10 perfect houses out of wood

Today it has become very urgent to build holiday homes and cottages of wood, because it not only looks very impressive and beautiful, it is also very convenient. Such houses can be time consuming to use, and there are many variations and projects, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

To say exactly which of all these homes will be the best, will be difficult, because each person has their own individual tastes. In order to understand what is the house made of wood will better fit you, one must first understand the different things, from the peculiarities of construction of the Foundation and teploizolirovannye to the organization of the electricity and water.

1. Cobblestone house – the most popular model!


In such houses, the main building material will be timber – lumber with a special square section, made of planks and logs. There are non-profiled, or solid timber, and shaped. Glued laminated timber though is profiled, but at the same time, is formed by longitudinal gluing boards.

If you need a cheap option to build a house, it is better to use non-profiled material for the high-quality models use laminated beams. This type of material has many advantages:

— does not crack and is not subject to shrinkage;

— high performance noise - and heat insulation;

— no need in external decoration, in contrast to solid timber.

2. The log house is the "fast" house


The advantage of this type of houses is that the construction is done in minimum time: this contributes to the fact that the carcass material is sold in ready form. These homes look aesthetically pleasing enough, but also fairly inexpensive: a log of wood 3*5 you can buy is 100 00 rubles. If we talk about the shortcomings of such houses, it is constant care: material gradually shrinks and cracks due to weather conditions. For the construction of such a model can be used as logs and boards, with the interesting feature is that during Assembly it is not necessary to use nails or other types of fasteners. For docks logs uses a special notching.

3. House made of logs – good looks!


These houses gained their popularity due to the attractiveness: the material has a rounded shape and is in great demand among customers.

Logs retain heat well enough, but it is possible to significant shrinkage and cracking; later you will need to use a variety of sealants to maintain the required isolation. Despite the fact that the price of logs will be less than on the boards, the cost of all optional extras is equal to the cost of construction of houses of timber.

Another disadvantage of this project is that, on average, the trees need about a year to dry out before we can start decorating the house. In the case of glulam such a need is eliminated.

4. Wooden house made of logs with a mysterious touch


This is the most economical, because you purchase all raw materials and produce materials of desired sizes. In this case, the build quality will depend on your professional skills. In this case the main thing – correctly to adjust the log to ensure good fit and isolation. If we talk about the features of the design include the following:

  • houses of this type are most meet environmental standards;
  • short production time;
  • using only hand tools;
  • high duration of the installation of the house.

5. A fabulous home from chetyrehkantnomu lumber and round logs


If you compare this architecture with houses made of logs, their main difference in the original feed material.

In the latter case, as the raw material round wood, i.e. the material does not yield before any treatment. In the case of houses of round logs, the raw material has already set some kind of neat form using the machine for wood processing. This significantly simplifies the further process of attachment: often used bilateral locking groove or in Palmrose.

The cost of such a project is much more than the construction of handmade. This is due to the processing of the material, and, consequently, less installation time at home.

6. American minimalism


This type is widely popular in countries of USA and Canada.

Houses skeleton-shield is characterized by a high cost of materials for the manufacture of such structures take a Douglas fir, red cedar, etc. This house will cost more than houses from glued beams.

If we talk about the design features of such a house, that is to say that there will only be a wooden frame, which in the future will be secured by special panels of sandwich panels. This home will completely depend on the quality of insulating materials, because such models are not used mats of mineral wool because after a while they will settle under their own weight, which will degrade the overall insulation of the structure. Besides, the cost of additional internal trim is also quite high. But on the other hand, the weight of the house are much smaller than the previous one, so they don't need a shrink.

If to consider a house out of wood, based on the style of their buildings, here are several of the most common models.

7. Country simplicity and practicality


If we consider this style, it can be considered as the most natural option for the decoration of a country house. At the heart of its structure – frame of Aizikovich bars. Now you can find many different formations of wooden houses in country style, each was tailored to the tastes of the users.

It may be small houses, as in the American village or the small houses in the English style. The Russian version of the house takes into account the possibility of creating a big, spacious choir classic style mixed with modern design.

8. The Swiss style is a good option for mountain ranges!


If you plan strategicheski wooden house somewhere in the mountains, then the best option would be this style, because the layout of the building takes into account all the smallest details. Often it is small but quite spacious terrace with several small balconies.

The roof of the house is made of large logs that fall outside the structure; this preserves their natural appearance, the treatment is minimal. In this house you will truly be able to feel safe.

9. Finnish style is the perfect balance of price and quality


This type of houses are very often built with the help of profiled glued beams. Due to the unique characteristics of this style, this house can be used all year round, it does not compromise the integrity of the building, there will be no deformation or cracks. A feature of this style is the short line was built, because all the parts are adjusted in the formulation by manufacturers.

Often these houses have only one floor, but this does not prevent architects to build the second floor in the shape of the attic, additional rooms or saunas.

10. The campy dekadans – the standard of modern style


If we consider a wooden house, as an art, the art Nouveau style is a true masterpiece. The luxury of these houses is always at a high level; the beautiful relation between the individual parts of the composition on the General background of fine decoration of the whole building. Also emphasizes the individuality of this style many different descents, turns and climbs. At night overall exterior complements many creative lanterns and fences. But most of all attracts the attention of a floriated pattern, which is always perfectly complements the overall atmosphere.

It's not all characteristics that must be considered in order to create a wooden house of your dreams, so take the task seriously and create the home of your dreams!

The predominant features of the houses


The first thing should definitely adhere to when selecting a house – it's compliance with all guarantees of quality and safety. In particular, this applies to the wiring. Also play a significant role in the heating system and water supply. If to speak about all wooden houses, they possess a number of advantages in comparison with houses or used houses of brick:

Low cost – these houses are more energy intensive, which will save your costs for the electrician; also ready-made elements of the design of the house allows you to spend less on transportation costs.


How to protect the wooden facade of the house in various conditions

The use of environmentally friendly materials for construction and finishing


High reliability and stability – modern wooden house is well protected from various pests, and is resistant to temperature changes, earth movements or earthquakes.

Environmentally friendly – the level of continuous humidity in the room will always be about 45-55%. Thus, the tree has the ability to absorb all harmful and toxic substances.

Besides, you can always dismantle the house if necessary and collect in another place. Now that you know the main advantages of such homes, is to understand the several types of ideal houses made of wood.published


Author: Alec Peter And Paul


Source: www.homify.ru/knigi-idej/743261/10-idealnyh-domov-iz-dereva


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