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The number of articles about single mothers and forums under the slogan "my husband does not want to let benefit" shows that "the idea of ​​the family" ceases or has ceased to be the dominant value-defining and life of Russian society which is unconditional for the majority of its members. I am sure that one of the reasons for this phenomenon - the long-term purposeful devaluation of the father image and a full image of the family in the public consciousness

. If you dig in the cartoons, which are for children one of the first and the main sources of knowledge, we will make a surprising discovery: the image of the father often flawed and has a multiple of lower status compared to the status of the mother. It is no coincidence, it is a trend. In domestic cartoons, shot on the works of writers of different times and countries, very often grows Fatherless.

Mamontёnok awoke after centuries of hibernation immediately schemitsya on mom searches ( "Let my mother hear, let Mom come, let me mum certainly find ..."), and finding the judges did not even think about the Pope. Charming Umka also has no interest in this topic - Mom is, and well (though bear in passing mention that there is also some "neighbors, polar bears"). Little Red Riding Hood goes to her grandmother from my mother - and where the father and grandfather? The only male - thick and ridiculous hunters - appear under the curtain, and then only in order to save the future continuer kind of female

. "And my mom will forgive me," "Mitten", "In yaranga burning fire," etc., etc. -.... Where the pope? In the women's universe these characters are not particularly in demand.

If no pope in the family, or else there, but it takes very little space in the family space, the child can easily find a replacement for him.

Unbaptized girl Natasha, who lives forever with steamed lone mother with joy begins hobnob with the evil spirits in the face of domovёnka Kuzi, after which tightened and other pagan atavism.

In the cartoon about Carlson's dad (sleep, by the way, apart from the mother) is permanently occupied, and its main function - to reprimand, to put in the corner, unintelligible mutter something in response to the request, smoking and grab his head. Accordingly, Kid finds Pope substitute another carrier of masculinity - a thick and awkward Carlson

. Father illiterate boy Kolya permanently on a business trip, so the education of a child engaged on their own initiative fabulous Pishichitay man with a beard.

None of the popes and many masterpieces of Soviet cinema, is based on the works of the Civil and the Great Patriotic War. There is a special case, still in wartime and post-war period, in principle, men become less. But what happened to the father of the family Kolya Gerasimov ( "Guest from the Future")? From families Vasechkina and Petrov?

There is another category - a single father, but here generally solid comedy. Princess's father, escaped from the Bremen Town Musicians, in principle, does not cause sympathy - helpless mattress with a bunch of complexes. It is strange that he has such a spectacular and uninhibited daughter (it can be assumed that his wife in his time, too, faded, not to endure this boring with dietary eggs). Absolutely the same situation in the "flying ship", well, just one to one. Yes, even "Shrek" remember the father of Fiona is proving to be enchanted toad

. One could write off such stereotypes on the principle of the class approach - often derided monarchs in fairy tales, but what in the Soviet period it was generally in the order of things. However, firstly, this is not the Soviet times, and secondly, even in Soviet culture is noble and quite attractive kings, and thirdly, comical king-father - a phenomenon of the same order as that of "ordinary" untitled father .

Heroes of some cartoons, passionately wishing to become fathers, occasionally someone to adopt - the puppet bull who tenderly mumbles: "Pa-pa-nya ...", then the bird that zadalbyvaet all life his endless "Hto there?". Uncle Mockus even picked all indiscriminately - stray pigs, monkeys, Hippo hiding with onymi of half-mad and seems Ms. Belladonna childless. The only way in this series, does not cause an ironic smile - Kokovanya grandfather, who took the education Podarёnku ( "Silver hoof»)

. In general, the image of his father, drawn on Whatman public consciousness, not particularly happy.

Pope - is a grim drunkard in the picture Makovsky "I will not let»

. Pope - is selfish and nelaskovy judge in the story Korolenko "Children Underground", as well as harsh and sharp Stanyukovicha governor in the story "Escape»

. Pope - is the one who conceived and as Hedgehog, dumped into the mist, crying inconsolably what Tanya Bulanov, "Bayu-buy, ah if I saw your dad, who offended ...»

Dad - neumёha, which, according to Vadim Yegorov, even food to cook is not able (who called it the best male cooks?): "In the house tram-hullabaloo, Dad us in the morning feeding of burnt porridge ...»

. Dad - horseradish teacher, he would only dissolve hands - remember the "Song of the grandmother" Michael Tanic: "Dedicated training / Papa your spare time. / On this day, just in case / Hides grandmother belt. " And Vadim Yegorov: "Pope terrible grin, I jumped from the Pope, as a horse at a gallop, and as if the horse dad slapped me on the ass prancing»

. And even the Pope - weaklings, because in Russian fairy tales, and in Europe do not even try to argue with her stepmother, who ordered to take an unfortunate child in the forest to be eaten by wolves. That is, they seem to have, but that nobody neither hot nor cold.

However, there is good Pope who, while remaining in the soul boys, infantile love fooling around, but they can not be taken seriously. They are kind and ridiculous. Let's look at Buttermilk. Dad - gutless nihilists, not reacting to escape his minor son in the company of talking animals. This Zen motorist without any resistance is subject to the decision of his wife to go on a vacation resort (in spite of his desire to go to Buttermilk).

You think I exaggerate? What is your evidence? Let's take other examples, look forward to!

Indicative quote from a blog: "My three-year daughter once asked: Dad, why mom can do everything, and you - only paper airplanes?»

His ears heard the gentle mother's appeal to the nursing infant, "When you grow up, I will teach you to draw, read, count, and dad teach you to write standing up!»

. In principle, all the above wonderful summarized Mikhail Tanic in the song about the father. It makes sense to quote completely. I'm sorry for the comments in parentheses.

How many songs we are together
They sang their home mom,
And as for the pope to this song
Song did not have any!

(Well, more would be! Who's this Dad to dedicate a song to him ...)

Dad can, Dad can
Swim breaststroke, arguing bass,
Firewood chop!

(Great and diverse skills daddy!)

Dad can, Dad can
Be anyone,
Only my mother, but my mother
It can not be!

(This, of course, a strong argument can not argue).

Dad in the house - and home-good,
Gas lights and the lights go out.
Dad in the house, of course, the main,
If you happen to have a mother!

(Electricity and gas - the pope does not merit, and utilities to light a match and replace the bulb -. A great mind is not necessary very important clause about the dominance of the Pope only in the absence of mothers.)

. And with the most difficult task
Pope cope - let life
! We only then decide to
mom All that the pope could not decide!

(.. Also a great refinement in the "bull's-eye" the Pope a kind of lifelong loser, for which everything must finish Home -. That he felt "head", "boss", and so we played along with her mother, does not matter)
<. br> In the same series - opus titled "Our song and dad," whose essence is expressed in the very first lines:

What are we on the road
terrible pit Or danger because of the angle, -
If only my mother, but my mother would,
If only my mother was at home.

(Who would doubt).

It is quite another thing - the image of her mother. I dare say that we have established a cult of motherhood, which, in fact, it would be very nice if it did not happen at the expense of "lowering" the father image. Have you ever seen a cartoon in which the mother would be absurd, ridiculous, inept? No such!

There are mothers non-authoritative in the sense that zatyukali husband-tyrant, but in this case they cause only sympathy. In all other cases, the mother - credibility. All plush gop company, led by Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin becomes quiet and obedient when a mother Kanga - peaceful, omnipresent and omnipotent. Only thanks to the calm and consistent Mumm-mother smoothed all the rough edges in relations between the inhabitants of Mumm-dale (Mumm-Pope alone can that eat pechenyushki and roll memoir).

You just listen to the uncontested this mantra: "May there always be sunshine, May there always be sky, though there will always be mother, let there always be me!" (My suggestion to replace the word "heaven" with the word "father" in the child caused howls of protest). There is another mantra: "My mother - the first word, the key word in our destiny! Mom gave life, the world and you gave me!. »

Specially I spent a lot of time studying the children's songs. Everything was quite predictable:

We cradling,
Mom songs we sang,
And now it's time and we
A song to sing to our moms.

Mom keeps our peace,
We go to sleep - she does not sleep
. Podrastёm and will
themselves We take care of my mother. ( "The most good»)

You know, what is the essence? The bottom line is that the Pope does not count. Suppose he did not sleep, let the weary cuts circles around the room, lulling cheerful babe, figs with him. That mother is tired, my mother did not sleep, my mother we rocked in the cradle - is yes. And what is Dad doing - ah, yes who are interested

! And if the mother is not near, it is, of course, with nothing comparable to the tragedy. A little shy image of the Pope, in principle, can not be heard or seen on the background of widespread collective rites in honor of Mom.

If the sky cloud frowns,
When the snow flies in the garden,
I look out the window onto the street,
And with the work of his mother waiting ... ( "Mom's Song»)

(That is, sitting sad wee on the window and waits only mom Papa -... Well, it's not so important Figure with him, and Dad Maybe it does not exist at all)

. Mama, Mama!
In this word sun light.
Mama, Mama!
The best words in the world there.

Mama, Mama!
Who dearer than she?
Mama, Mama!
She has in the eyes of spring ... ( "Mother»)

(If only someone something like that said about the dads! Ha!)

Shall I sing & lt; ... & gt; about how wonderful to live in the light of
With cute mom, the most affectionate,
The most good of all! ( "Mom»)

(. Again, twenty-five With Mom to live well, and about the Pope -. All word Whether rampant fatherless, or the total contempt for fathers)

. And so on - to quote can be infinite, the same type of songs drawn endless succession. "Earth is beautiful kindness mothers ..." ( "Hi, Mom!"), "All that the meeting this morning, I / Mum gifts!" ( "The most happy"), "Dear Mom, no you a mile ..." (Sun Song) "mom to school going to the first class: / Slowly stood up again before us ..." (song-budilka), "The sun will wake up, my mother will smile ..." (the same song), "dear mom / All we congratulate, / we say that very / we love it "(" From each according to his own mother will congratulate "). And so on. D., And so on. N., And so on., And others.

You understand what feature ... that surely someone would write that the author (ie I) complexes unhealthy and morbid desire to assert itself. I want to clarify - of anything foregoing I did not think until you had to carry a child in kindergarten

. Starting with the fact that almost all the requests of the teachers are trying to contact mothers, ignoring standing next to Dad, and ending with the fact that the chanting of the mother - the central theme of all matinees ... well, somehow uncomfortable, you know ... and in society - on the streets, in companies ... we do not live in a vacuum, information is constantly supplied ...

By the way, note - on posters social advertising, calling to solve the demographic problem, often portrayed a mother with several children. His father usually appears on the posters condemning drunkenness. I remember, in the early 2000s hit the giant billboards along Moskovsky Prospect - sad baby face and a large inscription "Dad, do not drink!". (Along the way, since we are talking - I suggest all customers and manufacturers kondovoj social advertising, captivated information boards at bus stops, spank wet doormat in the face and get covered in tar and feathers, chase fuck a chorus of "ulyu-lu»!)

And where you can see the complete family? In commercial advertising. Retailers, manufacturers and sellers of goods and services understand that: a) a single mother would not provide them with the necessary revenues; b) The range of a single mother needs more narrow than that of a full-fledged family. And this is a normal healthy life logic.

The problem is that all of the above reflects the attitude of society to the image of his father. The father - not a hero, not the head of the family, not a defender, not the hero. Father - or mattress, or a drunkard, or nelaskovy selfish, or a ridiculous clown

. I think no one will argue with the fact that the country needs not just the children, the country needs a full family, able to raise a balanced child and fully able to be the nucleus of society involved in the complex chain of socio-economic relations. And the child needs both parents, not just one. This is not my notion, and not someone else - this is the order of things, because our human nature is ...

Author: Ivan Denisenko


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