100 hairstyles-icons

Magazine «Glamour» indifferent to all kinds of ratings and in the height of summer the editors decided to make a list of celebrity hairstyles that for a long time inspire readers to change the publication's own appearance. The list includes 100 hairstyles of stars, some of which are more than 50 years, which means one thing - their sign, and some barely a month. Many of them are similar to each other, but still talented women have made to their images personal flair, which the drafters of the rating of "100 Most Iconic Hairstyles Ever» did not forget to mention giving each image a unique name.

100 place - Britney Spears

Image of 'Naughty schoolgirl »

99th place - Christina Aguilera

The image of the "dirty girl»

98 place - Melanie B

Image of 'Hot pepper »

97th - Lindsay Lohan

Image of 'Red-haired teen queen »

96th place - Nicole Appleton

Image of 'Playful and cheeky »

95 place - Twiggy

Image of 'fragile reed »

94th - Beyonce

The image of the "Fabulous Diva»

93 place - Ali MacGraw

The image of the "Black Goddess»

92 place - Whitney Port

The image of "American Beauty»

91 place - Tina Turner

Image of 'Elegant lioness »

90 place - Taylor Swift

The image of the "Country Princess»

89 place - Jeri Holliuel

Image of 'Sexy Spice »

88 place - Stella Tennant

The image of the "Black Raven»

87 place - Selena Gomez

Image of 'pretty girl with Ombre »

86 place - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Image: "The English Rose»

85 place - Elizabeth II

Image: "Her Majesty, the Queen»

84 place - Nicole Richie

The image of the "boho-babe»

83 place - Michelle Williams

Image of 'Stylish blonde »

82 place - Linda Evangelista

Image of 'red-haired beast »

81 place - Lily Cole

Image of 'Dolly »

80 place - Kristen Stewart

Image of 'Wild vampire »

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79th - Kylie Minogue

Image of 'Curly Sue »

78 place - Emma Bunton

Image of 'Baby Spice »

77 place - Keira Knightley

The image of "Retro Beauty»

76 place - Kirsten Dunst

The image of the "Fairy»

75 place - Karen O

The image of the "Indie»

74 place - Jennifer Lopez

The image of "Madame Figaro»

73 place - Jennifer Lawrence

The image of the "Lady of Fire»

72 place - Emma Stone

Image of 'Stunning fury »

71 place - Erin O'Connor

The image of the "Brief serious»

70th place - Diane Kruger

Image: "It's all in the details»

69th place - Clemence Poesy

Image of 'Sweet blonde »

68 place - Carey Mulligan

Image: "Little Elf»

67th - Charlotte Free

Image of 'Pink pankersha »

66th place - Cara Delevingne

Image: "Happy Hippie»

65 place - Cindy Crawford

The image of the "Supermodel»

64 place - Cheryl Cole

Image of 'brunette Barbie »

63 place - Anna Wintour

Image of 'Ageless Bob »

62 place - Zooey Deschanel

The image of "Miss Perfect bang»

61 place - Sinead O'Connor

Image: "No need for hair»

60 place - Solange Knowles

Image of 'Luxury African-American »

59 place - Sarah Jessica Parker

The image of the "ideal Ombre»

58th place - Rihanna

Image of 'Futuristic woman »

57 place - Pam Grier

Image of 'African charm »

56 place - Nikki Minaj

Image: "Pun»

55 - Meg Ryan

The image of the "Tiger»

54 place - Molly Ringwald

Image of 'Girl-sun »

53 place - Elizabeth Taylor

Image of 'Cleopatra »

52 place - Katy Perry

The image of the "modernized retro glamor»

51 place - Kate Moss

Image of 'Gentle Blonde »

50 place - Karen Elson

Image of 'Woman-fire »


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