What I do not like the Empire. Russophobe - Russophile

... Not all punks on the street allow himself that allowed Russia.
There are complete morons, ability to hit hard in the back of the patient, or the old man away from the victim, and then all the more to help the victims on the head ... It made Russia. If Russophobia - a dislike of the Russian Empire, then I'm a longtime and passionate russophobe.

I continue to receive letters from the censure of my position on the Ukrainian-Russian conflict. You must somehow respond again and again to explain my motives. Answer.

Why can not not cover the conflict
About my Russophobia
About the desire of the West to destroy Russia and seize its subsoil
About embarrassment
Once again about fascism
Why Empire?
About 14 Odessa captains

Why can not not cover the conflict
The world has become much less secure than it was. Russia is simply cute and sent away a no, but the established world order, violated existed before the regulations and laws, to spit on their own stated commitments and to the world that the rights of the one who has the power.

No other rights except force there. Lovers of others, separatists and other similar adventurers around the world cheered and prepare to achieve their goals by force of arms. No one can predict how it will end and where will. The danger, at least, regional conflicts over disputed territory, has increased dramatically.

Depending on the various options for future development, will be different, and their impact on shipping. But the impact will be.

In view of the above, to put themselves "out of politics" and "ignore the conflict" means either not having an opinion at all; or do not have the courage to express it; or do not understand (due to mental and / or secondary limitations) that this conflict is for the whole world and shipping including.

About my Russophobia
Every other accuses me of Russophobia. Correctly doing. If Russophobia - a dislike of the Russian Empire, then I'm a longtime and passionate Russophobia. What I do not like the Empire? On items:

1. Because of the Russian Federation with its windfall could not provide veterans or housing or decent pensions, comparable with the German or Japanese.

2. Because tons (or tens of tons) of orders and medals have not found the recipients of soldiers (in the sense of real soldiers, not of the scum that clung to veterans' organizations). It can be easy to do but have not done so either the USSR or the Russian Federation.

3. Because we do not know and it is unlikely ever to learn about the fate of hundreds of thousands of crippled veterans. They flooded the cities of the USSR during the war, but soon after it ended somewhere mysteriously disappeared. Evaporate. Nation cleared spoil her winning form of cripples. Where and how they died, we do not know. According to rumors, they were brought en masse to distant places, and there throwing. And we do not know the facts. Our government keeps these facts secret.

My father was a soldier. His friends were the front-line soldiers. I talked a lot with them. I read and read a lot of literature on the Second World War. Somehow, I do not know why, but I perceive the above is very painful, on a personal level. The state and society that allows itself such against soldiers and their memory will not have the right to celebrate the victory. Mourn and ask forgiveness is necessary in this day and not to uzhiratsya snot, blasphemous body kits Guards characters.

Go ahead.

4. For what I do not like the Empire that serfdom in the form of registration and registration is not only not dead, but on the contrary, increased, so that in some ways surpassed the serfdom of the Bolsheviks.

5. I do not like the Empire and for the fact that it was not like, and there is no housing for purchase or lease, available to anyone who works.

In Thailand, all having a job can buy or rent a house according to his level of income. From luxury villas and penthouses to shabby Khrushchev in cheap sleeping areas, or huts in the village. And so almost worldwide. In Russia, it is impossible. Although this is not required and the strategy any money for them (for cutting), and a simple sound policies to encourage the full construction of commercial property, its sale and lease. But the Empire is not necessary. She is best when citizens are in perpetual state poor, the homeless and begging for alms in power.

6. For that mighty empire threw fucking betrayed and sold their citizens who had the misfortune at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union to be in the Central Asian republics and in many parts of the Caucasus. And silent. As if they were not there and there. Because of the mighty empire to hand fighting, and even fight with Islam. Well, at least you then shut up with his hypocritical "friends do not throw!". No, can not.

I could continue the list, I can write a book, but will limit the above, the most likely to annoy me.

About the desire of the West to destroy Russia and seize its subsoil
This topic is so stupid, so senseless in essence, that it most difficult to describe. Because here there is a naked bigotry "patriots." But fanaticism does not heed nor mind, nor the facts. This is a basic instinct, like sex. West pier, put the task of lime Russians. The fact they say, Thatcher said bluntly.

After all, what is interesting - those who write me such nonsense, most educated people with knowledge of English. I know what it Thatcher you mean. Did you know that its "translation" in the Russian media, it's no turbid fake? What were certified, word for word translation of what she actually said and what is not there at all this nonsense "They should remain 15 million for the extraction of resources and the protection of the pipe?" What you are, are not you ashamed? But however, you are "patriots", which then shame.

West dreams, as if to seize the subsoil of the Russian Federation? The West is asleep and sees how get rid of them. Get rid of that is to say, from dependence on Russian oil and gas. And be sure - to get rid of. Very soon. Even if tomorrow, or today, Russia will block its cranes for the West, he'll get over it. In addition to the Middle East, Africa, in addition to the shale oil and gas, there is also a bottom methane reserves are truly inexhaustible. There are a lot of other things. Do not lost the West and the whole world without the Russian mineral resources, do not flatter yourself.

About how much should remain Russians - that's you, patriots, ask your favorite power, Putin and edrosov. We ask the deputies. This they are doing everything to Russia left 15 million for the pipe. This they cut money for education and health, it is on their orders, all those who can work abroad to escape. That they tumble huge funds in the republic of the Caucasus instead of the depressed areas of the Far East, Siberia and central Russia.

That they left to fend for themselves in the Russian-speaking republics of Central Asia and, again, the Caucasus ("do not throw your" - yeah!). It is they charge a pension, such pension of my friend, the captain. 10 or 12 thousand accrued to him. Given that its z / subtracted on account of a huge percentage of the pension. He has to live on in retirement, and the state here there is nothing. But such an assessment by the state of his work and life somehow touched him greatly.

So who mows the Russian population? West or by his own government, that you, patriots loved so dramatically in recent years?

About embarrassment
I got the impression that many of those who argue with me, trying to convince me not how to convince themselves of the rightness of Russia. Because they feel wrong, iniquity of what happened, and especially the fact that it resulted in.

What is the capture of the Crimea from? Very ugly. Ukraine has weakened after 4 years of rampant skinuvshey Yanukovych and his revolution. And at this time Russia occupied Crimea, putting on his leadership is completely subordinate marionettes. That is, it struck the back weakened, sick person.

But one little Russian Crimea. She, by the mouth of the puppet "rulers", announced the "nationalization" of all state property of Ukraine on the occupied territories, including the Navy. Ukrainian Navy ships are not severely combat value, and any threat to the Black Sea Fleet. Why should we make them obvious illegal seizure?

Crimea is part of Ukraine since 1954. Crimea was never profitable region, it has always been subsidized. That is, Ukraine has invested huge amounts of money into it, and certainly - not at the expense of the Crimea and its easy to create those values, the property that had been "nationalized." When the capture Chernomorskneftegaz, it is still possible to understand this robbery, but follow him standing greed and zhlobstvo. But the capture of warships is irrational, it is seen only one - the desire to humiliate Ukraine, to take revenge on her for her desire to become independent.

Equally nasty looks and the siege of the military units of Ukraine, the Ukrainian military decline to change and move to the side of the Russian Federation. Have you any idea Imperials how wild it looks absurd? You explain the seizure of Crimea by its history, and especially - the heroic history of Sevastopol. The heroic military history - a devotion to duty, country, swearing. Vail army soldiers "brotherly" people to change, it is now also part of the heroic history of Sevastopol? This is a demonstration of the spiritual superiority of Russia?

Will fate enough time, I'll write more about the history of Sevastopol and the Black Sea Fleet of Russia, there are things to write, and not only heroic.

The theme: Sevastopol: the myth about the "city of Russian glory»

Not every street punks allow himself that allowed Russia. There are complete morons, ability to hit hard in the back of the patient, or the old man away from the victim, and then all the more to help the victims on the head. There are all the same, and those who go out to the victim face to face with the victim chooses to match, that was something to boast.

If Russia was so unbearable without the Crimea, it was possible to do it honestly and openly. President of Russia could not lie to the whole world - lie brazenly, with a nasty smirk street thugs - about the fact that plans for the capture of the Crimea from the Russian Federation is not, then what about little green men.

Imperials patriots, those who have children - what lessons from this lewdness your children? Russia's image in the eyes of the world are hopelessly dirty, okay. But the soul and your kids get hurt, do you not think? The end justifies the means, it is possible to lie, betray, hit in the back, you can humiliate the defeated - that is what teaches their children to Russia.

Well, on Russia, meanwhile, look not only not so much with fear. Looking at her with disdain, gradually turning in disgust.

Once again about fascism
Subject fascism took no less than the theme of the world behind the scenes seeking to destroy Russia and enjoy all of its oil. So I read the pro-Russian Ukrainian media. I read Russian semi-official media. Everywhere is just squeal - fascism in the doorway, about to burst, about to flood the Ukraine Ukrainian nationalists hot blooded supporters of absorption of Ukraine by Russia. But the fact is there was no, and no.

There are individual cases. Nothing mass there. I repeat once more for people who have not lost the ability to think - fascism, genocide and real, mass oppression on ethnic grounds, if they occurred, would have led to a mass exodus of the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine. We have already had the hundreds of thousands of refugees, who invented the Russian propaganda. But they are not.

All the anti-fascist rhetoric of Russian and pro-Russian minded citizens of Ukraine is based on the fact that said one or the other Ukrainian group that provides (or believed that offering) or that Ukrainian Radical Party. But you w find data on these parties. These are some 1-2 percent or fraction of a percent of the population. These parties - not in power. These radicals with their demands - not in power. And now turn away from Ukraine and Russia take a look at.

What do they say about the Ukrainian people of the Russian fascist radicals - vote. That offer. What to do. But between the Ukrainian and Russian radicals have one very big difference. Russian Radicals are not out there on the margins of political life, they are in power. They are everywhere. If you believe the research of public opinion, it is not less than 80% of Russia's population - radicals. They favor the annexation of the Crimea, they are not against further aggression, until the full occupation of the whole of Ukraine.

I keep saying the same thing - they say, visited Kyiv, Independence, and try to speak there in Russian, try to deploy the Russian flag. Someone complains of everyday nationalism. I agree. Household nationalism is the place to be. Yes, perhaps, on the Independence of the Russian language I can get in the face. But the question is - and I shine when I unwrap the Ukrainian flag in Sevastopol? Only the face, or worse? But this is a market, not a serious conversation.

A serious discussion is the next conversation - what did you expect, the Imperials? Still far from the overthrow of Yanukovych, and the Russian government and the media have begun to throw mud Square and fascist Bandera brotherly Ukrainian people. Once overthrown Yanukovich, mud gushing flood. This was followed by the capture of the Crimea. Then - the derogatory, offensive and the blockade of the Ukrainian military unthinkable in the civilized world robbery Ukrainian property, called the "nationalization».

You know what was going on - here we are dealing with the very double standards, which are so fond of spreading Putin and co. You feel entitled to insult the whole nation. You consider yourself entitled to attack a neighboring country, taking advantage of its weakness. You consider yourself entitled to "nationalize" even warships of the country. However, insulted and robbed the people are not allowed to snap.

He has to pretend that he is fraternal, and that he loved and loves his older brother. He must take all steps older brother as well-deserved punishment. Well, you, guys, all gone crazy? Action is required to meet resistance. If Ukrainian opposition was equal to the action that caused it, then in the Crimea and along the Russian-Ukrainian border would have long war raged.

I have said again and again - you are looking for fascism? Look at yourself and your leadership. In the mirror, shorter look. "Crimea, Russia, Putin." "One nation, one country, one Fuehrer».

"... No good abstract the question of nationalism in general. It is necessary to distinguish the nationalism of the oppressor nation and the nationalism of an oppressed nation, the nationalism of a big nation and small nation. With respect to the second nationalism almost always in historical practice we, nationals of a big nation, ourselves guilty in an infinite amount of violence, and even more than that - unwittingly commit an infinite amount of violence and abuse ... »

Do you know who said that? Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich said that, if true, said when he was not yet in power. He is the son of the devil, or the devil, but as expected the devil is clever. You can not say about Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin-Tauride. Heather - yes, but not smart enough, not even formed. What is not, that is not.

Why Empire?
I am ready to accept all the arguments of the Imperials, including the most common - they say, the Ukraine mess, the mess in the Crimea, and Russia had better what to eat and order. I know perfectly well that the majority or a significant part of the Crimean people sincerely happy annexation. Good. I agree and rejoice with the Crimeans (or may not have time to rejoice because many Crimeans slowly begin to realize what a heap), but only under one condition.

Explain to me somebody, what are the prospects for Russia what her future, that she will bring to rejoin the Empire lands. Corruption, crime, security officials in the amount of approaching civil, hordes of bureaucrats, wild laws that prohibit everything, censorship, arbitrary government and the oligarchs? The list is endless chase.

For me and for many people the normal state is measured not by its size and its relation to its citizens. Comfortable and secure life. I'm sitting in shit - me, it should be easier, it's my shit on the area is the largest in the world? I'm not an Imperial, I was not easier.

More recently, many Imperials spoke about the Maidan and the overthrow of Yanukovych, saying that it would be good, and we did. Now many loved Putin.

Love health, but also give you finally realize that your happiness lasts as far as Russia has oil and gas, and is willing to buy it. With every flap of returned land is not rich toward Russia, it is impoverished, sprawling on the flap of its already holey blanket. When we pour out of Crimea, God knows, but probably in the strongest economic crisis.

Imperials are not tired frighten some global conspiracy against Russia, greedy West. An avid West is doing everything to get rid of dependence on Russia not to buy her anything, no oil, no gas, no other natural resources. A great friend of Russia, China, the Kremlin does not get tired incite idiots - they say Butting with the West, I will support you.

I do not understand.


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