Crimea Surkov-Khazars.

Today there will be conspiracy theories. When you start to put the 2 + 2, and you have less than 10 does not work, then there is no sin, and dig. I know that many do not like conspiracy theories, but sometimes it helps to find answers to those questions that does not stop to ask. One of them - this is the Crimea. This leaves one question many others. For example, why Putin, who recently said that no intention on the Crimea he does not suddenly uchudil this nonsense? Further still many questions, but the answers to all the questions I will try to follow in the post. To begin with Surkov, because the Crimea - is its special operations. For a start I will give a quote of Surkov, I mean "Okolonolya" Nathan Dubovitskij - a pseudonym Surkov, however, Surkov - it's also a pseudonym (why sir name?) - Get a grasp carefully in the text.

"South controlled by the Khazar Khanate. For nearly a thousand years. All of these national republics, parliaments, courts, portraits of the president / prime minister, municipal districts, the elections, the police - a fiction, an imitation. Under Soviet rule, the same imitation were the local party organization, tips, busts of Lenin, the executive committees. In fact, both then and now, and with the kings of the South of law and human Khazars, the coded small ethnic group that lives on the other side of the peak Elbars. They set the boundaries, resolve disputes, and allocate the money positions between ethnic groups and clans. They are cunning, warlike and stubborn that they are respected even Chechens. Not as strong, of course, to ignore Russia, to decide everything himself. But enough to make without them no one dared question. Between Russia and the Khazars, two hundred years ago was signed is still in a secret agreement under which, in exchange for subsidies and military aid Khanate faking part of the empire / union / federation and does not support all of its geopolitical rivals. The Khazars in the south know everything and everyone. »

This is a map of the Khazar Khanate. In it we see the coverage of the territory that once was under the dependence of the Khazars. It is clear that there is, and Kiev. But now I want to pay attention only to the Crimea. Not all of it, as we see, it was under the Khazars.

My aunt lived in Nalchik, near the "Jewish column" me, as I remember, it was sent to a column in the store. I did not understand why there is a colony of Jews live, is already an adult, I have not picked up in his car one guy from the speakers. It was the first time I explained that the Mountain Jews - this is not quite the Jews, it is just what was one of the Dagestani ethnic group. In general, it is the Jews, who call themselves the Khazars.

I do not want to go into history. Just something that I want to briefly note. Khazaria began in the Caucasus Mountains. Center - is currently Dagestan and Derbent. I've been there everywhere, but the word of Derbent, I remember how much something only an excellent green color cognac with the name "Derbent". In the 90th year I was there the last time. But is there Kubachi mountain village, famous for its jewelers even in the scoop. I was there too carried away. There's the whole village - jewelers. They lived in a much better Scoop other dagov - Kubachi yuvelirka valued and far abroad. I was there, too, the master jeweler said: - We - the Khazars. In life there are no random things. Now remember something from the past, what do not pay attention and understand that nothing.

Actually the khanate - a sort of a mini scoop. It is then for his image of the Jewish Khazars helped Lenin to rebuild the Soviet Union. The Khazars there were different colonies: Christian, Muslim, in the capital Atil - Khazar Jewish community. In the 8th century of the Khazars converted to Judaism, and the 9th Judaism has become the state religion. 200 years on the throne was a dynasty of Jewish kings. Even then, the Black Sea and Don was a segment of the Silk Road from China to Byzantium, and all trade was in the hands of Jewish-Khazar merchants radanitov. It already had a very strong community, which has great influence in Eastern Europe. The Khazars were not descendants of the ancient Israelites, but the Khazar Judaism preaches religious tolerance exceptional, led to the Khazars prosperous, there flowed a means of international commercial capital, and for the migrants and the mass.

Ashkenazi Jews have a mixed Jewish-Khazar origin. According to some hypotheses - the descendants of the Khazars converted to Judaism. Even in the 19th century the Mountain Jews believed their kings was the Khazar. It will be interesting and that the Chechens - is also the descendants of the Mountain Jews, and that Chechnya was the first capital of the Khazars. From Wikipedia. "Joo and Juyo Chechen language means al-Yahuda and Chechens belong to the people of al-Yahuda." In English and Russian transliteration of the name given to the Chechen Jews - dzhugti, interpreted as a ju = Yahuda and Guti - Al-Hashr Al-dayik (ap. "Cohesion", "close picking"). Genetic studies and folklore of the Vainakh (Chechen and Ingush) confirm their Middle Eastern origins. Particularly interesting are the Chechens Akkin (residents Auha exon - ohuhom-Cherkasy), which may be the descendants of one of the Hun tribes - Akatsirs.

It will be interesting also that a large Khazar-Jewish colony was located in Kiev. There is a perception that Kiev was founded around 830 as the Khazar shopping center in the north-west. The title of supreme ruler of the Rus - "Hagan" - was directly borrowed from the Khazars. This title is retained until the Kievan princes Yaroslav the Wise. A Russian Khanate - Kievan Rus became the successor of the Khazar khanate after its collapse and a new political hegemony in Eastern Europe. And Prince Vladimir adopted Christianity in Russia, Russia has identified the reorientation of the Byzantine cultural tradition. Vladimir allegedly rejected Judaism because the Jews do not have their own state. After the collapse of the Khazar khanate name Khazars went to East Crimea. It was established there Khazar "federation", on the principle of obedience to the king of Khazar tribes, and the payment of tribute in return for security guarantees. It is believed that Khazars then defended Europe from the Arab invasion. The system, as we see, has remained the same, and the Crimea, it seems, has protected us from the Russian Horde.

I apologize for this excursion into history. Now begin to put everything together. Surkov alias in the book - Nathan Dubovitsky used his wife's name and the name of Nathan. Why Nathan? He took the name of the most famous and most influential Khazar - Rothschild. Dynasty Meerov Rotshildov- is the largest Khazar clan associated with Freemasonry. In the same book describes Surkov, a club "Friends" where what is going to a narrow range, and watch movies with real murders and atrocities. What the club means Surkov - I personally understand. This club satanic rulers of the world, who do a movie twist, what they want and do not pretend. Gutel Shnaper wife Meyer Amschel Rothschild, before his death said: "If my sons did not want wars, that will not happen any war." What if the Crimea - a movie of this series?

I remember the face of Putin when he said after the capture of the Crimea, which is, they say, is not our game, we were dragged into it. Of course, Vova, not your game. The fact that Putin gave the Crimea, I know for a long time, but could not believe it - did not know how he's going to pick? And here you - reydernul as a gas station, and he did not understand what he had done. This game is dedicated to the Rothschilds, and type Surkov, and he somehow just dedicated. That is why it is so themselves and boldly and unceremoniously. Master of the situation. Who is Putin? Close thief, master gas station, which robbed the country, adding penny to penny, to collect a capital which does not yield capital of the powerful. He became incredibly rich, but never became a member of a private club Khazar. What to do with all this bablischem? It is currently set up so many palaces, and to sense if every gopota humiliates you? If the same Surkov openly ridicules this loony collector wrappers. These Rothschild, Warburg, Schiff, Morgan's long been intertwined in family ties, becoming almost one family, and here Vova with his loot and a desire to rule the world. All something he promised, and then throw. Vova offense and doing silly things.

Anybody can explain, for example, is it? For the Kremlin pays Caucasus? All the hot spots once in exactly the same with the contours of the Khazar card. Khazar-Rothschilds want to continue to have a zone of influence controlled by the former land of the Khazars. Therefore, they do not consider it their duty to someone to negotiate, except for the Tatars, who have never had their zone of influence, even though they lived in the Crimea. The Khazars seized in Eastern Europe or bought from Polovtsian slave-Slavs (Sakaliba), and then resold them in Muslim countries. The word "slave" in Western languages ​​- it. Sklave, French. esclave, Wed. Lat. sclavus - «Slav", "slave". From the Dictionary of the Khazars Pavic it follows that even the closest relatives hardly recognize each other. The Khazars always looked exactly the same, never changing, and Khazar person means a person who is hard to remember. "Man should have time to fool before he wish you a good morning, and then it's too late" - it is also about the Khazars. The biggest threat to them are those who are really different from each other.
"It was these worst. With those comfortable with the fact that we are different from them, with those to whom these differences do not interfere with sleep, we will settle scores themselves, and by joining forces with their own enemies, fell on them from three sides at once. " And another quote: & quot; We wait time, sir. In addition, we, the devils can make your move only after you do it, people. Every step we take is to step into your trail. We are always one step behind you, we have dinner only after your evening meal, and just as you can not see the future. So first you, then we & quot; (a conversation with Satan).

I do not want to get into all sorts of legends and religion, but without that write about the Crimea? Crimea itself - a legend. If you have money and power, what else do you need? Tanya Karatsuba Seid Burhan belongs to descendants of Genghis Khan, she is very well aware of the Crimea, and everything about it. I give it a quotation: "All the rulers want to rule forever, that is, they have little power in their own country, each of them wants a world of absolute power over all mankind, well, as usual, of immortality. A mountain of Karadag is a place where the buried god Hermes Trismegistus, and that around three rod hidden power. Absolute power! And this power is needed and Charlemagne and the Medici, and Philip the Fair, and Mussolini, and Hitler and Stalin, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, and of our new. Moscow has so far over the City of the Dead, is a military unit that studies anomalies ... But the most distinguished Russian-Ukrainian authorities on the study of immortality and absolute power. The fact that at the top of the mountain Karadag, was for many centuries the tomb of Hermes, is a large white plate surrounded by a cast silver bars. For centuries here were sick and resentful people who do not go forth. The entrance to the inside of the lattice, went to sleep on the stove, substyles only sheep skin, remaining without food up to three days and the fourth morning they either died or were completely healthy. In 1974, the top-secret service took away the plate and grate somewhere to study. Since that time, the area was a closed military zone, a specially protected, the locals did not notice how it happened. The slab was of extraterrestrial origin, unique in the world it was not, and was really magical. But where is she now? Of course, it is working for the good of the world of Freemasonry. Masons highest mark cleaned her his dirty blood. Plate dragged something, thinking that she would give immortality. (But I do not give, a little mistake!). But the rods power has not yet been found, so Depardieu and bought land here, where you will unconsciously live (property), and digging with impunity. And here, where no dig, all antiquity. Mound on the mound, on the site of ancient settlement, burial at disposal. Mount Karadag, he did not buy, but could. " Rejoice for Russian citizens Depardieu, now this Illuminati can easily be picked in the Crimean land.

In general, we can only guess what they are looking for and why they (and one in particular) need Crimea. Legends much, you never know what came into our heads psyched rulers, but not about that right now. Why was it necessary to make a reservation of the Crimea? Navigator011 Someone wrote: "According to my projections, the majority of the population of the peninsula will be destroyed or thrown from the Crimea, as a waste slag.
From the standpoint of the owners of the world, the slag, which inhabited this sacred area pulls out to breathe in this holy place ».

Crimea really sacred area. Near Karadag in the city of the dead, even the sky is not like we are used to seeing. All these katsapskie raids in what good will not result. Crimea through and spit this stuff, as spat once Meshkov, then Dzharty and Firtash to Mogilev. Do not they take root here. Here, only the Tatars, Ukrainians could live peacefully. Therefore, I, unlike the Navigator think the new owners of this particular slag and need. They want slaves. Silent and patient servants. They can get away from here just after Katsap not caught on here. I always think, why modern Khazars so fiercely hate our zapadentsev? Why do they have divided us, Ukrainians, Slavs on - Khazar slaves and only zapadentsev styled Ukrainians? Why do they want to take away the Ukraine, but without its western part? Surkov wrote: "No one, apart from a couple of thousands of thugs in the Baltic States and Western. Ukraine did not hate the Soviet Union in the 80s ».

And I was a scumbag, not zapadenskim and Kiev, hate Scoop. Surkov is building a new Khazars. That is his mission. To carry it out - need scoops, namely slag, the body of a slave without a soul. From our zapadentsev servant does not succeed. They have a soul! And she's not for sale. I Surkov wrote that they now face the Ukrainians will have at hand an enemy that will forget about amers long. He said: "Unfortunately, already received, to financially support yanekovskuyu evil, and not trampling" Bandera svolota "in early December. Idiots! Instead, smart and tough diplomacy will, spineless and stupid show-off. It's the saddest thing: and the potential decay, and the enemy is at hand. Without any nonsense about "brotherly nations".

It's just always been Rothschild trick: to incite nations against each other. This is what has been recently Surkov. Chaos - Rothschild favorite activity, however, and Surkov, too. They like to manage the chaos.

"Sanctions do not bother me at all. On the contrary, I am proud of. I think that is kind of a political "Oscar" of the American in the category "Best Actor» & quot ;, - said Vladislav Surkov, and drove off the next day in Stockholm. Why so modest - Actor? Test the entire Russian population in idiocy, something like Bulgakov's Woland Messer played with idiots in the store, where they undressed themselves, and realize that a large part of the population turned out to be a complete idiot, swallowing and fascists, and Bandera. It is terrible to live with so many fools in the country. Putin's not pulling any part of the first plan, much less for an Oscar. The fact that he carried from the scene, draws only raving lunatic in the frame. Penny performer, so Oscar does not rely. Only the creator can claim the Oscar. Which of his creator - cheap clown overgrown playing in big politics. Sam-I hardly knew what he had done with his imbitsily. Surkov LJ post about Ukraine was accompanied by a picture completely destroyed Kiev. Apparently, so he was going to be, from the wreckage to revive a new Khazars. They still were ready for it, and even nations have been pitted against, but it all went wrong. We did not fight. As there, the Khazars: all you need to do by people walking in their footsteps. I do not get Putin voynushka, short hand to "Bandera svolota." Division of the world has not yet occurred. The Lord was on our side. Time lost and I hope that they will no longer turn up. And something I have the impression that we are not only the idea of ​​reviving the Khazars poherili, but the new world order. If they still do not understand what these people have nothing to do does not work, then I feel sorry for them. And this, incidentally, Kharkiv. Whether more will be.
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