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If you've forgotten my name, driving him to the portrait,

So, now I'm Malvina, well, now you're definitely not Pierre.

So, the cat will be zero for the film's atmosphere lenses.

So, it will break where thin is not always appropriate, beautiful.

Somewhere I'll sit on the wrong train again having gone along a reserved seat.

It can be seen, Arch, I will not ask how, without thinking that it is fraught.

Walking barefoot somewhere will, gone away into the distance for a moment,

I do not hear again the voice of God I. But then suddenly I hear - in sinhronke

. Shall I speak somewhere in an unknown foreign language.

Draw a sea of ​​light, dawn, thinking that you do not quit.

But the main thing - under the sky ears and soul to admire the surf

. And I once again enjoying the moment. But not sick you.


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