Male initiation

Male initiation, roughly speaking, is of two types: social and sexual. "Be a man" for a boy means not only "that", but to become an adult member of the human pack, protector, the warrior, not in a military sense, but in General. Of hunger pack also need protection from natural disasters and so on. Therefore, the expression "be a man" is used in two senses, most often in social (Mature) and sexy (born of woman) so... as a joke rather.

Not the same for women. For women until sexual and social initiation is almost not divided, and when a woman is trying to share, the other part is sometimes falls off so it is best not to divide or to divide conditionally.

But now we are talking about men.

Social initiation men all clearly described by Freud. Some think that he was a sexual initiation was described, but it is not, and about sexual I will tell. Reflects the social initiation men Oedipus and the famous story about Freud's Oedipal conflict.

Its essence is that a little boy loves the Mother and envies the Father, at the same time that Father is afraid of, hates, but loves, too. This conflict creates in the boy a lot of different difficult feelings and experiences, he seeks out and finds it to begin Father to emulate, become like him, to see him as teacher, sample, to grow up and then quietly take his place and stop already about this to survive. And Mother yourself, Yes.

With a capital "Mother" and "Father" are written, because they mean not the real parents, and symbolic figures. The male figure means the society, an adult male society, which the boy needs to prove its worth, its relevance, its usefulness and to take a respectable place. A female figure means different benefits — the opportunity to have your home, family, woman, children and so on, in General its part of social power and rights.

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To obtain benefits, you need to become a useful member of the pack, and yet you — boy, you got to be quiet, to be afraid and not be put out, to listen to adult men, no matter how you want to Express yourself. First you have to become strong and to prove. This is the essence of the male social initiation. Freud did not invent it, described as it is. She is was and is since the beginning of the Patriarchate and of private property (before that is a little different, you can read Engels as it was). Different ancient rituals reflect the same thing, but without rituals it's all happened and happens to every man.

Want to consider a different male initiation, sexual, about which we know less.

First — what does sexual initiation? It allows the man to become a boy to be a man, in the full sexual sense of the word, that is, to gain power over a woman. Here, I ask not to faint feminists, because the nature of female initiation in the same — to gain power over men. When both have power over each other, and in addition to this power is a Mature responsibility, this is called love. Quite without power of another person over themselves about his love say no, absolutely no authority over another person should not speak of his love. The government should be a mutual ideal, but people can only deal with their own power and their own responsibility. Isn't it?

So, sexy men's initiation gives a man power over a woman. This means that he is able to attract desired woman (a responsible man does it with the only woman he desired seriously) and give her the pleasure of love, that it is not only the most open to him, but assigned to it. Yeah, that trying to teach on the training courses, some courses and seminars, all the boys want to become men in a sexual way and to gain power over women, but most often they do not, and that's good because of the responsibility they have is not enough.

I'll tell you (gradually) how to pass the initiation and receive this power. The part of the authorities, unfortunately, can be obtained without special responsibilities, but it is environmentally unfriendly, and therefore would be costly to own men, even if not immediately. But the full power can only be obtained if there is sufficient responsibility, and it is not as "foolproof", but simply a law of nature — each new level of complexity requires a new level of development.

Sexy male initiation describes the Myth of Theseus.

Short I this myth retold. Closest to the correct interpretation of the myth approached Robert graves, but I used not only his interpretation, and some others. And the generalizations and conclusions about myths of initiation, of course, are mine.

In the historical discourse of Theseus is considered to be a mythological figure that combines several of the kings of Athens, from which originates the world's first statehood. In the interpretation which it gives of the state, for example, Engels, Theseus is a symbol of transition from matriarchy to Patriarchy, the power of the fathers, when rights of inheritance passed from maternal lines to paternal, and property rights of the community (preferentially women's right) to private and male.

In the space of the mythological figure of Theseus is a symbol of how dependent women (or those who fear them, avoiding them) men take power over them. In this sense initiation is the acquisition of power and authority. Recall that power without responsibility is destructive for both sides. Also recall that in the ideal mythological space the woman is also initiating and takes authority over a man. Instead of two weak beings have two strong, able to take power over each other, and so amicably that power sharing for peace and cooperation.

But as of now I'm going to talk about male power, not female, I will only consider the path of Theseus, apart from women's way, which is still to tell (I have, however, mentioned him, this myth of Kore, Demeter and Hades).

Initiation of Theseus consists of 5 parts:

1) the initiation of Theseus Eproj (getting knowledge)

2) the conflict with Medea in Athens (the challenge and the opposition)

3) the victory over the Minotaur in Crete (the attainment of power)

4) the expulsion from Athens Medea (getting partial power)

5) the conquest of the Queen of the Amazons and marrying her (getting absolute power and partition it)

The myth of Theseus from the perspective of initiation looks like this:

1. Theseus was the son of the high priestess of Poseidon named Efra. Ephra violated the common law and left his son beside him when they reach the puberty, so Theseus was given to women's initiation and taught special female magic (a male at that time and was not, according to graves). Because of this, he began to feel and understand women a lot better than it was permitted to men.

2. Adulthood, Theseus went to Athens. It represents the son of king Aegeus, but graves thinks that Theseus was not the son of the king and contender for the place of the king, one of the grooms of the Queen Medea (in those days, was a matriarchy and the king-priest is changed every few years, being replaced by new, young and strong). Theseus (according all mythology) came to Athens in the female (priestess) dress, with long hair, and Medea immediately realized that he pretends to take her place, and not to be her humble servant, as had her husband. So she decided to get rid of of Theseus, and sent him as a sacrifice to the Cretan Queen Pasiphae, telling him it was a job for the new king to defeat the monster Minotaur.

3. Pasiphae victims sent into the maze and fed to the Minotaur Asterius, his son from the sacred white bull (agricultural priestess symbolically copulated with a totem animal for the sake of fertility). The same fate was waiting for Theseus, however, using the knowledge obtained from the mother (we remember that this knowledge was not so much in some magic as in perfect understanding women) Theseus fall in love with the daughter of Pasiphae Ariadne, the Cretan, the future Queen. Ariadne helped him defeat the Minotaur (giving sword) and get out of the maze (giving the thread).

4. Theseus returned to Athens, took the place by right of Aegeus (Aegeus flung himself into the sea, supposedly from grief, suffering the loss of his son, but graves says that it is a later questionable interpretation, and symbolic death and cast into the sea was waiting for any old king, when it was replaced by the new) and quickly took control of the Medea (by force, mostly, but cunning too). She could not stand the shame, fled from Athens, fly on dragons (because he was a witch, of course, as all the Queens). So Theseus established at Athens Patriarchate.

5. He United the disparate lands and annexed to Athens and other areas, creating a powerful state. Some regions rebelled against the establishment of the Patriarchate, trying to keep the matriarchal device. This was especially true of the so-called of the Amazons. However, knowledge obtained from the mother and the power received from Ariadne, and experience obtained in the fight with Medea, Theseus was able to conquer the very Queen of the Amazons Antiope (Hippolyte) and took her for his wife. Thus was crowned with full authority of Theseus over the female.

Please note that the myth reflects what is happening in the symbolic space, that is, all the women conquering Theseus is part of the same symbolic women their own Anima men (if according to Jung), which he needs to power (and the woman that men, ideally, on his and his Animus).

1. Ephra — maternal figure, a symbolic figure of the goddess, a man must obey (realizing her love) and be opened to obtain from it knowledge about women and women's early.

The conflict of the men on this level will make him Mizulina fearing and hating women (and its feminine part), envy them, despise them, retreating from them, and therefore not able to understand them and feel. Power over women for a man is impossible, only brute, physical power over a very weak woman (until intervened by the police or other men).

Sexuality as such a man also not have primitive animal libido rather quickly loses its sex before it becomes inaccessible or uninteresting. In addition, it can have many other fears and internal conflict, as he hates and denies an important part.

2. Medea — hostile female figure , male opposition, which is always (to any woman), especially in the initial stages of initiation, a symbolic figure of the witches (or bitches), the essence of which is that if man is weak and passive, the woman quickly subdue him and turn away.

The conflict at this level is required, however, it should be treated correctly. A man should love and understand Medea, otherwise he will not manage her, at the same time he should realize that it's still a hostile beginning, which exists to he always was in power, in tone, do not relax completely, but also not afraid of her, would not close. Your enemy need to love and appreciate, however, that does not mean to give him and passively trust. This means the challenge and the willingness to win in a fight, and then have to let go of losers.

A man who gets stuck on this level, is afraid of women and avoid, completely subordinate to them, in General, he can not decide, is dangerous to him or women are safe, but the point is to understand that the woman is safe (and even beneficial) for men but dangerous for the weak.

3. Ariadne — a friendly female figure who can love a man and to help him if he will approach, will show enough attention, understanding, shows his vulnerability and a willingness to heroism, demonstrate your strength and at the same time need in a woman, then she will love him and give the keys — open the maze and help defeat the monster (the Minotaur is Ariadne's brother).

The conflict at this level makes a man constantly to see in the women of the enemy (Medea), to fight with her instead of see her as his ally, your half and help the beginning. A man who gets stuck on this level, all the while fighting with women, proves his power and the oppression of them, but not able to get women to trust and love because he is afraid to show them your vulnerability, the need for them or does not know how to show and need at the same time and strength and flies to the previous level monster he wins.

4. Antiope — relatively hostile to the feminine, which should be friendly, those remnants of resistance, sovereignty and opposition to women, who need to win and draw in the love of self, that is to win, not only power like Medea, not only tenderness as Ariadne, and even diplomacy and willingness to share part of the government, offering cooperation, so that the enemy turned into a friend.

The conflict at this level does not finish the initiation. A man can show strength when a woman behaves like Medea, can give love, when a woman caring Ariadne, but does not know how to combine the two, how to turn latent hostility Antiope in her confidence, how to position a woman truly, to delegate part of her power, how to turn her anger into mercy, and hatred into love.

The man, who passed all levels, becomes a Man in every sense of the word, receiving the power of his Anima, and thus against all women, whom he chooses to love (we remember about responsibility, and responsibility implies reciprocity).

You probably realized that the term "sexual initiation" is meant not only sex in the technical sense, not the actual sex, and the whole area of sexual, romantic, intimate relationship of a man with women (with his inner and real, external). To separate the act from the entire process of sympathy, attraction, seduction and convergence is impossible. It is a single plane.published 

Author: Marina Komissarova

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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