15 amazing rivers that worth seeing

Nature - a wonderful storyteller and a magician, able to turn any event into a magnificent landscape that affects the unusual shapes and colors, its grandeur and beauty.

We are in the Website will never cease to marvel at her talent, and this time in our field of view, were the most beautiful rivers of the planet.

Dressed Portugaliya

The river flows dressed in Portugal and originates in the mountains of Serra de Caldeirão. Once the network was this a ^ river called "Blue Dragon". Its shape and although resemble a Chinese dragon.

Li, Guangxi Province, Kitay

Li River is famous not only for its magnificent scenery, here you can also visit the famous night fishing with cormorants.

River of five colors or Caño Cristales, reserve Macarena, Kolumbiya

Its unusual color river owes numerous algae and mosses, which is very picturesque shimmer in the sun under clear water. The most beautiful is the case in the period from June to November.

Alatna, SSHA

River alatna called one of the most beautiful rivers of the United States. The river originates from the Brooks Range in Alaska.

Soca, Slovenia, Italy

Soca River is famous for its color, for what it called "Emerald Beauty". The rapids of the river attracted many fans of kayaking.

Zambezi, Africa

About two million people annually visit the Zambezi River to admire the stunning views of its water cascades. It is on the Zambezi River to the famous Victoria Falls.

Yangtze Kitay

Yangtze River - the longest river, not only in China but throughout Asia. It is the third-longest river in the world.

"Heart", the United States, North Dakota

The largest river Missouri in the state of North Dakota is connected with the famous river "Heart". And so easy to guess, it got its name.

Colorado, "Horseshoe" SSHA

"Horseshoe" is a world famous natural attraction. On the territory of the Colorado River Glen Canyon surrounds rocky breed, much like a horseshoe.

Amazon, South Amerika

Amazon is not only one of the most water-bearing rivers, but also constitutes one of the most picturesque river basin on the planet.

Lena, Russia

Lena, the biggest river in the whole of the North-Eastern Siberia. Situated at its shores Lena Pillars are natural and at the same time incredibly geological formations.

Futaleufu, Argentina, Chile

Hand with turquoise water flowing through the territory of Argentina and Chile, attracts lovers of rafting and canoeing from all over the world.

Hudson SSHA

Hudson River water flows raschertila NY. His name was named after discoverer Henry Hudson in 1690

Danube European soyuz

The picturesque Danube area once covered ten European countries. It serves as the main water artery of Central Europe and for many years a source of inspiration for many European cultural figures.

Mississippi SSHA

This river is rightly called the "toiler" North America. It connects the ten states. It is the largest river system in North America.

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