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Houses built for the Party and the Soviet elite 20-30 years ago, look like new and are still in high demand. Even though clearly overpriced. At its consumer qualities of apartments in the so-called Politic kommunist houses can compete with modern housing business class, and by location, as a rule, houses are considered elite. Although modern elitka much more comfortable ...

His appearance elite brick houses of the CPSU as the least chic for the Soviet
time home of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and homes for senior staff
Armed Forces of the USSR are obliged to the Soviet system, approved the double standards in the field of
distribution of wealth, including housing. Until the mid 30-ies
The housing problem in Moscow, as in other large cities, has been solved mainly due
the construction of barracks.

But in 1934 the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR adopted a special resolution "On the improvement of housing construction", which limits the practice of the construction of lightweight types of housing and obliges architects and builders design and build only the capital house with all the amenities, and a specific role for homes increased comfort (for example, Room in housekeeper), designed for high-ranking persons, and highly skilled professionals.

Takiedoma built in the center, and local residents were evicted to the outskirts or even outside the city. Thus, residents of houses demolished during the reconstruction of Gorky Street were evicted in cantonment town near the platform Elk Yaroslavl Railroad and as compensation to each family member was given 3 thousand. Rubles.


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