West choice of Russian power

Has long been observed that the children and grandchildren of our rulers Patriots-statists study and live in the west.

Parents send their children to live in the west, there are buying property tukda send money or even have dual citizenship ...

All this is happening for a simple reason - they despise Russia, its people, and they have long since put an end to the country which is ruled.

List of children of Russian power in the west practically living on a permanent basis is great and I will give only a few of them.


I succinctly lists the names of some of our new tsp & power and whereabouts of their families.

1.Semya President Putin

According to the president's family knows very little considering the closed lifestyle semi.Byl married, divorced.

In the early 90s, Putin returned to Leningrad, daughters sent back to Germany studying at the prestigious German school «Peterschule».

In the mid-90s, they returned to Rossiiyu and in 1996 moved to Moscow.

But here, the daughter have left the German path. Their "German School of Moscow" and now in "the embassy town" on Vernadsky Prospekt, ringed by a fence with video cameras everywhere inscription «Achtung!»

In the early 2000s, both daughters Putin OFFICIALLYREGISTERED were registered member as students of St. Peterburskogo gos.universiteta, but there were never seen again.

It is known that the youngest daughter Catherine lives permanently in Germany, in the city of Munich.

In 2013, the wedding of Catherine Yong Joon Putin and Vaughn (Korean) and held at a hotel in Morocco in 2013 and was grand in its scope.

Elder - Maria lives in the Netherlands, in a town Vorskhooten, near the Hague, and does not live alone, but with a 33-year-old Dutchman Yorritom Faassenom.

Known and specific area of ​​residence couples - KrimwijkHeet.Mariya Putin lives in a luxury house, where he held a penthouse on the top floor.

Daughters Putin often happens in Italy at the invitation of Silvio Berlusconi, whom Putin families were friends.

2.Semya Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

Medvedev is married to a Jewish woman, Svetlana Linnik, which falls cousin E.Vasilevoy - passing on the case "Oboronservis».

Vasilyeva itself - the daughter of one of the criminal authorities of St. Petersburg - Vasileva.Prezident Dmitry Medvedev in January 2012 awarded her the Medal of Honor.

Medvedev has a son - Ilya Medvedeva.Na Currently he is studying in Russia, but in a public interview, said that he will continue training at the University of Masachusetskom US

3.Semya Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

The only daughter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov Catherine lives and studies in the US.

Now graduated from Columbia University in New York and plans to live just as well stay in the US on a permanent basis.

4.Semya State Duma Deputy Speaker S.Zheleznyaka

Three daughters, vice speaker of the State Duma Sergei Zheleznyaka study abroad.

Catherine - the elite Swiss school (tuition costs 2, 4 million rubles. Per year from 6th to 12th grade), Anastasia - in London, at the University (tuition fee per year - about 630 thousand. Rub.).

The youngest, Lisa, currently resides in London, too.

I wonder what "patriot sailor" Zhelezniak declared income in 3, 5 million rubles, while paying 11 million a year for the education of their children in zap.univerah ...

5.Semya State Duma Deputy Speaker Alexander Zhukov

Son - Petr Zhukov studied in London and even thunder in jail there, Zhukov, Jr. was involved in a drunken brawl and received 14 months in prison.

6.Semya Vice Speaker Sergei Gos.Dumy Andenko

Daughter is studying and living in Germany.

7.Semya Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak

The eldest son of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak - Alex has a minimum of six years of living abroad and engaged in the construction business

Is co-owner of several foreign companies, "Red", "McBride" and "Una". At the same time he works in the state VTB Group.

Younger brother Alexey Kozak, Alexander, working in Credit Suisse.

This year, the government of Germany and the United States accused the Swiss bank is that it helps senior clients evade taxes. There is a consequence.

8.Semya Duma deputy A.Remezkova faction "United Russia»

Remezkova eldest son, Stephen, recently graduated from College Militaire Valley Forge in Pennsylvania (study year 1 million worth 295,761 rubles.).

The son of the deputy enrolled in the program for officers of the US Army (!!!).

Stepan then enrolled in a private university Hofstra in Hempstead, NY.

Middle son of the deputy, Nicholas, c 2008 studying in the UK at a private school Malvern College.

A younger daughter lives in Vienna, where he engaged in gymnastics. Masha Remezkova imagined. ~ Austrian team (!!!) on children's competitions in Ljubljana.

9.Semya depuata V.Fetisova

Daughter Anastasia, grown and learned to read and SShA.Pisat in Russian Anastasia never learned.

10.Semya chapter Railways Yakunin

Children and grandchildren of the "main Russian patriot" chapter Railways Vladimir Yakunin live outside the country - in England and Switzerland.

The son of the head of Russian Railways A.Yakunin studied and lived for many years in London, currently working in Russia as an investor of the British firm.

Since 2009, Yakunin, Jr. is co-owner and head of UK registered investment company Venture Investments & Yield Management (VIYM), which is engaged in development projects in St. Petersburg.

Andrei Yakunin is the owner of the Moscow Hotel Marriott Courtyard, built on the territory adjacent to the Paveletsky train station.

At the moment, he has lived in his house in London, bought in 2007 for 4, 5 million pounds (225 million rubles) and register for the Panamanian offshore.

Another son Yakunin Victor lives in Switzerland, where he also owns a luxury estate.

Grandchildren chapter Railways also studying in prestigious institutions of these countries.

11.Semya Svetlana Nesterova, State Duma member from the faction "United Russia»


12.Semya P. Astakhov

The eldest son of the Commissioner for Children's Rights Pavel Astakhov Anton studied at Oxford and at the New York School of Economics.

And the younger the child at all was born in Cannes, at a rented villa.

13.Semya State Duma member from the faction "Wed" E.Mizulinoy

The main fighter for the traditional Orthodox values ​​have a son Nicholas.

First Nicholas studied at Oxford, was dilom and moved to live permanently in a tolerant Belgium.

Today, working in Belgium in a major international law firm Mayer Brown.

Clear - as Elena Mizulina, chairman of the State Duma on the family, women and children, left in a gay dangers own son?! ..

Perhaps all the people Radel, and forgot about his son ...

14.N.Valuev, State Duma member from the faction "United Russia»

Summer in the lives of his Spanish house wife, almost permanently live children and parents.

They live variables also in Germany.

15.Semya A.Yakunina, State Duma member from the faction of the Communist Party

Chapter Solnechnogorsk district, a member of the Communist Party, Alexander Yakunin in election leaflets telling about his family:

"Daughter goes to school, his wife - a successful economist, son - a student of the Institute of Physical Education. Like, we love to get together for tea ... "

In the booklet, however, did not indicate where the family resides Yakunin. Meanwhile, social networking spouse Julia his official residence called Nice.

Son Michael wrote that lives in Ontario. My daughter lives with her mother, and indicates their main language is English.

By the way, on the French Riviera and found the villa in the Nizhny Novgorod mayor Oleg Sorokin. More precisely, his wife

16.Semya A.Vorontsova, a member of the Communist Party Gos.Dumy.

Communist Daughter Vorontsov Anna lives in Italy. There she moved from Germany, where he also studied.

Now studying at the University of Milan.

Vorontsov himself vehemently denounces the West, and in between times to pay hundreds of thousands of euros for the training subsidiary in Milan

17.Semya Helena Rakhova State Duma member from the faction "United Russia»

A United Russia Elena Rakhova famously she Leningrad, lived less than 120 days in the blockade, called "nedoblokadnikami 'daughter lives in the US.

Pauline Rakhova graduated from St. Petersburg State University of International Relations, after moved to New York.

18.Semya Gryzlov, a member of the Security Council.

Daughter of ex-speaker of the State Duma, one of the founders of the party "United Russia", and now a member of the Security Council Boris Gryzlov Eugene lives in Tallinn

And even recently received Estonian citizenship.

19.Semya A.Fursenko.

Former Education Minister Andrei Fursenko, who pushed through the country system EGE, long concealed from the public, that his children are also trained abroad.

Today, his son Alexander lives permanently in the United States

20.Semya V.Nikonova (Molotov's grandson), president of the "Politics»

Son Alexei US citizen.

And where we lit this gentleman? Pravlno in Antimagnitskom act in defense of the law banning the adoption of children by US citizens.

Here's a short list of other officers who have property and family abroad:


This is only a very short list, in fact, the number of children and grandchildren who live in the west goes to thousands, if not tens of thousands.

The list contains the most odious "patriots" and "enemies of the West" who keep their families in the "den of the enemy».

Their children learn, live and work in the west, their more nothing with Rossiey.Takoy path chosen for them by their parents.

Their parents - the president, the prime minister and his deputies, ministers, deputies, etc. ~

They despise Russia and its people, see the future of your children and your in the west, where they esi all to meet old age.

With such a hypocritical power Russia has no future.

Aizen Taichi


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