10 houses, which managed to shoot ghosts

In the world there are many places that gossip attributed to the presence of evil spirits. It is one thing when it is rumored that the house could be heard voices, footsteps and wander strange shadows, and another thing when the otherworldly entity fails to capture.
< Website has made a selection of the most famous buildings in which visitors I managed to make images of ghosts. These photos studied by professionals who have come to the conclusion that the original photos.

One can argue endlessly, there is Photoshop or not, but the grim stories and sinister atmosphere of these buildings have in themselves make their guests feel uncomfortable.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, UK

This gloomy castle - the champion on the number of ghosts living there. Phantom Piper, who got lost in the maze of the castle, and not leaving it to death, the spirit of the drummer from the army of Oliver Cromwell, the ghost dog, walking down to the local cemetery, the spirits of French prisoners, residents who died from the plague.

In addition to these "famous" ghosts Visitors are greeted and other unidentified entities, hear the groans, footsteps, many health deterioration is observed.

Myrtle Plantation, Louisiana, United States

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This is one of the most famous haunted houses in the US. On plantations haunting specter of dark-skinned slave girl Chloe. According to legend, the owner found Chloe, when she listened at the door and cut off her ear. Offended Chloe baked a cake poisoned owner who accidentally ate his wife and three daughters. The owner in despair unleashed anger at all the servants of the manor, executing anyone who, in his opinion, was under suspicion. The slaves in turn arranged a lynching over Chloe and her lynched.

Since then, the dark specter of slave tortured repeatedly makes itself felt in the estate and attracts paranormal researchers and tourists.

Queen's House, Greenwich, London, United Kingdom

This white house, decorated with ebony, was the site of imprisonment of Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard (the fifth wife of Henry VIII), Lady Jane Grey, Queen Elizabeth I. To this day tulip stairs Queen's House walking ghost lady in gray (who is it from female prisoners, and not installed).

In 1966, Ralph Hardy photographer managed to capture the silhouette, climbing the stairs. Kodak experts found that the picture is authentic. In addition to the Gray Lady in the Queen's House and there are other anomalies: children's choir singing, the ghost woman, wash the blood off the floor

Church Newby, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom 22,289,733.

Newby Church since its erection is not known for the presence of ghosts, but in 1963 the Reverend KF Lord made the altar picture, and when the film is the manifestation of it showed up the outlines of a terrible phantom measuring 9 feet (275 cm).

Ghost in the photo turned out so clear that the authenticity of the photos raised doubts, but experts, after studying it, came to the conclusion that it is not double exposure or some other fototryuk. I wonder whether this is not a picture inspired by "Scream" creators?

Prison Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia

In the XIX century, Port Arthur was a prison, which killed a large number of prisoners, unable to withstand the harsh conditions of life and work. Now the old prison building half destroyed, and constantly there is no one living. No one except ghosts. At night there heard the steps creaking old doors and windows and then the lights flicker. Port Arthur was a real Mecca for all lovers of the supernatural.

Winchester House, San Jose, California, USA

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House in California was purchased by Sarah Winchester, daughter gunsmith Oliver Winchester in 1884. After the death of the child, and then her husband, Sarah went to a psychic, who told her that the misfortune in the family are due to the spirits killed by weapons, created by Winchester.

To vengeful ghosts did not get up to her, Sarah on his own project realigned the house, making it an incredibly confusing and huge (some windows in it about 10 000).

After the death of Sarah in the mansion began a strange phenomenon: the shadows in mirrors, windows popping, moving objects. According to the mystical version, spirits are still looking for Sarah, wandering through the endless corridors of her house. Rumors about the presence of ghosts in this house attracts crowds of tourists, it is called the most extravagant landmark California.

Castle Berry Poumroy, Devon, UK

Visitors to the castle without reason begin to experience its territory despondency, fear and anger. The reason for that, according to many, the ghost of the White Lady, who has repeatedly met in these gloomy walls. Locals say that the soul of Margaret Poumroy that sister Eleanor envy imprisoned in the tower and morila 20 days of hunger, while unfortunate is not dead. Most often translucent ghost seen hovering silently over the tower of St. Margaret.

St David's Cathedral, Wales, United Kingdom

The Cathedral is a place of pilgrimage for the faithful British, it relics of Saint David - patron saint of Wales. The picture was taken in 2006 by Simon istopit supposedly a ghost in the photo - it's St. David with a shield, as the legend of St. David fought with the devil on the roof of the Cathedral

Reynhem Manor Hall, Norfolk. UK

The family estate of the Marquises Taunskhendov famous throughout the world thanks to the ghost of the Brown Lady, who during his lifetime was the wife of the Marquis Taunskhenda Dorothy. Ghost bothered estate offers c beginning of the XIX century, and in 1936 by photographer Indre Shira, who was invited to stay in the interior of the estate, was able to capture on film The brown lady. This photo was probably one of the most famous images in the history of ghosts.

Sanatorium Uiverli Hills, Louisville, Kentucky, United States

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One of the most horrible and gloomy places in the territory of the New World. In the past it was a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients. He became notorious because of the "tunnel of death" - a corridor, through which the body of the dead officers secretly carried to the neighbors in the ward did not know about their death. Later in this tunnel began to meet ghosts.

In addition to the spirits of patients, nurses ghost lives in one of the rooms, which, being pregnant, learned that she was ill with tuberculosis and was hung up.

According to the materials: Forbes, proitk
Photo preview: Jan Kranendonk

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