected, but were spread throughout the house. It turned out that the whole family suffers from carbon monoxide poisoning.

The fact that carbon monoxide has no color, no odor, making it very difficult to detect. Gas is very dangerous to humans, because our red blood cells absorb CO (the formula for carbon monoxide) are much easier than they absorb oxygen. But the lack of oxygen in the body leads to such symptoms as weakness, nausea, confusion and eventually death. But before you go to the other world because of carbon monoxide poisoning, you can manifest all sorts of hallucinations, what was suffering all family members "H".

Another interesting case occurred in 2005, when "frightened Ghost" the woman called the law enforcement. Police arrived on the scene found that the reason paranormal activity is a broken water heater, which filled the house with carbon monoxide. The moral of the story is: stay away from carbon monoxide, otherwise you can check not only ghosts, but the light at the end of the tunnel (and maybe not).

3. Mass hysteria

In June 2013, over 3,000 workers of the factory in Sylhet (Bangladesh) went on strike. They strike not against a long work shift and not about too little pay. They all wanted someone to get rid of the Ghost, who settled in the toilet. Interestingly, the evil spirit terrorized exclusively visitors to the ladies toilet and made everyone in a panic run away from there. Excitement among employees intensified, and city police had to deal with this matter. Here we note that a similar incident occurred in the school of Patong on Phuket island, where 22 students have been hospitalized after a saw the Ghost of an old woman. At the factory to Bangladesh by that time had even called the exorcist, that he held a rite of purification plant from any kind of evil. I immediately called a lawyer!

The essence in both cases is that the factory workers and the students experienced a psychological phenomenon called "mass hysteria". It is a collective disorder occurs when people are really in a very serious stressful condition, the reason of which is, in turn, often is a pressing situation around (strict school rules, or very heavy work, for example). Such strong psychological stress turns into physical disorders. The person often begins to have a headache, nausea, and even manifested attacks of aggression. And if still to consider that the person is almost in an isolated society of believers where every rumor can be taken seriously, you will get such a collective breakdown. Anxiety, as the virus will pass from one person to another, spreading panic around.

It is interesting to note that among the 3,000 employees of the factory only a few people personally "seen" a Ghost. Among the strikers of the people there was one woman who campaigned the loudest, but even she herself didn't see the Ghost. She was ill and felt that the cause of her illness is an evil spirit dwelled in the factory. This assumption was so powerful and so appropriate to the situation, everything started to rebel. Fortunately, this strike without any casualties.

2. Ions

Sorry, what real Ghost hunters do not use proton blasters. The spectacle would have been unforgettable! However, they use interesting instruments. For example, the counter-ions. The counter-ions, as you might guess, counts the number of ions. Ion, in turn, is an atom with unequal number of protons and electrons. If the atom gets an extra electron, it becomes a negative ion if the atom loses an electron, it becomes positive ion.

Ghostbusters literally obsessed with all of these ions, because, in their opinion, the number of these particles indicates the presence of a nearby paranormal entity. Some say that presence of mind prevents concentration of the usual number of ions in the atmosphere, while others believe that ghosts eat ion energy in order to have the opportunity to show themselves and to frighten people to the white Slippers. However, ion counters are not suitable to detect ghosts. Ions are formed as a result of all kinds of natural phenomena, such as weather, solar radiation, and even leakage of radon gas, for example. So everything usually comes down to who is seen as interpretered. Scientists, seeing the concentration of ions, think: "business as Usual". Ghostbusters shout: "Paranormal activity!".

Interestingly, positively charged and negatively charged ions can affect our mood. Negative ions allow us to feel calm and relaxed, while a large concentration of positive ions can cause headaches and feeling exhausted. All this may explain the peculiarity under which people living in "haunted house", often experiencing fatigue and excitement, not to mention headaches.

1. Quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics is a scientific direction, which studies the smallest types of matter. If it all works out in the future thanks to quantum mechanics we can create really cool stuff like super powerful quantum computers. But very funny to hear when someone puts in one sentence the phrase "quantum mechanics" with such words as "soul" and "ghosts". Take, for example, Dr. Stuart Hameroff and his friend, psychic Roger Penrose. The hameroff and Penrose have put forward the theory that human consciousness is formed in mikrotrubocki, located in the cells of our brain. And these tubes, in the opinion of these two gentlemen are responsible for quantum computation (soul basically). The hameroff and Penrose believe that when a person is on the verge of death, all accumulated by his brain quantum information leaves it, but continues to exist outside the body. The example of these people cite cases in which people who have experienced clinical death, came back to this mortal earth and talked about the flights of their souls outside of the body and the light at the end of the tunnel.

As you might guess, a huge number of scientists have questioned the theory put forward by Hameroff and Penrose. But Dr. Henry Stapp is not one of them. Being respected in the scientific community scientists to study quantum physics and once even worked with the famous Heisenberg, Stapp suggested that if all these people really come back from the dead, why should we deny such thing as channeling and a window into another world? How do you think such people like Stapp, Hameroff and Penrose, is a common dreamers or all of the modern Galilee?

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