It is necessary to know! Errors in the construction of houses of timber

Since it is impossible to have experience in all areas of life, and its acquisition is fraught with unnecessary costs and errors, let us consider some of them to those who are planning to engage in the purchase and construction of house from a bar, managed to avoid some of the most unpleasant moments.

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It should be remembered that in a wooden house and not every defect can be corrected. For example, the construction should be initially legitimate, so make sure you have on hand was a contract for possession of land on which you are going to build a house. Also you must have a building permit and the project of your future home. It will contain the materials from which you build the house, its dimensions, and final appearance. Remember that what you do must match with the project, otherwise trouble is inevitable. Make changes to the project cannot, unless you are a professional architect.

Eighty five million eight hundred ninety four thousand nine hundred ninety five

 Preparation for constructionHome from a bar better to build in the off-season (except during heavy rains) as well as summer. Winter construction should not be accepted. If there's no other way — pre-impregnated protective structure wooden structure and cover with an additional coat of paint metal components. Improper storage of the material can cause corrosion and mold.

If you have no storage — use plastic film and pallets. The material should not lie on damp ground. The best way is to agree in advance that the material you picked up in parts, in accordance with the progress of construction and implementation of your project.


The Foundation of the houseTip: when building the Foundation for the house from a bar use screw piles. They will be suitable for one-storey buildings and two storey houses. Calculate in advance what should be your Foundation in proportion to the soil type and volume of the building under construction. Don't make the Foundation too heavy — it will lead to unnecessary costs. Everything should be in moderation.

Be aware that the Foundation supports must be placed not only on the perimeter, but also on the future of interior partitions, as well as where you will be oven, fireplace or staircase.

Thirteen million eight hundred ninety two thousand fifty two

Put the roof onDuring the construction of the roof should not use rafters with a large cross-section. They have a considerable weight and can overwhelm the entire structure, which will affect the service life of your home. Much better you fit lightweight material rectangular shape. They are able to withstand a large load even with low weight.

Forty nine million two hundred thirty two thousand four hundred forty three

In any case, the roof of the house must be damp proof and insulate, if you don't want the arrival of mold and mildew. Carved locks of the roof should be reinforced: use the optional metal bracket, so the design will be more reliable.

Tip: that would not say you are a contractor, study the schemas and validate the data collected from independently. Your task — to build a house that will last a long time, so any information needs to be explored and tested.

Another tip: roll hemp can serve as a sealer and insulation. It is attached by means of staples.


Useful tips overall planIn the construction of houses of timber do not forget about the impregnation. It should not be covered with 10-11 rows of your building, and each unit of the used wooden material. It is a question of your safety and also the longevity of the house. If you use the primer, add not a little stain. Otherwise, simply can not distinguish the primed from the part not yet processed.

Thirty six million one hundred fourteen thousand one hundred seventy nine

Not the last role in the construction of houses of timber plays the fact of its shrinkage. Shrinkage sometimes up to 10% depending on the soil where you're building. Therefore, before the final finish, you must wait at least a month. This applies not only external decoration, but also installation of Windows and doors, otherwise the tree can be changed, and you will have to reinstall them, and it means to bear the additional costs.

When the house was built — give it to dry thoroughly. This will perfectly suit the summer months. Then you need to flood the oven, warm the house inside and again cover it with impregnation. Try not to miss details, take your time and carefully select a contractor.

Seventy eight million ninety thousand six hundred sixty two

Tip: when buying a home from a bar better on their own to visit the area where the felling of trees, and to agree on the place of supply of material. It will entail some costs, but in the end you will save much: sometimes the value of the home of companies engaged in purchasing timber for resale, may be higher by 30% from the initial price. Order transport also follows from the same region where you purchase the lumber. Often the machine will go to you and take the load from your area back. Thus, you can save more on shipping.

Of course, all these preparations will take you a lot of time and effort. But then you can be proud of the result. published  

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