Creative recycling with alarm on water resources

An art installation from the materials that it was time to send to the dump, presented by designer Elise Morin at the festival "White night" in koŇ°ice (Slovakia). This installation is created out of 5,000 reclaimed test tubes filled with biodegradable dressiruem water with fluorescein. First it glows a neon green light, and eventually disappear.

This unique lighting art installation, according to its Creator, I must remind you about the adverse effects of man on nature.

Elise Morin is not the first time refers to the creative utilization. Most recently, she created an artificial dune in Paris of the 65,000 CD-ROM drives. For new installation it took 5000 old tubes. From this material she created his creation on the river in Kosice in Eastern Slovakia.

Vials filled with water and fluorescein, are collected in amazing shape structure. It seems that above the water surface of the original hanging chandeliers which illuminate the surrounding space amazing light. Many have expressed fears that the installation is toxic, but it is not.

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