Mother of 4 children built a huge house with the help of YouTube videos!

Meet this lovely woman's name is Kara Brookins. Recently her life was full of fear, despair and uncertainty... Over the shoulders of Cara's two divorces and unscrupulous men who made her life in the real test.

From the last spouse, she has badly suffered: the tyrannical man even after the divorce was stalking Kara and her children. As it turned out, he suffered from mental illness. When Kara finally managed to escape from the domestic hell, she was left alone with four children. At this point, the woman decided that you need to categorically change your life.

The woman built domocracy Kara saw the house struck by the tornado. Later on the building was only a Foundation. This sight gave Cara the idea of building a frame house. After all, this design can easily build on their own.

At that time her kids were 2, 11, 15 and 17 years. To execute the planned project, I had to take a Bank loan for $ 150,000. Armed with building materials and YouTube videos, the whole family began construction of a large house.

They learned to lay concrete, to sheathe the walls with plasterboard, laying bricks, and most importantly — to work together seamlessly. Now Kara is not going through for their children: she claims that after construction of the house they are not afraid of any difficulties!

"To build a house without experience was incredible naiveté, but sometimes naivety is the courage," admits Kara.

The house came a huge — 1066 square feet! It has everything you need and more: 5 bedrooms, big 3 car garage, workshop and spacious living room.

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