That Awkward Moment

Prince William, Kate Middleton and LeBron James, in December 2014.
American basketball player LeBron James, speaking for the "Cleveland Cavaliers", recently caught in violation of the royal protocol when communicating with the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Duchess with her husband Prince William visited the match of the National Basketball Association. After the game, Middleton wished to be photographed with a basketball player. Posing for the photographer, James put his hand on her shoulder, Kate, that is, of course, does not provide a royal protocol. Middleton smiled in surprise, and her husband did not react to the incident, pretending not to notice.

Barack Obama, Peng Liyuan and Vladimir Putin in November 2014.
In the autumn the APEC summit in Beijing was cool, and Russian President Vladimir Putin saw fit to throw on the shoulders of the first lady of China warm cloak. At a time when the Russian president decided to provide courtesy Peng Liyuan, her husband, President Xi Jinping, was engaged in conversation with US President Barack Obama. The woman took a cape with a smile, but almost immediately handed over its personnel (instead of the guard gave her her coat). The incident caused an active discussion: in particular, a number of the world's media noted that normal for Europeans act might seem offensive in Asian society, where the touch of strangers are a kind of taboo. However, to savor in the Chinese social network Weibo gesture first person resident RF Celestial named Russian President Vladimir Putin ideal potential husband. Women felt that care about Liyuan Putin was "an act self-confident man who does not pay attention to the opinions of others».

Queen Elizabeth II and Michelle Obama, April 2009.
During a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace president's wife Michelle Obama clearly violated the protocol, hugged the Queen. The incident happened at the end of the reception, which was held in a relaxed atmosphere. The Queen and Michelle Obama approached each other, discussing their difference in height. Elizabeth as a sign of sympathy put his arm around his wife of the American president. Michelle Obama said the same, noting at parting, that "had the pleasure of this meeting." According to an old British tradition, touching the Queen is strictly prohibited. The very same monarchs can touch any of his subjects, for this she puts on gloves. However, Elizabeth II did not show their discontent, continuing to joke and smile.

Laura Bush, Vladimir Putin, George Bush and Lyudmila Putin, in 2006.
In 2006, Russian President Vladimir Putin came to the US at the summit "Big Eight", together with his wife Lyudmila. First Lady of Russia waited more than warm welcome during a meeting in the house, "Dunbar House" US President George W. Bush felt good to kiss his wife colleagues in greeting. Putin, in turn, decided to adhere to the protocol and modestly shook hands with Laura Bush.

Barack Obama, September 2014.
Arriving in New York for the UN General Assembly, President Barack Obama gave a military salute meets his Marines with a glass of coffee in hand. Video on which the first person saluted the US Marines, was published in the official account of the White House in Instagram and immediately sparked ridicule the head of state. According to the army etiquette, give salute should be only if both hands are free. If you can not properly greet, from this should be abandoned altogether.

George W. Bush, June 2001.
Before 1981, the head of the US is not in response to salute saluting the military. The first salute became Ronald Reagan. Before that, he consulted with the commander of the naval forces of Gen. Robert Barrow about whether it is appropriate to salute in civilian clothes. Barrow said the president, as commander in chief that he himself can decide who and when to salute. The most famous presidential military salute in the United States, perhaps, was the "kozyryanie" performed by George W. Bush. At this point, the hand-chief refused to busy ... beloved dog.

Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin, January 2007.
Vladimir Putin's dog, labrador Koni, attended a meeting of the president with Angela Merkel in Sochi residence of Russian President and German Chancellor scared. As subsequently wrote the Western media, Putin could not be unaware of the fear before German Frau dogs. And indeed, much Merkel became agitated when he saw a number of horses with the Russian leader. And when the dog walked slowly toward the photographers, the Chancellor said: "Now the journalists will eat." The President tried to reassure the German guests, who asked not to be afraid of horses, because "it does not bite." Despite this, Merkel felt faint and stopped to listen whenever Coney distracted by "eating" of journalists and the approach to the Chancellor. To restore order, the president even had to grab the dog by the leash and slap. The woman did not forget a grudge ...

US President Barack Obama, Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, November 2009.
US critics of US President Barack Obama took the soul, when during a visit to Tokyo, he bowed to the Emperor of Japan Akihito. According to them, the gesture of President without words said that when it became the US weak country. Obama reminded that American presidents should not recognize the authority of kings and emperors. Obama is not the first time to bow in April 2009, he thus welcomed Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah. The administration of President Obama described the behavior of the usual protocol compliance.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong, December 2005.
During one of the solemn official events in Berlin, Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong "escaped" from German Chancellor Angela Merkel. According to the protocol, the policy should have to walk on the red carpet next to the sound of a military band. Syanlun but did not know or have forgotten this rule: he took the lead and although Merkel tried to hail a colleague, continued to march alone.

Muza bint Nasser.
In 2002, Muse bint Nasser, the second wife of the Emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, first appeared in public with an open face, grossly violating the requirements of Islam. Act has caused resentment among senior citizens of Qatar and enthusiasm among young people. Muza bint Nasser, mother of seven children, generally reputed to be champion of the emancipation of women, fighting for their rights, and even criticizes polygamy.

Elizabeth II and Lyudmila Putin, June 2003.
Russian first lady Lyudmila Putin threw Queen Elizabeth II challenge, daring which are able to assess only diplomats, experts on dress code and women. It was at the London event in a hat, superior size and showiness decor Regal headdress!

Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Svetlana Medvedev, Dmitry Medvedev, in March 2010.
Inviting Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and his wife Svetlana to dinner at the Elysee Palace, France's first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. What to say to justify violations of official dress code? The former model, an aristocrat, bohemians ...

Silvio Berlusconi and Angela Merkel, 2008.
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi at the summit in Trieste fun of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He jumped out from behind a lamppost behind ran from the car to the entrance Merkel and shouted "cuckoo!". Merkel was surprised, and saw Berlusconi exclaimed "Silvio!».


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