How to configure the brain to healthy eating (6 photos + text)

I want to introduce you to a few tricks that will help the brain adjust to a healthy diet.
Eat the right foods and stay healthy.


As strange as it may sound, using large forks, we eat less food. It's not that the hand gets tired easily wield a heavy instrument, and that is how we will achieve a feeling of fullness of the stomach.

In one experiment, the scientists within a few days went to the restaurant at random giving the visitors the different types of plugs. Half of the visitors were given a plug 20 percent larger than average size, and the other half - 20 percent less, and then was measured amount of food left on the plate.

It turned out that people, eat with the large forks, left more food than those who used small appliances. But why the big fork make us eat less? The fact that the eye plays an important role in nutrition. We rely on visual information to control the amount of food eaten (tracking the visible remnants of food on the plate), because our nervous system gives a signal of saturation with some delay.

Therefore, if the eyes tell the brain that you ate, the brain and solve. Eating a large fork, you will snap off at a time, a significant portion of food, your eyes will see it, and the brain will think if you overeat. At the same time, with a small amount of food with a fork on a plate will change gradually, so you quietly slip through the critical level, adding a little more volume to your powerful thighs.

However, the "method of a large fork" only works with regular admission food you eat to satisfy hunger. Those who like to eat to satiety, a large fork to help unless fill tighter womb.


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