From which to build a house. Advantages and disadvantages of different types of timber

Want country house was comfortable, warm and durable, to protect you from winter cold and spoiled the coolness in summer. When it comes to choosing building materials for dwelling, many of us prefer the organic, "living" tree.

The traditional whole log becomes too time-consuming, geometrically unstable in the construction of wooden log cabins, giving place to a practical, easy timber. In this case, the value of the home is reduced at least twice. We have to choose the grade of wood (pine, spruce, larch, cedar), shape, size of lumber and method of Assembly.

The most relevant, low-rise construction low-cut, planed, profiled and laminated veneer lumber. Each type has its own characteristics; they differ in design, method of processing, Assembly, for a period of shrinkage and other parameters.

Beautiful polished sliced bars with the profile erroneously considered to be more expensive in contrast to standard trimming of rough treatment. But after all the construction estimate it becomes apparent that this is misleading. Let's see all the features, the pros and cons of different lumber available on the market of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of our latitudes. It is better to choose?


Cut timber without Propylaea began producing in the last century from solid wood, giving the barrel an accurate shape with square or rectangular cross-section. Despite the fact that the usual cut timber is used as a budget variant of construction, it will require additional costs for bilateral sheathing, insulation and adjustment of parts.

In addition, to possess this country house is possible only after full shrinkage (six months to a year). This timber is gradually disappearing, it bought less and less, preferring the more practical modern options.

Planed profiled timberplaned to the Correct geometry of the beams provides a durable connection of the parts, leaving no chance for the penetration of cold and draughts. The material milled for woodworking machines, and the profile of the tongue and groove, the house becomes especially strong and durable. This high-tech innovation designed to save natural resources, insulation; for ease of Assembly designs and ensuring a minimum time smooth shrinkage.

The wood is treated with antiseptic and fire impregnation substances. Aesthetic appearance smooth sanded boards does not require internal decoration.
Profiled timber is equal in quality and design to the lining and sheathed, if you want, only from the outside. Special cuts and the corner section of the timber prevent the voltage distortions, cracking of the wood after drying. In order to shorten the process of shrinkage of a bar of natural humidity, it is possible to order it pre-dry for an extra charge.

Glued laminated timber

At the turn of the century the chemical industry began to produce special glues for construction lumber. That made it possible to extend the life of wooden log home, increase its durability, resistance to bacteria and atmospheric agents.

Technology of production of glued laminated timber is layered gluing and pressing sliced wooden slats, eliminating the usual shrinkage and distortions of the parts. However, the use of glue is low quality, the evaporation of harmful formaldehyde. This frame is considered to be less environmentally friendly to live in.

To sum up itogon it turns out, in many respects the most practical, fast, useful and beneficial to build your country house from a profiled planed dry lumber that will satisfy all the needs of modern owners. published


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