7 codes for mobile phone: how do you know that you are listening

Many of us like the fascinating and colorful movies about secret agents, spies, and superrazvedkah mission impossible. It seems incredible that the equipment and numerous spy things - is the fruit of the imagination of directors, has nothing to do with real life. However, this is not true.

Today we offer you the 7 secret combinations for mobile phones, which are not to tell any one operator.

1. code * # 06 #

With this combination, you can learn the unique IMEI number of any smartphone.

2. code * # 21 #

This combination allows you to obtain information about the redirection is enabled. Read does not get there someone of your calls, messages, or other data.

3. code * # 62 #

This command allows you to check the number on which you are forwarding calls when the iPhone is turned off or out of coverage.

4. Code ## 002 #

With this set you can turn off call forwarding. Now calls can only take you.

5. code * # 30 #

It provides information on the definition of a subscriber of the incoming numbers.

6. code * # 33 #

This combination shows information about blocking outgoing supported services, such as calls, SMS, and other data.

7. code * # 43 #

This kit helps to display information about call waiting.


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