Presidential Active Lifestyle

Vladimir Putin has set itself a clear image of the past few years.
He flew on airplanes and gliders fire, swimming with whales, racing cars ran
and sank to a depth of 1400 meters in the waters of Lake Baikal.
But the active life does not end with the President ...

Vladimir Putin on horseback near the Karatas, near the city of Abakan, during his visit to the Republic of Khakassia, February 25, 2010.

President of the Russian Federation in the form of a helmet and the Renault Formula 1, before going to the car on the highway near St. Petersburg, November 7, 2010.

Vladimir Putin makes a test-drive the car the team Renault, November 7, 2010.

Vladimir Putin holds a head of the five-year tiger, while scientists put an animal collar with a satellite beacon. Far Ussuri Nature Reserve, 31 August 2008.


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