The house was built as a grandma

such grandmothers should be proud to continue the detailed history of the construction and staged photos

When finished, they left some 6 m and 3 m bar (100x100 mm and 100x150-section), asphalt, a little insulation, and sold me the remaining 2 packs lining. I had the idea to use it all for the construction pristroyki.Tehnologiyu I peeked in the construction of baths, incomprehensible podchitala books. A saw, a hammer and other tools for life repeatedly in her hands in the repair and the regeneration of his trailer.

And in August and September of the same year I joined up room with windows of old frames, which is conventionally called Saraichik. He frame with insulation 2x3 m, 6 t.e.ploschadyu kv.m.Kupit in stroymagazine and bring to the trunk of his zhigulenka had: a heater (URSA) 2 packs, 3 iron sheet roof, plywood for interior wall and ceiling paneling, hardboard for sex.

Boards for roughing and main floor I got from a neighbor, pour the foundation for the house (croaker and other rough-cut length boards). Four of the board 3 cm thick I brought from Moscow (from previously disassembled in an apartment homemade bookshelves in the wall). I used them for the "rafters" roof. In the photo their ends can be seen as a shed-roof over the bench at the long wall of the shed. (In fact, this small room, insulation everywhere: floor, wall, "attic." In the frames of the windows that open vents.)

The foundation has made the same as the bath (sandy base and columns of the two stones at each other, covered with tar paper) Only in the bath bars of 4 stones (double) and 3 m, and I have over 1, 5 m. To shed I used the projecting edge 2 stone columns and 3-column set for external long wall + one in the middle under the average Lagoi, the ends of which are embedded in the beams supporting the crown. Thus it happened 3 floor joists to 2 m (width of the shed).

Paul laid out from the boards, with 1, 5 m long, 3 m where, covered with hardboard on top and paint. Subfloor and all built of scrap slabs with slots, closed scraps of tar paper, glassine paper and then put on him uteplitel.Potolok plywood hit bottom
on the bars section 30h30mm slung from the wall to the bath external frame the long wall of the shed, but not horizontally and obliquely with a slight decrease in the outer wall.

Difficulties arose with the door. I bought (and brought to the roof zhigulenka) is the smallest of the available for sale door unit., But it was great, because the maximum height of the shed (and the ceiling I repeat, sloping 180 cm from the walls of baths and 160 at the windows of the outer long wall) was shorter than 20 cm block. I drew on the door unit 2 parallel oblique line (oblique, see photo) as far as possible to the distance between the hinges, and
cut a strip of 20 cm, then stuffed with doors on both sides of the board (on the resulting "joint") (see photo above), put the handles on these boards. Two of the boxes arrive frequently to the frame. I had to replant and loops, as the door was left open outwards in my plan.

And here is the only time I resorted to outside help because was unable to numerous attempts to single-handedly put the door on the hinges. (Who has tried knows. That top hinge sits, and the lower by, on the contrary, as the door is heavy, though hollow, upholstered hardboard. She called the neighbor, together we made it in 5 minutes.

Inside the front door, I made small (80 cm from the floor, 50 cm (final form) from ground level Pogrebnoy pit hatch.

Earthen bottom fell asleep gravel flooded the pitch black (sorry, forgot the name correctly, was sold in a cardboard bucket, melted in the fire) then enveloping the tar paper, the setting on the wall, again flooded the pitch, melted in the fire and bottom seams, then sewed planed boards fence (sell packages of 10 pieces and a length of 1, 5 meters). Of the same board I made the outer skin.


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