Illiterate installation of Victory Day

One writer told the shocking story of an illiterate and so epic decoration Moscow Victory Day.

My mom humanitarian - a great connoisseur of poetry and lover of old architecture in Moscow - went to walk on Christmas Boulevard and experienced culture shock. Her story breezed zhutyu such that I immediately went there myself and photographed this chthonic horror. Municipal miners adorned the city Victory Day: around Christmas Boulevard mounted installation - a book of poems about the war. Each book is a well-known poet unbuttoned volume of three sheets, excluding the cover: the poems are printed on the inside front cover and on the sheet, which is inserted in the middle.

In the first photo the text difficult to see, and thank God. Because the famous poet-soldier Pavel Shubin, cavalier military orders from afar greets pedestrians lines currently in the feminine, and the revelation that he has a friend and "favorite". This unexpected coming out is simple: a team of nerds, mounted installation, even though she knew where the Russian alphabet top and bottom, but the verses it seemed something of a patterned carpets that can be hung on the wall in any order. Therefore Paul Shubin as a loose-leaf got the ending of the poem "Zina" from the book Julia Druninoy. A two poems Pavel Shubin "In the Midnight" and "Small arms" were, respectively, with no leaves with the end and the beginning. But do not worry, we'll find the missing list after moving inland from the Pipe Square on the boulevard. Here Boris Pasternak received a piece of his book of poems "Landscape" ("Fields early evening fiction ...") and "lull" the poet Joseph Utkin. And along with the avatar of Utkin:

Yulia Drunina found already familiar to us Pavel Shubin - second half of the verse, "In the Midnight" (suddenly, with the words "That card was waiting at dawn") and the beginning of the poem "Little pen»:

Iosif Utkin for his two poems, "You write a letter to me" and "Sister" received ladders leaf poetry Akhmatova - "Victory" and "winners»:

Anna Akhmatova, in turn, received the poem of Pasternak's "Scouts" and the poem "In the lower reaches." Moreover, the "scouts" to get her in a monstrous form - here cool pulled editor-Samodelkin. He smartly naudalyal half verses, trying upihnut poem in one page, that the plot began to look like a monstrous mishmash, and the author - graphomaniac, unable to think coherently:


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