Hairstyles 1960

Hairstyles of the 1960s were very interesting and beautiful. And sophisticated hairstyles took a lot of time.
After seeing these pictures we can say that now the girls make themselves similar hairstyles.

Now the younger generation does not know what it is, naprimer- "Halal" or "beehive". Some are trying to do retro fashion reviews 60-70, but inevitably confused, because if they wanted could not razlichit- that time were in fact, and what remains is only the pictures from fashion magazines.

Hairstyles 60th with an overall constructive and futurological fashion trends How strange were pozhaluy- one of the most time-consuming and complex in the 20th century.

On the one hand- in vogue swifts simple geometric shapes, on the other, curls, curls in large numbers and features 60 x bouffant.

Barber 1960

Hairstyles -1965 year

In the 60's came into vogue a very strong eye makeup, their summed not only around the eyelashes and made arrows at the outer corners, but they did and the line on the upper eyelids. Eyelashes painted in several coats of mascara to powder, and lipstick, naoborot- was bodily or light. Often do not painted lips, or use hygienic lipstick.

Hairstyles 1960 - bouffant hairstyle and.

1966 Hair

1960 bouffant hairstyle

Of geometrical shapes were very much in fashion hairstyle with long strands in the front, which went curls on the cheeks. We have such a hairstyle initially ridiculed in school naprimer- walk in this form are not allowed:

Curly hair, haircuts as below- also met with resistance, it was believed that it is immodest and imitation of the West:

When the hair was collected for this broadening is considered more fitting and decent option for Soviet women:


Elizabeth Taylor hairdo "artichoke" - oddly enough, such haircuts we have become very popular. But often enough forces to lay the hair only from the front, while the rear has stuck poluraschesannye "feathers". In schools proveryali- whether there bouffant, a teacher could run my fingers through his hair and could easily drive out to comb. But after school girls gave themselves volyu- tease so that will not find:

Bouffant-short haircuts

Many do not poveryat- but, almost went well actually!

School Photo, 1968

High School Girl, 1969

High School Girl, 1969

Is it that these girls I have not seen, but it's Amsterdam:

Amsterdam, 1968. Photo by Theo Van Houts.

Our "stars" strong bouffant not recommend only in the 70s they began allowing some liberties. "Komsomolskaya Pravda and athlete" - Varley, finite without fleece:

But the actress in almost all life-whipped hair:

Jeanne Bolotov

Natalia Fateev

Victoria Lepko


Edita was one of the most famous singers, she wore a lifetime haircuts.


Speakers carried fashion to the masses, in the absence of other sources of information. Their outfits and hairstyles looked intently and took their example.

One of the nicest speakers 60 x Svetlana Zhiltsova

Svetlana Morgunov. One of the most popular speakers. Characterized by a more complex and much zalachennym hairstyles with curls and lokonchikami.

Seeing it for the first time in real life in Ostankino, I was porazhena- there were liters of lacquer and plaster centimeters, it was impossible to watch live! The hallmark of her hairstyles were curls on the sides of the top, make-up artists, laughing, they were called "hotyunchiki")) Although speakers and leading worked the best make-up artists, the real masters of their craft, but often at the personal taste of the ladies they could not influence.

Svetlana Morgunov

Muslim Magomayev, Svetlana Morgunov, Bedros Kirkorov

Morgunov slightly simplified its fiber- zalachenny-style only in the 21st century, has long left the TV screen.

In general, our women are so loved and bouffant varnish that could not part with them for many years.

Lyudmila Shagalova. Sometimes it looks such that curls like and not to mestu- but it was fashionable and everyone wanted a haircut:

Doronin, favorite partnomenklatury- preferred varnished and bouffant curls. As Tatiana loved this model (and with it all the prototypes of simple collective toilers of the "Three Poplars at Plyushchikha") - so with her and did not leave until old age. No make-up artists, costume designers or anything it could do, she did not listen. A high heads just like this type tetenek it to them opened the door with his foot.

While she did not shut the TV screen, and starred in all the New Year ogonkah- romantic curls and guitar songs.

Although fleece is very troublesome to do on long volosah- natural shape of the head seemed kakbe unfashionable, it will return only in the 70s. Therefore, long hair and tease Mr. top, sometimes to a value of "Babette»:

1960s bombshell hair tutorial



Francoise Dorleac, 1965. Hair.

Jean Shrimpton

Baby Jane Holzer

Candice Bergen for Vogue (May 1967)

In bouffant championship held Priscilla Presley, very nonweak girl:

Priscilla Presley

Another sign of the 60s is a girlish ribbons and elastic bands on the tail or loose hair:

February 1968, UK Vogue, Fiona Campbell Walter by David Bailey.



Barbara Brylska


Natalia Kustinskaya

Babette came to us with Brigitte Bardot, we have it associated with the girls on a low thin heels and a raincoat "bologna" - this mode has been criticized, but then calmed down and accepted. We have these hairstyles became popular under the name "lousy house" - that only they do not podkladyvali- vychesy, nylon stockings, washcloths from the line, even banks!

Brigitte_bardot circa 1960

Hayley Mills, 1967

Anastasia Vertinskaya


Natalia Kustinskaya


Françoise Dorléac.

When this fashion spread, such hairstyles began to make even the women, they were catastrophic. Especially sorry looked elastic mesh, which put on the bun to thin hair disheveled not.

Nina Menshikov / film "live to see Monday».

These hairstyles were very tenacious, in state institutions could meet such dam wall teachers and clerk until the 90s.

These pricheski- apotheosis of the '60s and, naverno- the 20th century, after the First World War.

Hairstyle «Beehive» (hive) was developed in 1960 by Margaret Heldt from Chicago. This style is still the symbol of the 1960s, along with bright makeup.

This hairstyle can be done even from the hair of medium length hair cleaved invisible in a circle on top, curled, each strand tease and fit into the lock. Well, if someone had shinon- it was just luck, it can be screwed in advance and bring to the barber ready not to sit under a hair dryer.

Some artists managed to portray something like that even for a haircut:

These hairstyles by masters were very beautiful and reminds updo 18th century. Our craftsmen have made them too, and very good- they had just started to win in international competitions.

Jean Shrimpton

Barbra Streisand

Claudia Cardinale's gorgeous 1960's

Elizabeth Taylor.

Many people now do not know what a "Halal", and this is not just a roll-network, and one of the most popular hairstyles in the USSR 60: Jayne Mansfield hair fit to mimic Spit:

Sverdlovsk. The registry office. 1965.

"Halami" colloquially called and "hives" and various kinds of high hair. The total they had one that was a whole complex structure and took care of him as mogli- mercilessly poured lacquer, fishnet stretched at night put on a headscarf, These hairstyles wildly loved our bureaucratic ladies. Apparently, they have them both physically and morally elevates and gave a feeling like queens. In conjunction with krimplenovym suit, German or Japanese blouse with lace jabot blouse for everyday life and lurex for particularly close to the deficit they kazalos- existed for ages, until dvuhysyachnyh! District Committee, Regional Committee, the official, from accountants to sellers ovoschnogo- all dreamed of such a hair salon and writes to afford.

Elina Bystritskaya. Her unusually krasavitse- were these hairstyles.

Valentine Sharykina

We loved these hairstyles and even decorating, curl stuck in every little pin with pearls of cheap beads. And went in the morning to of evening with pearls and spider veins on his head and a grid-string bag in his hands (the packages were large deficit). Yet such was fashionable hairstyles to dress gas scarf with lyureksom- they slowly losing "marketability" and should not have been frequenting the barbershop. Although for such a hairstyle in the 60's had to pay over five rudders (if in the usual hairdresser, not in the cabin) - it was a big waste for most, at an average salary of 60-110 pe it could afford only on special occasions. < br />

But still go to the hairdresser and feel like a queen at least for a few days it was easier than it is fashionable to dress in times of scarcity.

Zykina- typical example of such a woman, simple workers, transformed into a queen. All her life she has been faithful to this hairstyle, it has become, along with embroidered dresses, columns and pathological love for dragotsennostyam- its proprietary "rich" style.

But Priscilla outdo was nevomozhno!

Against what borolis- it and ran. This photo west, but look around and Soviet dama- light green or blue shadows, blown gold with red or pink stones, pergidrolnaya challah

Very funny look at these ladies otdyhe- in war paint, even on the beach, with towers on their heads - they squealed with each exhausting waves, such as hairstyles soaked as were a pitiful sight, and comb the hair was impossibility should first wash away the varnish .

Valentina Petrenko. Former head of the Komsomol, now an MP and a regular participant talk show.

This p-n, tovarischi- she always so: in frills, zaschipochkah, with cleavage even in passing the tough social issues. Foaming at the mouth to protect morality, teaches people to live, etc. etc.

What can I say? This diagnosis ...

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