40 great films of 2015, you might have missed

At the end of last year all editions and were summed up their lists of the best of the best. One of these lists, we now publish on the Site. As it is full of little-known films, which are certainly worth your time, especially since all of these pictures are available for viewing on the Internet.

Clan Tokyo / Tokyo Tribe h3> Film Carnival, hip-hop musical about Tokyo warring gangs - the endless mass fights, samurai and tanks are attached.

When animals dream / When Animals Dream h3> body horror comes out of the coasts of the American indie fertile Danish pastoral - one day 16-year-old resident of the fishing village discovers that her body that something is wrong. < br />

pranksters / Hellions h3> Veteran serial production of Bruce McDonald suddenly gave the most bizarre horror film in 2015 - a gothic trip with filters, the main character of which is defended by flocks of whether children, or demons, aliens.

Yakuza apocalypse / Yakuza Apocalypse h3> As a portion of the senseless defiance ultranasiliya - Takashi Miike with another thriller about the yakuza vampires.

Wormwood / Wyrmwood h3> While the world admired deserved triumph maestro George Miller, his 37-year-old compatriot with a beautiful name Roache-Turner made a zombie apocalypse in which the blood of the dead replaces gasoline and immunity have only people with a group A. Blood

God knows what / Heaven Knows What h3> Biographical sketch from life geroinschitsy with the New York floor. On the Day of Judgment from accusations of shameless styling (it seems, once it was called "heroin chic) ​​brothers Sefdi not get away, but the film will only win.

Catch Me Daddy / Catch me Daddy h3> The well-known in narrow circles of eight-clip «Iron Sky» the author of Briton Daniel Wolfe, who last year labored full meter of Romeo-Anglo-Saxon and Juliet from a Muslim family, who fleeing from adults along the gloomy hills of Yorkshire.

Entertainment / Entertainment h3> Australian Gregg Tёrkington famous on Adult Swim in the image unfunny comedian Nick Hamburger, who wants a pat on the back, out of pity, and a lover of sad folk songs Rick Alverson made from Nick his Odyssey, plowing ruthless landscapes US alienation.

Mandarin / Tangerine h3> If you still do not believe in the ability to remove a cute movie on iPhone and afraid to look "Taxi" Jafar Panahi, the "Mandarin" - what you need: an expressive comedy about dismantling prostitutes, transsexuals Sean Baker took three iPhone 5S, helping himself only with additional lenses and a stabilizer.

Reality / Realite h3> Another surreal antishedevr Dyupe Quentin, in his free time shooting better known as the Mr. Oizo. Choosing the viewer a simple turn off for 23 minutes, or become a fan and then puzzled to tell friends that besides films Dyupe you are now watching nothing will.

Good night, Mommy / Goodnight Mommy h3> Ulrich Seidl ("Dog the heat," the trilogy "Paradise") produced debut directorial work his screenwriter Veronika Franz, and it is the Austrian school did not let down 1 hour 39 minutes of restrained, sublimated the horror of seeing moms with tightly bandaged face and her twin sons, which did not prove to be the victims, but partners are guaranteed.

Partizan / Partizan h3> The charismatic patriarch played by Vincent Cassel headed a commune of women and their children, teaching the latter not only school subjects but also shooting. But inside the 11-year-old Alexander slowly matures personality and a desire to oppose the symbolic father.

The Duke of Burgundy / The Duke of Burgundy h3> A pair of ladies in a perfect world, every day without men act out scenes from the mistress and maid erotic punishment and sometimes go to the conference lepidopterist. With all the abundance of pantyhose, panties and feyssitting indecent in the film Peter Strickland of BDSM can be called unless the diligence with which he builds each frame.

Finding Fire / Digging for Fire h3> The Adventure of the life of the white people from the main workaholic (16 films in ten years, no joke) the American indie - Two young parents are in the backyard of another house bone and rusty revolver and started up the search for corpses, parallel thinking about was whether it was necessary vlyapyvatsya in this marriage.

The end of the tour / The End of the Tour h3> David Foster Wallace wrote metamodernistsky affair thousand pages even before there was a word "metamodernism" filed very high expectations, but lost a permanent depression and suicide . The film is based on the memoirs Ponsoldta journalist Rolling Stone, who had a chance to do a long interview with the writer at the peak of glory.

The experimenter / Experimenter h3> Usually, when we are talking about the most famous behavioral experiments, the filmmakers prefer more vivid and brutal Stanford, the more interesting choice Almereydoy another Michael - Yale. Submission to authority, the willingness to "punish" the guilty, breaking pity and empathy - after over half a century experiment Stanley Milgram almost lost its relevance.

Rootless animals / Beasts of No Nation h3> Cary Fukunaga made another journey into the heart of darkness - only this time exaggerate on leaden landscapes of Louisiana did not have: rootless animals - children soldiers, deprived families African Spartans that there is nothing left but to become killing machines.

Victoria / Victoria h3> Overnight and Berlin without a single mounting glue: woman from Barcelona familiar with the company of local Gopnik, he falls in love, steal beer from the store, and then vlyapyvaetsya in the crime drama.

Losing control / She's Lost Control h3> News from the world of occupations - sex counselor helping people with psychological problems to be liberated in an intimate setting, and learn to enjoy physical contact. On the occupational risks of sexual consultant and withdrew its cinema debutante Anna Marquardt.

Kaif / Dope h3> Dope - a milestone in its way, is an old story about a guy told fundamentally different. Stacy dresses like a hipster, behaves like a boom and wants to go to Harvard. His further urban adventure to conquer the beautiful princess could well happen with Michael Gray - this is the main message Famuyivy Rica.

congenital h3> Paul Thomas Anderson took the easiest to film the novel by Thomas Pynchon and the reason many people disappointed. Frightening the diversity of themes and characters in one of the major American filmmakers managed to move to the screen is not fully, and with optics psychedelic any foreseeable problems, but it turned out beautiful, sad and sometimes funny.

Love h3> If Richard Linklater recently (and always) managed to take the best movie about adolescence, the Gaspar Noe managed to take the best film about love in the twenty-first century, which we are afraid to admit there is a solid fantasy on Polaroid film .

Out of the car h3> Forget about "Star Wars", the main sci fi outgoing year - of course, Ex-Machina Alex Garland. Because the robots will win at the expense of empathy and non-laser blasters.

tribe h3> 41-year-old Miroslav Slaboshpytsky directed his first feature film, was the "discovery of the year" for the European Film Academy and took a couple of prizes at the Cannes Film Festival.

Hallelujah / Alleluia h3> Contrary to the expectations of the demonstrated Belgian Du Welz potential ("Calvary"), "Hallelujah" came not so terrible - look at how the sexual intercourse is interrupted, scoring a woman shoe death, hard, but ultimately the film leaves the aftertaste of a touching love story of two accidents.

poludurok / Buzzard h3> Marty - poludurok, clerical work for ten bucks an hour, eating junk food, playing video games and on what is already no hope. And if in 1994, Kevin Smith sang of quiet charm klerkovskogo being the hero Joel Potrykus is almost physical revulsion, serving as a living reproach to the new era of inequality.

Wolf Pack / Wolfpack h3> One of the most talked about documentaries of the outgoing year - an incredible story of seven brothers, which caring parents reliably protected the homes from socialization. The whole world, that at the door, replaced the city Mowgli TV.

Lost River / Lost River h3> Ryan Gosling in the past year, by the way, was the director - film critics generally turn up his nose from the secondary, and we like: in his Detroit tale Gosling pulled a first-class cast is, the operator of films Noe and Corina and, of course, synthesizers Johnny Jewel.

Midnight swim / The Midnight Swim h3> lifted from the first person mystical drama about three sisters reunited again in your own house on the lake after the death of his mother. Over time, the collective mourning begins to resemble a "Blair Witch».

Nasty child / Nasty Baby h3> At the heart of the new film Chilean Sebastian Silva - class conflict. A pair of cute gay waiting for the firstborn of her best friend's doctor, but suddenly in all this idyll breaks insane downstairs neighbor.

Two steps / Two Step h3> Almost perfect provincial neonuar. Texas outback, the hero, trying to start life all over again after a couple of hlёstkih blows of fate, a new friend, a woman and a bad guy.

Room / Room h3> Lenny Abrahamson pushes the boundaries of space claustrophobic - If "Frank" hero Michael Fassbender did not take off the invoice head, this time the director of his heroes locked in a room.

houses 99/99 Homes h3> The man with the face of the most severe in the world, Michael Shannon plays the ruthless and dishonest realtor, in a kind of slavery to which falls conscientious lumpen handsome.

When we dreamed / Als wir träumten h3> What to do when you're not yet have 20, and the socialist state in which you were born and grew up, suddenly ceases to exist? Hanging out, steal cars and fight with skinheads. At least, so behave heroes singer East Germany Andreas Dresen.

Defects / Faults h3> At the request of the parents experienced specialist in sects kidnaps girl caught in a cult. Next will be a painful five days uninstall strange jokes and mental problems of the decoder, which threw his wife and pressed lenders.

H means Zacharias / Z for Zachariah h3> Sooner or later, someone had to take a thriller about two men, beating the last woman in the post-nuclear world, though the 2015 th - it is rather late. But Craig Zobel (episode "Abandoned") have an excuse - Robert O'Brien wrote his novel of the same name in 1974.

I, Earl and dying girl / Me and Earl and the Dying Girl h3> The winner of the "Sundance" - ironic coming-of-age about teenage cinephile and dying from leukemia classmate with jokes about Pussy Riot and Werner Herzog . And yes, it still has a sentimental scene.

Meadow Country / Meadowland h3> Olivia Wilde and Luke Wilson play a reference teacher and police, who have lost an infant son. Following almost two hours the couple show two fundamentally different ways to overcome the grief of loss - and if everything turns out the father "as people", the mother gradually falls into a state of obsession.

Turbo-man / Turbo Kid h3> One more (see. "Wormwood"), a stunning homage to "Mad Max", filmed for a penny. 1997 precious gasoline ended at all, and all the inhabitants of dystopia ride bikes, and one of the villains operates expressions like «Joie de vivre».

Earth Queen / Queen of Earth h3> Alex Ross Perry his entire career studying the director's short half-lives of someone's relationship. The "Look, Phillip!" Selfish young writer carried minimal emotional losses prolonged separation, in the "Queen of the Earth," the heroine of Elizabeth Moss literally going crazy, that, you, too, sometimes.

Lobster / Lobster h3> While Lars von Trier complains that tied with alcohol and fell into a depression, a pioneer of the new wave of Greek Giorgos Lantimos perfectly replaced it with a dystopia, where no one can be lonely.

Oz h3> The present Russian Christmas comedy - so, what it should be: when a ride comes drove by butyrate, singer promises hours of tantric sex, and drunk in the trash Gosha Kutsenko launches battery-salute in his head.

Felt / Felt h3> A truly uncomfortable drama about a traumatized girl who fears and hates men, and dresses up at night in the eerie and mascot running through the woods. Needless to add, that for someone it all end badly?

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