20 evidence that kids can sleep anywhere

children - these lumps of energy that can be worn for hours in the apartment, and when the charge is over, - stop sleep. It does not matter if the place turned out to be unsuitable for the job.

Website photos gathered 20 kids who can sleep under all conditions and at the same time to sleep well.

Do you think it is you have a good sleep? And can?

When breakfast is not inspiring.

Shopping tiring.

As zakinesh in the car and going to sleep.

Watch, guard of Santa Claus tired.

A little bit did not have time.

It is reasonable solution. Why trust the precious dream pillow ?!

Young children do not sleep. They just lie on charging.

Uncomfortable sleep on the ceiling. And so - quite a variant.

The genius of balance.

Was assigned to look after Dad. Not cope.

To the monster under the bed does not interfere with sleep.

Wake me up when we're at sea.


Like a cat - which was tired and lay down there.

Future trucker.

Parents, save.

There were so many plans.

It requires patience.

If a good tire dad, then he will sleep like a baby.

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