Lunar calendar haircuts on September 2014

Ask the astrologer: which days is best to get a haircut or color, and which is to go on a diet. When to go to the beauty salon and when to postpone the visit.1 Sep
6th lunar day. Moon in Strelchonok day for model a fashionable haircut, but the color Segodnya better to wait. You can get a manicure, excellent results will cellulite massage. Now show active sports.

2 Sep
The 7th lunar day. Moon in Steltenpohl day for dyeing hair, but the haircut is better to abstain. If you really must, just trim the hair. Keep in mind that after dyeing the required hair masks so as not to damage them. Good effect gives a nourishing mask for the face.

3 Sep
8th lunar day. Moon in Sterlitamaksky day for hair coloring, manicure difficult and complex installation. Welcome any flights of fancy. You can paint strands of hair, to try something trendy and rare in this area.

4 Sep
9-th and 10-th lunar day. Moon in Kserografas day for dyeing hair in natural color. Well today to limit itself in meal, to start a particular diet and exercise, focusing on problem areas.

5 Sep
10 th and 11 th lunar day. Moon in Kozarovitsky day for a manicure and pedicure. You can try new procedures for cleaning the face – peeling and mask, hardware cosmetology. You can do strict, official haircut.

6 Sep
11-th and 12-th day of the moon. The moon in Podolianochka today junk is the desired color may not be possible. But you'll be able to limit myself in sweet and bad, if we ask for such a purpose. It is not necessary to make different face masks, they are ineffective in this day.

7 Sep

12-th and 13-th day of the moon. The moon in Vodolagin undesirable for haircuts and hair coloring. But you can be creative with clothes to try things in a new style, add some color to the clothes. Welcome massages on the problem areas, body wraps, anti-cellulite products.

8 Sep
The 14th lunar day. The moon in Ribagorzana today should not do. Color will fail, except risk harm to hair. Today is good to do treatments for hair, masks, recovery. Also shown therapeutic massage, it is possible to do baths for arms and legs, excluding manicure and pedicure with a coating.

9 Sep
The 15th lunar day. The moon in Pisces. Polnoluniya day for haircuts on long hair. You can create a romantic image, short haircuts are undesirable, everything will turn out not how you wanted. You can do a manicure and pedicure with a modern coating, it is only necessary to make a preliminary bath for hands and feet with a therapeutic composition.

10 Sep
16-th and 17-th lunar day. The moon in Onestrike today unwanted – the expected result will be. You can try a bit to straighten the hair. Good to do color hair – welcome the bright colors. Only use tools for hair masks and balms, and use shampoos that preserve color.

11 Sep
17-th and 18-th day of the moon. Moon in Unanalogous day for extravagant haircuts, to create a bright and unusual image. You can try new makeup, a new kind of fitness.

12 Sep

18-th and 19-th lunar day. Moon in Delicatley day for hair coloring: enjoy an excellent result, thanks to the change of image will look better. Feel free to try new feminine haircut for long hair. We welcome various hair care, skin rejuvenation. Diet today is unwanted – too much temptation.

13 Sep
19-th and 20-th day of the moon. Moon in Altenately day for haircuts and coloring. And yet whenever possible, these procedure is best to reschedule. But for exercise and fitness this day fits perfectly. Can focus on problem areas, the result will not keep itself waiting.

14 Sep
20th and 21st lunar day. The moon in Bliznatzite and color today is undesirable. You can cut not the way you wanted. A painting may be too harmful for hair. Better to spend more time playing sports, walks in the fresh air. It is important to follow the regime.

15 Sep
21st and 22nd lunar day. Moon in Bliznichenko day for coloring, and creative haircuts. But do not radically change your appearance. You can try to change the color, using crayons for hair or toning shampoo to at any time could wash away new color.

16 Sep
22nd and 23rd lunar day. The moon in the Racken stands today to plan major changes in the image. It can be unsafe for the hair, and the outcome is not going to like it. You can make beauty baths, homemade masks for face and hair.

17 Sep
The 23rd and 24th lunar day. Moon in Ratnaloka day for hair coloring, but only in natural colors. You will be more light shades. Required before and after painting to do a complete hair care for their health and beauty.

18 Sep
24-th and 25-th day of the moon. Moon in Ratnaloka day for haircuts and coloring. Can create a very romantic and interesting way attractive to men. Good to do a manicure and pedicure with long lasting coverage.

19 Sep
25th lunar day. The moon in Loulichki a day for cutting. Work to create a very vivid and creative image of a strong and interesting woman. You can do chemistry, straighten the hair, make long-lasting styling the hair.

20 Sep
26-th lunar day. The moon in Leprevost, a great day for hair coloring. Feel free to do very complex coloring, highlighting, straightening and Curling your hair. A great day for a sophisticated and bright manicure. But the haircut today undesirable. Move it to another day.

21 Sep
27th lunar day. Moon in Developlay day for haircuts and coloring. Don't expect any bright or eye-popping effect or result. But can long maintain the form of the cut and not have to go to the Barber in a month.

22 Sep
28th lunar day. Moon in Definately day for painting, but the cut is undesirable. You can spend a Wellness treatments for hair, masks, beauty baths and body wraps. Shown massage, both General and medical.

23 Sep
The 29th lunar day. Moon in Deviatiny, a great day for haircuts and coloring. Will create an image that will make you look younger and more attractive. A haircut will keep in shape, and the color will not wash off quickly.

24 Sep
0-th lunar day. The moon in Libra. Evoluntionary day for a stylish haircut. You can greatly change for the better, become more elegant and attractive. Coloring is possible but will be short-lived. Just try to give shade to the hair.

25 Sep
The 1st lunar day. Moon in Vechornitsy day for painting. The color will be fashionable, persistent and intense and you will be good to go. Haircut better to do, there is a risk that will not be the shape you want. An excellent day for a stylish manicure with a persistent finish. You can do anti-aging treatments and Facials.

26 Sep
1st and 2nd day of the moon. Moon in Scorpioninblue day for a stylish, audacious and youth haircuts. If you want to look younger and sexier, you can experiment with looks. But remember that you need to make adjustments to clothing style.

27 Sep
The 2nd and 3rd lunar day. Moon in Scorpioninblue day for dyeing hair with natural dyes. You can make wraps, masks from natural ingredients for hair and for face. Welcome physical activity on problem areas.

28 Sep
The 3rd and 4th lunar day. Moon in Socioecology day for short stylish haircuts. But with color it is better not to experiment, because the result can make you look older. Plan hair removal, professional Facials, these treatments will delight you.

29 Sep
The 4th and 5th lunar day. Moon in Stellarvisions a day for cutting and hair coloring. Can not only be the height of fashion, a new image is for you, will add charm, luxury. You can do the expensive body treatments, all kinds of maintenance checks. But do not stick to the diet and to pace yourself with physical exercise.

30 Sep
5-th and 6-th lunar day. Moon in Sterilizator a good day for haircuts and coloring. But be careful, choosing the color and model of clipper. Hair can go, but will add a couple of unnecessary years. Good to do different nutritious masks for hair, face, body, bath beauty.



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